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Big Sky 3.12 "Are You Mad?"

Sunny pulls up outside her house, pausing as she ascends the stairs when she sees the door is open.  She sees blood splattered on the floor and bloody handprints on the walls.  "Buck?" she calls hesitatingly a couple times.  A figure clutching a large knife appears - it's Paige, looking wild-eyed and accusing Sunny of setting Buck on her, kidnapping her and trying to kill her. 

3.12 166260 3758 Paige Knife

When Sunny asks where Buck is, Paige says she killed him and she came to the house to kill Sunny.  She lunges at her with the knife, but Sunny sidesteps, pushing her forward, and grabbing an aerosol can of wasp spray.  They face off, but before things can escalate, Cassie and Jenny burst in, guns drawn, and tell Paige to put down the knife. 

3.12 166260 3773 Guns Drawn

Paige's blood-spattered face crinkles, and she begins to cry.  

3.12M 0012 on desk

Beau is perched on the edge of his desk checking messages on his phone.  On his desk is a frame saying, "Daddy's Girl" with a picture of a much younger Emily with curly hair and hands propped adorably under her chin.  He's calling Emily to check on her, but she's doing fine.

3.12M 0010 Emily

Her only problem at the moment is trying to handle the phone and the coffee and banana bread she's trying to balance as she walks down the sidewalk back to the detective office.  They say goodbye and Deputy Poppernak enters with information on the man that Beau shot at Avery's hotel:   Winston Turner with a lengthy rap sheet and links to organized crime.  Poppernak wonders how Avery got involved with people like this.  "That smug son of a bitch saw a way to steal fifteen million dollars without it being reported to the police," says Beau.  The only problem, replies the deputy, is that this outfit will keep coming until they get their money. 

3.12M 0023 Listening

"I expect they will," nods Beau, a reflective look in his eyes.  Another deputy, Madge, enters.  "Oooo, breakfast burrito time?" asks Beau.  Madge, an older, heavy-set woman, looks scornfully at him over the top of her half glasses:  "Kitchen's closed.  I stopped serving men in 1999."  "Oh!  Good to know!"

3.12M 0028 Huh

Beau acknowledges with a slight glance at Poppernak.  Madge is there to tell them that Jenny has found Paige alive with Sunny Barnes.  Paige is being transported to the hospital and Sunny is in holding.

At the hospital, there is a guard posted outside Paige's room.  Jenny is questioning her about where Buck took her, but Paige doesn't know much.  It was underground in the woods.  She'd climbed out, started running, and flagged down a guy on the interstate.  Jenny wants to know why Paige didn't go to the sheriff's department and instead went after Sunny.  "Because she was in on it!" Paige answers.  Jenny asks her about the money, and Paige flares up, saying Jenny wasn't listening:  she'd been captured and tortured by a man who had hearts in jars.  Jenny interrupts her:  "Hearts?"  "Yes, like human trophies, and I wasn't his first victim."

3.12M 0041 Listening to Sunny

In the interrogation room, Beau, wearing a dark jacket with a black, faux fur collar, tells Sunny she needs to start talking.  Sunny is struggling to comprehend that Buck is really gone, and Beau says they're still trying to locate where he took Paige.  When he asks her about the Bleeding Heart Killer, she says she knows nothing.  She says she was trying, not to hurt Paige, but to help her by keeping her safe from the people she'd stolen the money from.  Suddenly, she nods her head:  "I bet Buck found her up at the camp."  Beau leans forward.  

3.12M 0043 interrogation

"Do you think he's capable of all this?"  "I don't know what to think any more," Sunny replies, "except I do think it's time to call my lawyer."  Beau spreads his hands:  "You're running out of time here, Sunny.  You gotta get out in front of this."  "I've said all I'm going to say," she replies firmly. "OK," Beau tells her softly, adding, "This is your one chance."  She doesn't answer so he walks out.  Before he exits, though, Sunny says that Paige being alive proves that Walter is innocent.  Perhaps if she patches things up with him, he can help them find where Buck is hiding - if he's alive.

