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Pasts can be painful, but they define one’s present and future. Walker's "Past is Prologue" studies the idea of needing to overcome the past to create a better future. Each character pushes through fear and pain to ensure a better future, but the one who had to endure overcome the most pain was …



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War is horrible. But in order to solve the mystery of whether Tommy is telling the truth about Walker’s old unit being hunted, Cordell had to remember that painful past. Jared does an incredible job of portraying that simmering pain that one shoves down for fear of breaking. Through flashbacks, with the ever amazing Colin Ford, the audience sees mere glimpses of the horrors of combat, and how each soldier’s past gives clues about the present truth. At every turn, pain stops Cordell. He doesn’t want to delve too deeply because he has survived these many years by pushing everything down. He suffers from survivor’s guilt that is not only bubbling back to the surface, but is intensifying, as he learns more about his battle brothers’ passing. "Past is Prologue" starts with him in denial, then resisting every step of the way, keeping him from connecting dots he normally would because it’s too personal and painful. Eventually, he pushes through in order to discover the truth. Luckily, he has someone to understand him…


Having been in Tommy’s position, everyone thinking she was crazy believing Miles to be alive, gives Cassie a different perspective on Cordell’s dilemma. Ashley does a great job balancing Cassie’s empathy and determination. Though she does not like hurting Walker, she knows he needs this. At first , she just wants to give him closure. But as they dive deeper into deaths, she begins to more and more see that Tommy is right like she was. She still has to help Cordell overcome his past, though. So when they find Tommy tortured to near death in his own home, she lets Cordell stay and say goodbye as she pursues Tommy’s attacker. In an impromptu lesson about the importance of safety belts, the torturer’s attempts to run Cassie off the road backfire and he also loses his life. Though tragedy still struck, she and Cordell are able to overcome his past to realize that someone is after the men in his unit, and he’s next. But that wasn’t the only revelation of this episode, there is also the truth about …


3.10 844 Trey
Trey in 3.10 

For most of the episode, it seems like Trey went to the Cordell school of emotional repression. Jeff Pierre is masterful at putting on a brave face. Cassie expects him to be morose, instead he plans a golf outing. After some golf banter, his acquaintance from the VA (Veteran Affairs) offers him a job. At first, Trey seems reluctant. When the guy pushes, Trey relents. But there is a problem. Trey’s history at the Rangers means Trey has to prove himself. Which he does, spectacularly.  Everything around this job seems super shady. It turns out, there is good reason. In one of the most relief filled yet tense scenes, the audience sees that Trey being “fired” and his entrance into this shady group were all part of a plan with …

Captain James

3.10 155 Capt James
Capt. James in 3.10

When Captain James was shot and in the hospital last year, he reconnected with his ex-wife, Kelly. The chemistry between the two was palpable, so when they’re together again this episode, it’s a delight. Coby and Kearran are magic together. Kelly shows her absolute patience and trust as Captain James grapples with overcoming history repeating itself by losing her again versus his incredible joy at having her in his life again. Finally, he decides to take the leap of faith and say he wants them back together in a delightful scene. Another person who needs to work past issues with how he feels about family is …


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The previous episode, Bonham admitted that raising his children didn’t turn out the way he hoped. It’s revealed in "Past is Prologue" that he had dreams of continuing the Walker Family ranching, but forwent them as his sons seem to have other ideas. Their happiness mattered more. He allowed himself to reignite that dream when Liam expressed an interest, only to seemingly have that dream ripped away again when Liam went behind his back to start the rescue. To lose a dream twice is especially painful, especially when it seems to be accompanied with the feeling of being left behind. Mitch was made to be Bonham as a crusty curmudgeon with a heart of gold. So when Bonham and Liam finally talk, after Bonham is persuaded to overcome his feelings, it was another relief, because Liam isn’t abandoning Walker Ranch, he’s expanding it. And he really wants and needs his daddy.

Walker is typically best when it lets its people’s emotions shine. This is one of those episodes. All the actors are brilliant and bring their characters to life magnificently. So, when an episode focuses on their emotions, it’s wonderful.

4.93 out of 5

Photos Courtesy of The CW. Some screencaps by Raloria on LJ. Illustrated by Nightsky. 

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