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Big Sky 3.07 "Come Get Me"

{Editor's Note: Updated with over a dozen Jensen/Beau Arlen screencaps!}

Denise is walking down the sidewalk scratching off a lottery ticket.  She notices that her "Back in 10 Minutes" sign has fallen to the ground outside the Dewell & Hoyt detective agency.  Entering the dark space, lighted only with sunlight glancing in from the windows, she is startled to see broken glass and scattered papers. 

3.7 Screenshot 1227 Denise

At a noise from the back, she peeks through a doorway to see a masked man rummaging through the room.  Gasping in fear, she scuttles back through the office and huddles under her desk.  Booted feet approach as she barely breathes, but the intruder exits without finding her.  She emerges from her hiding spot to see, written in blood, the words "Come Get Me" and a heart written over the posted pictures of the murdered girl from years ago in the Bleeding Heart Murder case.

3.07 M 0033 Message

Sunny kneels over Mary's body while Buck, holding his bloody knife, repeats, "Oh, God!  Oh, God!"  He'd killed her to protect Sunny since Mary had found Paige's bag. He wants to know if Walter killed Paige, and Sunny tells him that she doesn't know but he could have. 

3.7 Screenshot 1235 Buck    3.7 Screenshot 1238 Sunny

They decide that the best thing to do would be to concoct a story blaming Luke, already suspected in Paige's disappearance, for Mary's murder.

The police are at the detective agency checking the surveillance cameras, but there is little evidence since he wore a ski mask.

3.07 M 0016 credit

He cut himself on the glass so there was blood left behind and he'd been looking at information on the Bleeding Heart Murder.  Seeing Denise standing by her desk looking subdued and somber, Beau offers her a hug and promises they'll find the guy. 

3.07 M 0018 Beau Hug

Cassie is also struggling as the incident brings back memories of her dad. 

3.7 Screenshot 1243 Beau Denise Jenny

Jenny offers them space at the sheriff's station.  Denise reveals that she'd posted a message on a forum dedicated to the Bleeding Heart Murder. It was one of the first posts since 2012.  The intruder wants attention: the backpacker's body was found near the site of the girl's murder.  So is the Bleeding Heart murderer back? 

3.07 M 0032 Looking at Board

"Maybe he never left," says Cassie.  They leave the building, and our viewpoint shifts to the interior of a car.  An unknown person is watching them from across the street.

Back at Sunny Days Excursions, Avery approaches Tonya and Donno.  Donno, wearing a Hawaiian shirt covered in yellow pears, is sipping a tall orange drink festooned with umbrellas.  Tonya is worried that there are other people looking for Paige and Luke or that their employer has also hired other people besides them.  Neither case is good for them.  When Avery says that they're clearly not there for the camping, Donno says he's enjoying the camping.  Avery remarks that he knows Luke is in trouble and feels that they're involved.  He just wanted them to know that he has his eyes on them.  "Well, that's cryptic," smiles Tonya, but she's concerned.

Sunny and Buck drag Mary's body to another spot.  She sprawls on the ground, arm outstretched, head lolled to the side, as the older couple decide to bring the campers on a night hike under the super moon.  They'll lead them by Mary's body where someone is sure to spot it, and Luke will be blamed.  Sunny plans on sneaking back into camp and getting Paige's cell phone.  "I just hate this.  I hate it!" Sunny declares as she walks off.  Buck contemplates the young woman lying at his feet, reaches out to pat her hair, and tells her that he admires her for her sharpness.  Standing, he sees her blood still on his hand and starts to wipe it with his bandana.  Then he lifts the back of his hand to his nose and sniffs deeply.  

Beau, Cassie and Jenny are looking at old pictures of Blaire Lucan and her boyfriend from the prom the night she was murdered. Her heart was carved out with a knife with a curved blade, though the weapon was never found.  It's possible that there were at least three other unsolved murders connected to Paige's murder. 

