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I think I'm going to change the saying from "A for effort" to "optimistic because of effort" to rate The Winchesters 1.05 "Legend of a Mind".

Final Score:    / 5

I do really like Tony's coat in this episode. It's totally ballin' and he wore it well. I even liked Latika getting some love - though maybe next time we could give them a scene together?

This episode also ended up proving why so much storytelling advice has a "rule of three." Had John and Mary found the needles behind the first door they searched, it would have felt empty and artificial with little emotional impact. They went through two and it... had more emotion, but still felt just a bit rushed. But imagining them going through THREE doors? Where the second door is another powerful, traumatic memory? (maybe something Maggie-related?) Then the final memory of a girl in her room may have had more impact.

On the other hand, it does seem kind of weird that for Mary, "imagining doors closing" is a worse memory for her than killing people (even if they're monsters). I don't think the writers intend for her to come off as a psychopath, but sometimes I wonder if anybody is reviewing the scripts and making sure what the writer intends is actually what lands on the page. (Believe it or not that is harder than it sounds. This is why good writers treasure quality editors.)

Again I say, this is not an "A for effort" episode, but a "your effort gives me optimism" kind of episode. Fingers crossed they keep it up. Please add your thoughts below! 

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