3.12M 0046 Pausing

"I'll see what I can do," Beau tells her.

A BOLO has been sent out on Buck Barnes.  At the detective agency, Denise, Cassie, and Emily are discussing the newest developments.  Denise is having trouble believing it, but Cassie says she suspected him from the moment he lied about the truck.  They are trying to narrow down where Buck's hidden bunker might be based on where the carved hearts were found.  There's a lot of wilderness to search.  Sunny won't be any help:  she's lawyered up and is focused on Walter's innocence and getting him released.

Avery leaves a message on Carla's phone.  He's quiet and intense, admitting that he messed up and saying that she and Emily mean everything to him.  He says that Beau has said some things about him, but Beau doesn't know the whole story.  Avery says that he's going to figure this out - "I promise."  "I made a call like that once!" a voice interrupts followed by the sound of a closing door.  Avery stares as a large, bald man enters the room.  "My experience - if you're making a call like that, it's already over, pal." He points a gun at Avery's kneecaps, saying he'll shoot him first, then take a blowtorch to his wife, but he hasn't decided what to do with his daughter yet.  His tone is conversational but his intent is deadly.  "There's one thing you haven't thought of," Avery tells him.  His tone is quiet, serious, and deeply concerned.  "What's that?" blithely answers the thug.  "Me," says a voice from behind the attacker.  It's Donno, armed with two hammers.  His vicious blows take the man down swiftly with a horrifying crunch.  "Wouldn't a gun have been easier?" asks Avery.  "Out of practice.  Had to be sure," Donno replies.  He looks at the hammers, one in each hand, then holds them up.  "Still got it."  His tone, as always, is heavy and matter-of-fact.

Cassie gives Cormac the bad news about his father.  Cormac feels that he should have known, that he should have seen it.  He tells a story from when he was about ten, hunting with his dad.  He awoke in the night to see his dad staring at a patch of dirt, talking, almost like he was in a trance.  The next morning, Buck just said that something bad had happened.  Cassie tells him that this isn't on him; he was just a kid.  Cormac runs his hands through his hair.  When Cassie says he should go home, he says that he wants to help.  "I gotta do something."  With a sigh, Cassie shows him the map on which they've marked where the carved hearts have been seen.  Cormac adds a couple that she's missed, narrowing down where the bunker might be.  Cassie needs to take this to Jenny and Beau right away, but she first tells Cormac that it probably feels like he wants to push everything down, but she tells him to trust her that he shouldn't do that;  he needs to feel it all.

The tall prison gate rolls back as a guard walks Walter up to it.  He steps out into freedom and a pickup truck pulls up next to him.  It's Sunny, cheerfully and commandingly telling him to get in because it's OK; everyone knows everything.  Walter is angry because Buck hurt Paige.  Sunny admits that he was right about Buck.  She begs him to get into the car with her, and he does. 

3.12M 0055 search

Beau and Jenny and other police are searching the woods.  The dogs have lost the scent, but Cassie finds them with the updated map. 

3.12M 0070 map

Using it, they find another carved heart and a hidden bunker - it's metal roof only six feet or so above the ground. 

3.12M 0079 bunker

Beau climbs onto the roof, opens a hatch, drops in a flash-bang, then climbs down. 

3.12M 0087 Entering

He and Jenny clear the hallway and rooms to discover bloodstains on the floor but no sign of Buck.

3.12M 0096 flashlight

They are horrified to see a shelf of old jars, labeled with a girl's name each and containing a human heart.

3.12M 0102 jars

One has Paige's name. Another has the name of Buck's first victim. 

Buck is groaning, panting, and struggling his way through the woods, face bloodstained.  Eventually, he collapses.  A passing hunter, alerted by his barking dog, comes to help - a genuine Good Samaritan - but Buck breaks his neck and steals his keys, first taking time to pat his fluffy little dog.  After kissing the dog's fur, he limps off through the trees to find the vehicle of the man he just murdered.

