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Consequences and the blessing of second chances were themes explored in this vastly entertaining, uplifting, and thought provoking episode. Many characters worked together in various ways that they hadn’t before to help those that needed it, while others faced the consequences of their actions. A character who helped others get their second chance is …


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After talking with Calian and Hoyt, Abby wasn’t going to take Tom’s job offer, but changes her mind when she sees her husband’s grave marker, remembering he dug up her husband in a ruse for the townspeople. His first job for her is an odious one, delivering the eviction notice to the town’s main store. The sisters who own the store constantly bicker, the older one blaming the younger one for betting their livelihoods and their land outside of town, Abby discovers. The fighting has kept away customers leading to a decline in profits. This is where Abigail is able to give them their second chance. By sharing stories of her sister back east, she, like Abby Walker in the series “Walker ” did with her sons, teaches them the importance of family sticking together. With them putting their differences aside, they quickly sell out their store and are able to avoid eviction and get their second chance.  The way Kat brilliantly portrays Abby as she hands Tom this loss disguised as a win for him is masterful. But she couldn’t have done it without…

Kate and Kai

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The two clever, good hearted people use their impressive connections and knowledge of the town to mobilize the town to show up and help save the store. Katie and Lawrence make a great team as Kate and Kai; their low key flirting and teamwork are cute and awe inspiring. These are two people who are quiet forces in their own right and it’s a pleasure to see them work. Just like is also a pleasure to watch …


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Justin, who plays Calian, is gorgeous in his own right, but then he adds in the quiet competence to Calian that increases his attractiveness. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s a good hearted person who deeply cares for his people and others. It is his caring that causes his issues and consequences. He misses an important meeting that he set up because he is torn between helping his people and, in this episode, helping…


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Matt Barr is quoted as saying about Hoyt, “I heard him talk and knew how he danced”,  and he proves this repeatedly. Hoyt is the typical funny bad boy with a heart of gold and swagger in his soul. Watching him get his second chance, and with the help of Calian, being able to take it and save a town, is at times both funny and deeply moving. The shot of him drinking whiskey from a bullet hole and facing down Calian’s arrows are hilarious. But it is his speech to a dying man about finding peace when one stops running that is truly a standout moment. But a person who has to face the consequences of their actions and are denied peace is …


IMG 8560 1 Augustus

After killing Griffin, who he thought was a murderer, last episode, the audience was left wondering if Augustus was good or bad. This episode delved into his psyche by Tom Davidson constantly testing him. He asked Gus how he felt about burying a man he killed, which could have a double meaning considering Tom was burying Liam. He prodded about what Gus thought his eulogy would be. Tom even had them compare pockets. Philemon’s choice to do an eye roll at Tom’s posturing is pure genius.  The test of whether or not Augustus would take Griffin’s belongings, and Augustus’ refusal also revealed his noble character. But it was Augustus’ respect for Ruby, and his reaction to Tom labeling her “whore” that truly sets him above most men of that time, especially the new sheriff. The conversation between Ruby and Augustus was telling, as Ruby angrily explains how Gus was in the wrong, and slapped him for using the excuse, “I was just doing my job.” Sadly, Augustus won’t get a second chance with Griffin, but maybe he’ll be more on guard in jumping to conclusions and trusting Tom.

This episode was incredibly entertaining. Calian and Hoyt make a great, fun team. Their chemistry is amazing. The same can be said for most of the cast, honestly. It was fun also watching Abby, Kate and Kai work together. The ending scene between Kate and Abby was filled with tension and chemistry, as well.

The show keeps making the audience want more. This ride is exciting and the people are phenomenal.

4.85 out of 5

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