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Now this is bringing your A game!

Final Score:

It is usually a sign of a great episode that any complaints I have about it are ridiculously nitpicky.

I do want to gush more over just how well done Carlos and Ada were executed this entire episode. Not just the scene I highlighted but all of their scenes, even the one at the very end where we see Carlos having some concern over how Ada's coping with her possession experience. Not that I have any sympathy for a demon, the greater concern is the toll this takes on Ada's own soul.

I like the subtlety this character arc is taking so far. We'll have to see if it keeps up or if later writers will fumble this pass.

Again a great outing and a prime example of how a spin-off can have the right feel or aesthetic of the origin show, while putting its own unique spin on the flavor.

CORRECTIONAL EDIT: Reader Marion has helped me find that there WAS a mention of Deanna in this episode. At the start of the episode after the title it was what Mary's phone conversation was about. This was totally my mistake, as I had completely misheard that conversation. So she did rank a mention - meaning this episode was even better than I thought. I am thankful I was wrong in this case and extend my apologies to the writers.

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