3.07 M 0056 Office

As they look through the cold case files, they realize that one is missing - person of interest D - last checked out by a now-retired detective, Roman Cobb.  They plan to go pay him a visit, but then Cassie spots another picture in the file - a creepy heart carved into the bark of a tree.  She saw a freshly carved heart near where the Suburban was set on fire, and she's begun to map some of the spots where she'd seen other hearts carved.  Beau remembers that there was a heart also carved into the figurine found on the backpacker's body.  "So he starts carving hearts after all these years?  Maybe this is his hunting ground," says Jenny.  "Maybe I should pull Emily out of that camp," adds Beau. 

3.07 M 0070 Beau

Cassie plans on going to the trailhead to find the heart carved from years ago.

Sunny has lifted a floorboard from the luxury tent where she has Paige's cell phone hidden.  She jumps, surprised, when Cormac enters and explains that she was looking for an earring.  In order to get Cormac away from the site, she sends him back to town to get his dad's blood pressure medicine at the pharmacy.  Cormac is surprised that it can't wait and his parents are planning a night hike which they'd never done before.  After his mother leaves, he taps the rug with his foot, a concerned look furrowing his brow.

In their own tent, Tonya and Donno worry about what Avery knows.  Donno suggests that they cut their losses:  he enjoys their legitimate business - they have a good thing going.  "I've never had anything to lose before," he says.  Tonya decides on a compromise:  they'll go back to town and ask their employer to double their fee.  Then Donno offers Tonya a gift:  a small gun.  He was going to save it for her birthday, but he thinks she might need it now.

3.07 M 0074 Investigation

The retired cop tells Beau and Jenny that there's always one case that keeps you up at night.  At first, the man denies taking the file, but eventually admits that he took it so it wouldn't be destroyed.  Jenny tells him that they believe the killer is active again, so Roman Cobb decides to confide in them.  He has a copy of the file on suspect D - Blaire's boyfriend, Joe Walker, son of city commissioner Hiram Walker, a powerful father trying to protect his son.  Other teens said Paige and Joe had gotten into a fight that night; Joe said he'd fallen asleep in his truck but had no one to corroborate his story.  Hiram put Cobb on desk duty and made his ex lose her job so Cobb couldn't push anything against Joe.  Beau promises that they'll solve the case.  Jenny calls Poppernak to get Joe's address.

In the woods, Cassie and Denise find the old carved heart carved into a tree from twenty years ago.  Is it the killer leaving his mark or a weird kind of map?  Then they spot a necklace hanging from a nearby bush:  a bumble bee, probably from Blaire.  Is the killer taunting them now that he knows they're looking into the case?

Cormac, leaving the camp, runs into his dad and notices that he's gotten wet.  Buck says he was just cleaning up.  Buck tells Cormac that they've got the night hike covered and they'll see him when he gets back.  

Inside the bar, two men sing "Down in the Valley" in harmony as one of them slowly plays a guitar. A third listens along with the man who hired Donno and Tonya, nodding along to the music. 

3.7 164981 0309

Tonya and Donno enter; the boss has bought out the bar for the evening for privacy.  He introduces the men, Tex and Possum.  Possum does his business at night.  "Night time's the right time," says Possum with a smile.  His bald companion, Winston, pokes his arm and repeats the phrase. 

3.7 164981 0526

"You got a pouch?" asks Donno straight-faced.  "I got this," Possum replies, showing his holstered gun under his coat.  "He got this," echoes the "weirdo," as Donno calls him.  Tonya tries not to be intimidated, letting the man who hired them know that he failed to mention that fifteen million dollars were at stake.  She says that this is not turning out to be the sort of job they expected.  In addition, Avery Macalister, "shady finance guy," knows about the money too.  Tonya says they can hand over Luke tonight but says that Paige is gone.  It's unclear whether she's dead or just missing.  "There's always a wrinkle," remarks Tex.  The boss now wants Tonya and Donno to kill Luke which Tonya doesn't want to do.  "Take the money; take the ride," advises Tex.  "Businesses burn down so easily these days," says the boss, "sometimes with the owners inside."  

3 7 Donno Tanya

Back at camp, Luke is stuffing his backpack with snacks.  Emily tells him that his new besties, "cutie and the creep," have gone into town.  Emily comments that Luke looks terrified. "Listen," he tells her.  "There are some bad people here.  If you want my advice, get out of here.  I know I am!"  Emily looks a bit dumbfounded; she watches as he turns and leaves, then begins to walk after him.

