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Sometimes, people have to put aside their differences for the greater good. In Walker: Independence "Pittsburgh Windmill", Episode 1.11, the characters come together with a delightful plan to help Calian save his people. A plan that ends up requiring subterfuge, restraining oneself, and quick thinking. A plan that was quickly cooked up by …


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Still at odds with many of the other characters, and more intensely with Kate after they caught Abby in Tom’s bed (due to her change in heart over Tom’s guilt), Abby nevertheless wants to help Calian and will do anything to come to his aid. This includes her buying huge tracks of land and rerouting the railroad that Independence was counting on. Kat is wonderful as the fast thinking Abby. She deftly uses the information that Tom provides about the people meeting to finalize the railroad agreement. But even then, though never endangering the plan, Abby still asks after Tom, trying to find confirmation of her changed feelings about him. And she desperately wants to mend things with …


Kate is perhaps the one character having to overcome the most personal emotional upheaval and hurt. Having recently found out that Kai is not who they thought he was, Kate was already having a hard time. Then they found Abby in Tom’s bed and are in denial, or trying to be. None of that matters, though, when Abby requests Kate’s help because Calian needs them. Getting to, once again, don a suit as armor, Katie is marvelous as Kate impersonating Parker Briggs from the U.S. Land Office. Their wit and quick thinking prove vital to pulling off the plan. Later, Kate and Abby have a wonderful, moving discussion and resolve their differences. Kate's make up conversation with Kai doesn’t have the same resolution, sadly. For he is upset at the cost of their plan to help …


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Calian gives the audience a personal perspective of the horrors visited upon the indigenous people by the settlers wanting the land for their own. Justin considers it an honor to share this history, which comes through in the gravitas in which he portrays the character. Calian's need to save his people is the impetus for the others working together, because they love him and his cause is noble. The way he refuses to be sidelined during the execution of the plan, and the others' saying they wouldn’t think of not adding him, is wonderful. Another immensely enjoyable part of the episode was seeing how Calian’s humorous side is brought out by …


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A show that often touches on incredibly heavy topics needs a bit of lightheartedness at times, and Hoyt is that. Not only does he add a wonderful touch of comedy, he makes others around him funnier, as well. The scene with Calian, Hoyt, and the young criminal was a delight. Matt imbues Hoyt with such a sunny charm, it’s hard not to enjoy the light. But Hoyt is more than just a pretty face and funny man. He is also quick on his feet and adept at conning people. He was able to save the plan from falling apart at least twice, even if one of those times was caused by his past coming to haunt him. He even kindly apologizes for getting too exuberant and accidentally injuring Calian. He was thoroughly delightful this episode, even when he was admonished by …


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He always has Calian’s back, and this time is no different. Even though he is still suspicious of Tom, to the point he looks into the telegram story Tom told Abby, he goes along with the plan that will most likely upset the Davidsons and the Tong - even though it’s a touch illegal - because what the government and the railroad are doing is worse. Philemon’s portrayal of the noble deputy is always compelling. This makes the ending of the episode all the more frightening, because one of those gunshots could have hit Augustus while he was checking up on …


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If there is one person who couldn’t put his differences or personal vendettas aside, it’s Tom.  His focus on finding Shane gives the others the opening they need to help Calian, but it gets him tied to a chair and tortured. Greg Hovanessian is excellent at portraying pain and defiance in spite of pain. The scenes in the torture barn between the Davidsons are dark and intense. These contrast brilliantly with the lighter lit scenes in town. It can be a bit disturbing for some, but leads to the shocking, suspenseful ending perfectly.

This was an amazingly delightful episode of television that highlighted the strengths, sometimes weaknesses, of all the characters. The audience is also left waiting with bated breath for the next episode, and hoping for renewal news.

4.95 out of 5 stars.

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Review illustrated by Nightsky. Images courtesy of The CW.