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What is truth? What is the truth? Walker: Independence's "The Owl and the Arrow" sends the characters in search of the truth while many still conceal their own truths. It is an entertaining dance with life or death consequences. One of the main characters torn between searching for truth and concealing it is … 


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Still reeling from finding out that her late husband was paid off to become Sheriff by the Davidsons, she must put that aside in service of her savior and friend, Calian. She confronts Sheriff Davidson until he agrees to get a judge for at least a hearing. Kat is magnificent in her portrayal of Abby’s unwavering determination during this argument. Then she goes to work trying to find a way to get Calian exonerated. She knows there is no way he would have killed on purpose. She first talks to him, and in doing so, she learns the truth of how he was able to find her and save her. But with Calian’s memory loss, the best she can hope for is reasonable doubt. Then the Sheriff gives her an idea.  Instead of having to present the truth of what happened, which she doesn’t know, she instead presents the truth of who really is …


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This episode was a treasure trove of truth about Calian. The audience discovers the painful memory of how his sister was taken when he was younger and that the young girl he’s been seeing is the spirit of his sister, Nascha. Augustus reveales that Calian had been in a trance before, and accidentally cut Augustus when he tried to wake Calian.  It is also revealed that the reason he’s so attached to Abigail is because he was led to her by his sister, and he feels a special connection to Abby because of that. However, he has to face the most heartbreaking realization, that no matter how much he has helped the townspeople, to them he will always be “other” someone not to trust. Justin’s performance as he tearfully asks who will stand for him is heart wrenching.  Besides Abby, the only one who stands up for him is … 


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As Calian’s friend, Augustus just wants to find out the truth about happened the night Francis Reyes was killed. He wants to clear Calian’s name, but he’s also interested in the mysterious Abby Walker, and wants to know her real story about why she’s in Independence. However, even one who is after the truth like Augustus will lie. He lies under oath about Calian never being violent, because his relationship with Calian is stronger than his love of the truth. Philemon is amazing in his moments of determination, but also on the softer emotions like when he admitted to Calian he know the townspeople would turn on him as quickly as they did Calian. In Augustus' search for the truth, the grand moment is when he discovers the bullet that really killed Francis and rides hurriedly to the gallows to save his friend. This is the truth he was seeking that he never would have found without… 


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Surprisingly, the one not looking for the truth about what happened to Francis is the one who finds it. It’s not that Hoyt doesn’t care about Calian; it’s that he is worried about Lucia and her family in the wake of Francis’ passing. Matt Barr’s gentleness as Hoyt comforts Lucia is heart meltingly wonderful. However, when he notices Luis’ typical tell during Luis’ impassioned testimony, he refuses to do nothing. The emotional, violent way he confronts Luis is further intensified by the fact that time is running out for Calian. But not really thanks to … 


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The man of mystery and dishonesty lies throughout the episode, but not for nefarious purposes. He is instead hiding how very injured he is. Stabbed at the end of the previous episode and left for dead, it is shown in flashbacks as he bandages himself to the best of his ability that he picked himself up and walked away from a pool of his own blood. The Herculean effort it must have taken to act like he’s fine is witnessed by his pallor, that everyone is too preoccupied to notice. Greg is once again phenomenal at making the audience feel for the supposed villain of the show. The way he weaves lies and truth to get to his desired ends, but not bad ones. He lies to the judge to get the hearing for Calian that Abby wanted. He has the townspeople construct gallows instead of attacking the sheriff’s office, thereby also saving Calian. But the most powerful moment is between Calian and Tom atop those gallows, where two men on the brink of death meet. Calian sees the truth of Tom’s health, and offers words of comfort. So Tom cuts the rope of the noose just before Hoyt and Augustus bring evidence of the truth, proving there is more to him than his lies. Another person that is more than their deception is … 


Kate has their own truths they need to discover and therefore are mostly removed from main trial. Ethan, their Pinkerton handler, meets secretly with the sheriff, and they want to know why. Under the ruse of helping him shave, Kate gets the upper hand to extract the truth - and that truth is devastating to Kate. The Pinkertons are no longer working for the government to prevent corruption, they are working for the railroad to make sure things go well. This includes working with the sheriff whose family poisoned Hagan and got away with it, and who they have good reason to believe murdered Abby’s husband. In essence, the very corruption they always fought against. Katie is incredible in the fierceness of their character as they pronounce themselves not to be a “thing” after resigning. Like Abby, they take the position of sticking to their morals when men would have them bow before the way of the world. They both decide to be true to themselves. 

Yet another wonderfully engrossing episode in its incredible first season, Walker: Independence “The Owl and The Arrow” delivers powerful performances both in the quiet moments and those more action packed. As the characters waltz with the truth, both searching for it while concealing their own, the audience gets to enjoy the intricate dance. 

4.95 out of 5 stars. 

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