Beau and Jenny show up at Joe Walker's run-down property.

3.07 M 0142 Beau Profile

Beau is having a hard time thinking of the fresh-faced kid in the prom pictures being a killer, but Jenny says that Ted Bundy started playing with knives when he was three.  The door swings open when they knock. 

3.07 M 0147 Knocking

The inside of the house is set up as a meth lab. Joe was hiding in the ceiling; he falls down in a flurry of plaster and dust when, cued in by bumps and bangs coming from above, Beau hits the ceiling with the end of a rifle.  

3.07 M 0159 rifle

In the sheriff's office, Beau and Jenny interrogate Joe, who's led a life of petty crime. 

3.07 M 0206 Interrogation

His hand is wrapped in a bandage; he says he burned it.  They tell him they're not interested in his janky meth lab; they're investigating the Bleeding Heart murder.  He'd been found passed out in his truck down by the Basin trail head.  Joe tells him that he wouldn't have hurt Blaire:  he loved her.  He hadn't been fighting with her; he'd been trying to console her.  

Carla approaches Sunny to ask if she's seen Emily.  Sunny says she'll keep an eye out for her.  Walking by Luke's tent, Sunny hears voices and pauses to eavesdrop on Tonya and Donno who are just realizing that Luke is gone.  "This is very bad!  He can't have gone far.  Go look for him! I'll keep an eye on that Avery dude," says Tonya.  Sunny is intrigued.  After the leave, she enters the tent, hiding Paige's cellphone under the mattress.  

Back at the sheriff's office, Joe continues to talk about that night, saying that Blaire's parents acted like they were happy for the young couple and taking lots of pictures but that Blaire was actually scared of her dad.  He'd found out they were planning on leaving after graduation and lost it.  Beau says he'd be pretty pissed if his daughter planned to cut out with her boyfriend.  "Would you hurt her?" responds Joe.  Blaire had bruises on her arms the night of the prom, but no one believed Joe when he tried to tell others.  Joe says Detective Cobb had it out for him.  The police had questioned Blaire's parents too:  her dad had said he was out for a drive, but Joe says he was stalking them.  "An overprotective dad on prom night is hardly stalking," replies Beau.  Joe thinks the dad had a plan.

Cassie shows up at the Lucan house.  No one answers the door when she approaches the house so she goes to another building on the property.  As she looks about, a truck pulls up behind her vehicle.  Back at the sheriff's, Jenny and Beau realize that Cassie texted twenty minutes ago that she'd check out Lucan.  Poppernak says they have a match on a bloody fingerprint at the break in at the detective agency - it's Lucan.  Cassie isn't answering her phone so Jenny and Beau head to his place.

Cassie enters the small building and finds an elaborate display of photos, news clippings, and memorabilia about Blaire's murder, like an idea board that a detective might put up or a shrine a killer might create.

3.7 Screenshot 1248 Board

A man appears in the doorway behind her; he's holding a gun. 

3.7 Screenshot 1249 Cassie

Cassie pulls her gun, but he says she trespassing on his property.  He closes the door with a bang and steps closer.  "You're the one who broke in to our office!" Cassie says.  "I had to get your attention.  You sure got mine with the post about the Bleeding Heart murder."  He'd left the pendant in the forest for them to find; he'd given it to her for her twelfth birthday, but she'd stopped wearing it.  Cassie wonders why all the theater, and Blaire's dad says it worked:  they'd gotten to him in just three or four hours.  "I'm here; I'm listening," Cassie says, lowering her gun.  "You want to tell me what happened?  Why did you kill Blaire?"  "What?" says the man, suddenly appearing less intimidating as he shakes his head and stammers.  "You think I killed my daughter?  No, my God, no.  I loved her.  I'd never hurt her.  Her heart was carved out of her body . . . I would never hurt my little girl.  But they forgot about her.  That's why I collect all this.  Someone needs to keep looking."  "I hear you," nods Cassie. 