3.12M 0107 body

Law enforcement has found the body of the hunter.  His rifle and truck are missing.  Cassie is sure that it's Buck.

3.12M 0076 Cassie Beau

She wants to go back to Sunny; she's got to know something.  Buck is badly hurt, so what is his next move?

3.12M 0123 close up

His next move is to go to a convenience store, steal a hat to cover the bloody wound on his head, and get superglue to glue his leg wound closed. 

Back at her house, Sunny has packed a go-bag for Walter.  She's in a rush to head out, but he's looking at the family pictures.  He tells her that he would've liked to be in one of those pictures.  Smiling, she says she wishes that too, but it wasn't possible.  He doesn't buy that.  He also thinks that she knew that Buck was bad all along.  She denies that.  She knew about the drinking but thought he'd moved past that.  When she calls Buck his father, he grows angry, stepping closer to hold a finger in her face.  All that time she'd spent convincing him that he was the rotten apple when, all along, it was her, her and Buck.  "You made me into a monster in your own mind!"  She says they need to leave.  He says he told her Buck was there the night the others were murdered.  Did she know?  Sunny denies that vehemently.  Buck is dead; he's going to have to stand before God now.  Cormac won't even speak to her, so it's just her and Walter.  "I don't need your protection anymore.  It's time to say goodbye."  He hugs her.  "Goodbye, Mama."  Then he turns and calmly leaves.  "No!  No!" she pleads.

3.12 166261 3969 Carla

Carla pulls into a parking spot and notices the red white-top, driven by a gaunt, older man in a hat, pull in as well.  She raises her chin and tightens her jaw and strides into the building.  The man gets a call from his boss - the man in the suit - who asks if he has his eyes on the wife.  "I do; she appears to be a real boss lady," the older man tells him.  The suited man is outside the detective agency, watching.  He tells his employee, Tex, to wait on his word.

3.12 166261 3853 Tex

Denise and Emily are looking through files.  Jenny is on her way back; it's going to be a long night.  They might need sandwiches, but Denise says she'll get them this time.  Emily casually warns her to beware the creeper, a guy in a suit who talked to her at the coffee shop.  "Tell me when Cassie gets back!"  Just then they hear a sound.  It must be Cassie, but no.  The lights turns out, and there's a crash from the back.  Then a figure enters, holding a gun at his side.  Emily and Denise clutch each other in fear.

Poppernak and Hoyt go to Sunny's house and ask to come in.  Sunny thinks they've found Buck's body, but they tell her they think he's still alive.  When asked if he's contacted her, she says no and tells them she has no reason to lie.  Jenny is leaving a patrol car outside the house and tells Sunny to let them know if Buck does contact her.

3.12 166261 3866 carla tex

Carla exits the building and with determined steps goes straight to the red car.  "Hi, there.  Trip to the dry cleaners?"  she says with fake friendliness and a forceful tone.  He denies that he's following her; he's "observing."  "Just know that my next stop is my ex-husband - at the sheriff's department," she emphasizes.  "I hope you have a nice day," he drawls, tipping his hat slightly.  "Be safe out there."  "You too," she says with crossed arms.  She turns and walks away, back held rigidly upright, but her face showing her tension and fear.  

Walter goes into the hospital, past the two officers outside the door, and enters Paige's room. She sits up and breathes out a friendly, "Hi!" "Hello," he replies in his awkward, stiff way. Smiling with warmth in her eyes, she tells him he shouldn't have lied and said he'd killed her.  Walter tells her that otherwise the dangerous men would have kept following her.  "But you would've spent your life behind bars!" she responds.  He sits slowly down on the edge of her bed and asks, "May I?" He lifts her bandaged hand, touching it gently.  "Your mom set me up, didn't she?"  "I don't know."  "Buck's not dead," she whispers, staring at him.  "I thought I killed him, but one of the deputies said he's gone."  Walter thinks for a moment, then leans forward.  "I don't want you to be afraid anymore.  I'm going to take care of this."  "Walter," she says softly with concern.  "I know what needs doing," he tells her matter-of-factly. "Wait," she speaks gently.   "Don't you worry," he says, walking out.   She leans back against the pillow, sighs, and breathes a quivering breath. 

