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Walker 3.10, “Blinded by the Light,” explores the devastation and surprise of unmet expectations, leaving the audience gasping at the final scene. Each character thinks things are going to go one way, only for things to be far different from what was expected, starting with …


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At the end of last episode, the ominous box filled with a now familiar energy drink had Walker certain it was a threat from Grey Flag. (Brief applause for the Walkers actually getting security cameras.) However, after cutting out the Rangers due to fear, and working with reporter Julia all day, Walker discovers he was wrong. Jared's portrayal of Cordell as both competent and adorable is captivating as he tries to solve the mysteries of who left the box, and who is behind Grey Flag. Julia lead him to believe that he was being hunted by a former fellow marine, Tommy Adams, as the head of Grey Flag, only for them to discover together that Tommy was trying to warn him that their unit is being killed off one by one - and they are the only ones left. This leaves Cordell shocked and disoriented, but not as badly as what happens to …


3.10 Screenshot 1530 Trey

The end of "Blinded by the Light" had the audience gasping, or raging, as most were utterly shocked by Trey getting fired. This was so far from what Trey was expecting, though he feared it, because the episode focuses on people reassuring him that he will be okay. Throughout the episode, Trey talks about how much he loves being a Ranger, so it’s all the more heartbreaking when the DPS Board’s decision is read. Jeff’s face when the news lands makes the heartbreak worse. He is, by far, not the only one shocked, so is much of the audience and …


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Aside from the shock of Trey losing his job, Cassie is also dealing with the roller coaster of new relationships with Kevin. It started with her expecting not to enjoy their date and wanting to cancel, only to enjoy herself immensely. Ashley’s innate cuteness serves the date scene well. Sadly, the next day Cassie greets Kevin happily, only to have that happiness dashed when she learns he made decisions about her work without letting her know. Whether what Kevin did would have helped Trey or not isn’t explained. But Cassie and Kevin aren’t the only ones who are having relationship issues, so are …

Abeline and Bonham

3.09 073 Abby                                         3.9 Screenshot 1452 Bonham 2

Couples often disagree on how to raise their children, and it seems that Abeline and Bonham did, too. Once again, Mitch and Molly give brilliant life to the Walker elders. Their current argument is over Bonham’s edict that Cordell move out of the farmhouse. Bonham is scared that Cordell's family being on the ranch is bad for Abby’s health. Abeline feels it would be abandoning her children when they need her. This argument leads to a revelation of unmet expectations, namely, his children didn’t turn out how he dreamed they would. This seems to be why he’s lashing out at both his sons lately as he is faced with his and Abeline’s mortality.

This is a solid episode, with twists, turns, surprises, and even shocks. It leaves the audience anxious for what is next, and it seems like the next few episodes will keep the Season 3 momentum going.

4.93 out of 5.

Photos Courtesy of The CW. Some screencaps by Raloria on LJ. Illustrated by Nightsky. 

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