3.07 M 0219 Entry

Beau and Jenny burst in with guns drawn, but Cassie says she's fine. 

3.07 M 0223 gun

"The killer's still out there!" says Mr. Lucan.

A full moon rises above the trees as Emily searches through the woods calling first Luke's name, then "Anyone!"  "It's fine.  It's fine.  It's fine," she murmurs.  She sees a couple scattered pieces of clothing.  Then she spots Mary's body, screams and runs.  Dashing frantically through the trees, she spots a man with a flashlight.  It's Buck leading a horse.  "Somebody killed her!" she gasps.  "Mary!  She's dead!"  "Show me!" says Buck, and Emily turns around with Mary's actual killer at her back.  

Cassie is taking pictures of the information that Blaire's dad has posted on the wall when she lifts a newspaper article to find a pencil sketch.  Mr. Lucan, when asked, says it was a kid they saw in the woods nearby that night.  They would have questioned him, but he was never seen again.  Cassie thinks it's the guy she saw with the truck.  Pulling up a picture on her phone of the sketch of the man with the Suburban, she compares it to the drawing of the teenager.  It's the same guy (Walter - Sunny's son - though no one knows who he is yet).

3.07 M 0224 with dad

Sunny is gathering tourists for the night hike.  Mary's friend isn't sure if she should leave without Mary who's been gone for hours; she thinks she's off with Luke.  "She could be," agrees Sunny.  "Those two are pretty tight." She encourages her guests to take a flashlight on the trail.  Carla tells Avery that it's been over two hours and she still hasn't found Emily.  She wants to call Beau, but Avery says she's responsible and knew when the hike would be starting, but Carla walks off while he's talking to ask Sunny if she's seen Emily.  She hasn't.

Donno skulks through the dark woods.  Luke runs through the woods, Donno chasing him.

Carla approaches Sunny again, worried about Emily.  Sunny says Buck is out on the trail and will find her.  Carla plans on staying at camp to see if Emily arrives but she tells Avery he can go on the hike if he wants.  Just then, Buck leads a horse into camp.  "Call the sheriff!' he announces.  "Someone killed Mary."  Mary's friend gasps as she sees her friend's limp body hanging across the horse's back.  Emily appears from behind the horse, running to her mom who hugs her.  "Emily found her," Buck tells Sunny quietly, while Mary's friend touches her hair and sobs.  "Are you OK?" asks Carla.  "I don't know!" exclaims her daughter.  "Is that Paige's bag?" asks Avery, noticing the bag Emily is carrying.  Avery turns to the owners.  "Where's Luke?"  "That's a good question," responds Sunny.  "Buck?"  "I dunno, but someone better find him," answers her husband.

An owl hoots as Luke dashes through the dark woods, clutching the straps of his backpack and fearfully looking over his shoulder.  Suddenly, Paige appears in front of him.  "Hey, baby," she says.  "Miss me?" Her eyes are cold.  Behind Luke, a figure looms, a wrench held in his hand.  It's Walter.  Paige smirks in his direction, and he smiles back.


  1. Is BUCK the Bleeding Heart killer?  The way he sniffed his hand was super creepy.
  2. Why didn't Beau immediately go get Emily if there's even a chance of the Bleeding Heart killer still being active?
  3. Why did the writers take so much effort to create those three distinct men in the bar?  They're extremely unique and quirky, but I'm not sure why.  Also, Donno, Walter, and now Winston are all strange, stiff, and awkward.  Why so many unique characters?
  4. What's with all the people constantly wandering around in the woods especially in the dark?  Aren't they afraid of bears?  Or getting lost?  I've not been to Montana, but I have camped in Colorado, and there's no way I'd go wandering in the woods alone at night.
  5. General questions about the plot:  Why is Paige so antagonistic toward Luke?  Had he tried to kill her in the woods earlier?  Will Walter kill Luke?  Will Buck and Sunny get away with Mary's murder? How will Cormac respond to knowing his parents are killers?  

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Illustrated by Nightsky. Jensen/Beau Screencaps by Raloria on LJ. Other screencaps by Nightsky. Images courtesy of ABC.