Carla enters Beau's office where he's just getting off the land line phone.  "What's going on?" she asks aggressively.  "Manhunt for Buck Barnes.  I'm a little swamped right now," he tells her shortly, focus on his cell phone. 

3.12M 0129 cell phone

"Can this wait?"  "No, it can't," she says, her strident tone almost hiding the slight shake in her voice.  "I got followed today.  Avery left me some weird message - "  Beau has shifted his attention completely to her, stepping toward her. 

3.12M 0132 sheriff office

"Wait.  Who followed you?"  "Some cowboy.  I'm telling you, it really freaked me out."  Beau's forehead is crinkled in concern. 

3.12M 0136 worried

"OK.  Where's Em?"  "At work," Carla answers, with a tone that says "duh."  "Have you heard from her?" "No, not since this morning."  Carla is matter of fact but Beau is worried.  

Cassie enters the dark detective office.  "I'm back.  Denise.  Emily?"  She tries to switch on a light and realizes there's no power.  She answers her phone.  It's Beau.  "I just got here and no one's here," Cassie tells him.  "Their stuff is here, but . . . something's not right."  Carla's face contorts a little as Beau tells Cassie intently but calmly, "I'm on my way to you right now."  "What do we do?" Carla asks.  Beau is reaching for his keys at the same time that he lays a reassuring hand on her arm. "Stay here.  Keep your phone on you."  He puts his other hand on her other arm and looks at her intently. 

3.12M 0149 reassuring

"I'm gonna go find her.  I promise."  He exits swiftly, as Carla nods.  "OK."  Her posture is still rigid, but her eyes are filling with tears as she covers her mouth to muffle a sob. 

3.12M 0146 consoling

As Beau rushes from the station, an officer's desk computer shows the BOLO for Buck Barnes.

Beau, Jenny, and Cassie are in the empty detective agency where a table is lying overturned.  Someone had flipped the breaker, cut the power, and broken in.  That means there's no surveillance video.  Why would someone take them, wonders Jenny.  "It's gotta do with Avery and the money he stole," Beau says with serious conviction.  "I need to find him."  Carla will know where he's holing up.  Jenny offers to go with him, but Beau says no.  "Get a response team ready, ok?  But I don't want anyone doing anything without CHECKING WITH ME!"  His voice raises to a shout on the last words as he exits the building.  He professional demeanor as a law officer has just slipped a little.  Jenny eyes Cassie with concern.

A cheap bedside alarm clock says 3:09.  A knock pounds at the a door of the motel room.  Avery heads toward the door but it bangs inward as Beau surges inside.  Avery stares wide-eyed, as Beau throws a stool aside, beelining straight for him.  "Where is she?" Beau grabs him by the lapels and pushes him against the wall while Avery holds his hands up to each side. 

3.12M 0157 holding Avery

"Who?"  "Emily! Somebody took her!"  "No!" chokes out Avery.  "I swear to you," Beau's voice lowers, "if anything happens to her, I'm gonna destroy you." Beau's teeth are bared. 

3.12M 0159 warning

"Wait!" Avery gestures.  He tells him that he's meeting Tony (the dark-suited man) tonight.  "Does he have them?" Beau demands aggressively.  Avery's mouth opens in panicked honesty.  "I don't know!"  "Where's my daughter, Avery?" yells Beau. 

3.12M 0163 really worried

They stare at each other a moment, Avery's eyes wide and horrified, Beau's anguished and angry, before the sheriff lets go of Avery's shirt with a small, frustrated shove. He runs his hand over his mouth and chin and licks his lips as he gathers his composure. 

3.12M 0179 pointing

Then, raising a finger, voice calm but intense, he tells Avery that he's going to that meeting, but Avery, voice shaking, says he can't show up with law enforcement. 

