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“Things aren’t always what they seem.” This is definitely true in the town of Independence. Just when one thinks they know what is going on, new information changes what they thought they knew. "Random Acts" was full of new information that changed what the Walker: Independence characters thought they knew, starting with …



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Faced with having to testify against Tom, Abby feels she needs more information so she goes to meet with Otis Clay, the former sheriff. When she finds out that Otis was paid off, she goes to the bank to look into her late husband’s account, and finds out that he, too, was paid off by the Davidsons. Kat McNamara played Abby’s distress at this discovery well. But of course, this isn’t the first shock for …


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Kate is both surprised and full of surprises in "Random Acts".  The audience and Abby learn that Kate had been in a relationship with her handler, Ethan. We and Abby also find out that Kate is aware of how Kai feels about them, but doesn’t want to risk hurting him. However, Kate is surprised by Hoyt willingly losing. Kate is also surprised by Ethan meeting with, and the motivations of …


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The presumptive villain of the series is so much more than a mustache twirling bad guy of the typical western. There are layers to him the audience constantly gets to see that add dimensions and elicit empathy from the viewer, such as the way he tries to impress his family, the way he listens to and appreciates Kai, and the way his feelings for Abby fuel him. Greg is incredible at humanizing who, a few short episodes ago, many hated. So his unknown fate at the end of the episode had many gasping in shock. Shock similar to what was felt by …


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Hoyt always felt like the Reyeses didn’t like him, so Francis talking to him about how they were worried, claiming him to be the “First Born son of Independence,” and inviting him out to the ranch was shocking for Hoyt. He then willingly lost the fight in order to get money to help his surrogate family. But the biggest shock was seeing Francis dead in the presence of …

Calian and Augustus

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"Random Acts" was a treasure trove of discovery about these two. Augustus introduces Otis Clay, the previous sheriff and his mentor, as the possible shooter of Liam. In tune, Otis tells the story of how Calian and Augustus met, which is historically interesting. Then there is the shock of  discovering that the little girl, played by Justin Cortez’s real life daughter, had disappeared and was never found. But nothing could prepare the audience for the shock of the set up that made it look like Calian killed Francis Reyes, forcing  Augustus to cuff and bring in his friend. Justin and Philemon portray the tension between these two well. Hopefully they can rekindle their friendship. However, a budding seemingly unlikely friendship that serves as an interesting foil to Calian and Augustus is Tom and …


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Little by little, more is uncovered about Kai’s mysterious past. Lawrence Kao is wonderful as the sweet but enigmatic character. The revelation a couple of episodes ago that Kai has killed before was incredibly shocking. In this episode, through helping Tom, Kai reveals that he is an expert fighter as well - expertise that Tom openly appreciates. It will be interesting to see where this new friendship leads considering all the mysteries that swirl around Independence.

Overall, it was an entertaining episode that raised as many questions as it answered. It really proved that nothing is as it seems in Independence.

4.8 out of 5 stars

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