3.12M 0191 pleading

Beau doesn't like that, but, realizing that Avery can't show up with cops, he commands that Avery will wear a wire so Beau can hear every word that is said in that meeting.  Though he has regained control of himself, his anger is barely hidden.  Desperately, Avery pleads that he wants Emily back too.  Beau just looks at him.  "I want her back!" Avery repeats passionately. 

3.12M 0200 two men

Beau shakes his head and his voice drops, quiet and earnest.  "Man, you better start listening to me and doing EXACTLY as I say."  

Cassie tells Jenny that Denise's phone was ditched half a mile from the office so they can't track them that way.  Poppernak tells them that someone phoned in a report of seeing a man fitting Buck's description leaving the Four Corners Quick Mart.  Cassie goes to check it out.  Poppernak tells Jenny that there's no activity so far at Avery's house.  'Hey!" she says as Beau enters, walking past with focused determination.  "You find Avery?"  'Yeah, I found him," he says in passing.  Jenny, concerned, follows him into his office and closes the door.    

3.12M 0209 beaus office

Beau stands holding a football between his hands as he squeezes it.  Jenny is sitting on the edge of the desk.  They're not looking at each other.  "Do you really trust Avery on this?" she asks.  "It's the best lead we have so I'm gonna have to," Beau says gruffly.  "So he took Emily as collateral," Jenny observes.  "Yeah, that had to be the move," Beau says quietly, putting the football aside.  He sits on the edge of the desk beside her with a deep sigh as he stares forward. "I cannot believe that I let this happen."  Jenny's gaze is on him:  "This is NOT your fault.  We'll get them back."  His head is bowed and he shakes it slowly.

3.12M 0215 head lowered

"You know I'm here for you," she says gently, leaning in to him slightly.  "It's my baby," he whispers, tears in his eyes. 

3.12M 0218 anguish

He's turned his face slightly toward Jenny but doesn't meet her eyes.  "It's your call," she says softly.  "Whatever you want to do, I got your back."  He nods slowly, thinking through his options, then, deciding, says, "I gotta play this thing out with Avery." 

3.12M 0222 thinking

He's still facing forward, not fully meeting her gaze but staring ahead of him with grief-filled eyes.  "All right, then.  Then, that's what we'll do," Jenny tells him with solid, quiet support, her left arm crossed in front of her and rubbing his arm gently where he sits on her right.  

At the diner, Donno and Tonya look up in surprise as Avery and Beau enter the empty room.  Donno eyes a large cutting knife on the counter near him.  Perky and fake, Tonya greets them.  Beau's voice is low; they're not there to arrest them.  Tonya is flippant until Beau says that his daughter is missing.  Somebody has taken her and Denise. 

3.12M 0242 with Tonya

Tonya's face reflects concern, but Donno is stone-faced as always.  "Put em on a milk carton," he intones.  Beau stares at him.  Tonya says that sounds like something for law enforcement.  "I know about your deal with Avery, OK?" says Beau.  He needs her to back Avery as planned.  Avery needs to make that deal with Tony because the only thing that matters to him is that Emily - and Denise - are not hurt.  He is earnest and quiet and intense. 

3.12M 0253 convincing

Tonya is looking back at him but snidely says, "And what do we get out of it."  The look in Beau's eyes shows his utter contempt for her but his tone is even as he says, "No arrests.  I thought we covered that."  "The money's yours.  All of it," says Avery shortly.  Tonya's posture straightens, then she smiles, extending her hand to Beau.  "You got yourself a deal," she smiles. He shakes on it. 

3.12M 0262 handshake

"We on the same page?  Emily and Denise do not get hurt." Though his voice is quiet, he emphasizes each word. "Yeah," nods Tonya.  His eyes focus on her for a moment, then he extends his hand toward her companion. Donno doesn't move. 

3.12M 0265 donno

"I don't like it.  In bed with law types and sneaky English.  He probably hunts foxes." Tonya steps close and lowers her voice.  "One last job.  That's it.  Then we're out."  Donno eyes her, then Beau, who hasn't dropped eye contact and is still holding out his hand.  With a low growl, Donno shakes it.  As soon as he does, Beau turns and leaves.  "Scottish," says Avery shortly then follows the sheriff.  Tonya gives a confident, lips-closed smile to Donno, but Donno doesn't smile.  His impassive face doesn't fully mask that he is not pleased with this development.

In a quiet, empty, darkened restaurant, Tony and his goons wait.  The older man in the cowboy hat, Tex, is loading his gun.

3.12 166261 4076 Tex 

Avery, Tonya, and Donno enter. 

3.12M 0275 Avery meeting

Avery asks who the other men are.  "That's Tex and these are the Torono Triplets," introduces the dark-suited man.  None of them have stood.  "I believe you're acquainted with them, Donno."  "They're not real triplets," Donno intones.  Outside, Beau and Jenny are listening in on headphones. 

3.12M 0268 surveillance

"Ask about Emily and Denise, dammit!" says Beau, anxious and frustrated.  Jenny assures him that Avery is doing good by letting them know that there are others in there.  "That son of a bitch thinks he's a lot smarter than he really is.  Stick to the plan, Avery!" responds Beau.  With his man vanished and Avery's knee caps in good shape, Tony assumes that Avery has offered Tonya and Donno a better deal with money that doesn't belong to him.  "Where's my daughter?" asks Avery.  "Where's my money?" replies the crime lord.  Tonya pipes up:  "You get HALF.  That's the deal."  Tony laughs slightly.  "Really?"  "Only if Emily's safe," Avery interjects.  "And what if she's not?" responds Tony.  Avery pulls out a gun and points it at Tony.  "I'm not going to ask you again.  Where's my daughter?"  The Toronto triplets rise, pulling their guns too, and Donno has his out, aiming first at one than another.  Tex is still quietly sitting.  Tony is still sitting too.  He laughs and waves his hand.  "Put your gun away," he says.  In the surveillance van, Jenny and Beau react:  "What the hell's he doing?" asks Beau.  "He's got a gun," Jenny says, rising.  "Do we move?" asks Poppernak.  "Your call," says Jenny. 

3.12M 0282 frustrated

Beau hesitates for a moment, lowering his head and closing his eyes, then speaks with determination:  "No.  Not until we get a location on the girls."  Jenny shakes her head a little but complies.

Inside, Tex asks calmly, "You take his little girl?"  "What the hell is it to you, Tex?" Tony replies.  "You take the money; you take the ride."  "I draw the line at kids," says Tex, rising.  He slides his gun back into its holster and leaves with a tip of his hat.  No one moves as he exits.  Sighing, Tony stands.

3.12 166261 4104 Tony

"Put your gun away 'cause I got a deal for you.  The only one you'll get.  Now, you prove to me that you've got the money and that you can transfer our half and you do it right now, and I'll tell you where Emily is."  Avery stares at him over the barrel of his gun, then lowers it.  "Guns down," Tony tells the triplets who comply.  "You too, Donno," Tony continues.  "I think Avery is being very smart."  Avery holds up his cell phone with the bank information on it.  "All I have to do is enter the amount and hit Send.  Now you tell me where my daughter is."  Tony lifts a casual eyebrow.  "Wow.  You must REALLY love that girl."  "Yes, yes, I do," Avery replies.  Tony gives a miniscule shake of his head, then leaps to his feet, drawing his gun and firing two shots into Avery's chest.  Avery jolts and falls.  Outside, Beau rips the headset from his head.  "Move!"  "We're right behind ya!" says Jenny.  Tonya stares; Donno glares. Avery's phone lies on the floor, with the fifteen million dollar amount listed and the green button ready to be pressed. 

"Well, now that we've got the amateur out of the way, I think we can, uh - " He's looking down at the phone when a gun shot rings outs.  Tony falls.  Tonya has just shot him.  Donno dives to pull her down and flips up a table as the enforcers shoot back.  Tonya crouches and holds her hands over her ears.  Donno takes a moment to ask if she's OK before rising and firing.  He gets all three, and a sudden silence falls over the restaurant that had been filled with the sounds of gunshots and crashing furniture.  Donno groans and collapses.  "Donno!  Donno!"  On her knees, she scuttles to him.  "No, no, no, no!"  She lifts her hand from where she'd pressed it to his body.  It's shaking badly and covered in blood.  "Help!  Somebody help him!" she calls out.  "You remember when you stabbed me with that stick?" he asks.  She looks at him and tries to smile.  "Of course!"  "Not killing you was the best thing that I ever did," he gets out.  She shakes her head, crying, then leans forward and presses her lips to his.  When she releases the kiss, he looks at her then closes his eyes.  "No!  Stay with me!" she cries.  Sirens sound outside.  His head lowers to the floor and he gasps.  "Please, somebody, help!" 

3.12M 0287 gun raised

Beau and the officers enter.  Jenny checks Donno and says they need a medic.  Beau looks at the fallen bodies and notices Avery on the floor.  Then he hears a gasp from Tony.  Holstering his gun, he kneels at the man's side and pulls him up by his lapels.  "Where is she, huh?  Where is my daughter?"  His voice is even but intense.  "We don't have her," Tony manages to choke out.  "Someone else."  "Who?  WHO?" Jenny rises.  Beau stands as another officer checks on the fallen criminal.  "What is it?" Jenny asks, approaching Beau.  Beau looks at her for a minute, brow furrowed. 

3.12M 0307 realization

"Buck has them," he says with quiet conviction.  

A country love song plays on the radio as Buck drives down the highway.  Emily and Denise are bound and gagged in the back.  They reach out to hold hands, whimpering in fear but trying to comfort each other.  Buck sings along, "I cross my heart and promise you . . . Sunny and I danced to that song at our wedding." He continues reflecting on their wedding while Emily screams behind the duct tape over her mouth.  "You gotta be quiet and listen to me," he says.  "Cause I am the alpha . . . and I am the omega.  But right now, if you don't mind, I've got an important call to make."  

3.12M 0312 kidnapped 

In the dark night, Sunny stands alone in her house.  She crosses to the window, looking down at a car in the driveway.  Her phone buzzes.  The number says BLOCKED.  She answers.  "Buck?  Buck, is that you?  Buck!"  He doesn't say anything for a moment, then asks, "Are you mad?"  Sunny, holding the phone to her ear, doesn't answer.



Just a few questions.

  1. Will Donno die?  Do you want him to live?
  2. Will Sunny try to go on the run with Buck?  Is she OVER him or will she try to cover up his crimes like she did when she thought Walter had killed the hiker?
  3. Will Walter track down Buck?  Do you want him to exact revenge or do you want him to try to have a happy ending with Paige?  Is he even capable of that?  
  4. What do you think about the relationships in the show this season?  Up until now, three men - Walter, Donno, and Beau - all seem to have unrequited love.  I really thought Paige was just using Walter to get what she wanted, but in this episode she seems to truly respond to his devotion to her.  Does she care about him because he truly loves her?  He is expressing that love by trying to protect her in the same way that he burned down his foster parents' house to protect his foster sister.  As for Donno and Tonya, his impending death seems to have awakened her to his love for her as she kisses him.  Has she moved from relying on him to falling in love with him?  Is it too late?  Similarly, Carla turns to Beau whenever she needs him.  She accepts his love and devotion without returning it, but she knows that he is reliable and there for, not only Emily, but also her.  Will she fall back in love with him?  This is an interesting contrast to the Barnes who began this season looking like a deeply committed couple in a healthy relationship.  At the end of this episode, it looks like Buck is still not only completely in love with his wife but also concerned at what she'll think of him.  I am less convinced of Sunny's love for him; I think she would put Walter over him.  What do you think?


Add your thoughts below, in the comments! 

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