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Another incredible hour with the residents of Independence. Like the show they follow (Walker), the Walker: Independence characters also deal with the value of trust. Who does one trust? Why? In a town where no one is who they seem, it’s hard to know who to believe in, especially for newcomer …


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Alone in a new town, Abigail has to decide who to trust and who not to trust. The only one she trusts with her life is Calian - and she tells Hoyt as much. She even trusts Calian with her body, letting him tend to her wound. She trusts Hoyt too, to a lesser degree, but she knows she needs him. Where Kai falls is a bit of a mystery, but she trusts him enough to supply her hideaway. Since Augustus is a friend of Calian’s, she wants to believe him, but his closeness to the man she absolutely doesn’t trust, Tom Davidson, makes her hesitant. She knows Tom's a villain she can't trust, but it did lead to delicious tension that Kat and Greg played magnificently. On the other hand, she also knows that Hoyt and Calian believe in her, and feels guilt that their faith causes them so much pain and discomfort, especially…


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Living between two worlds and and not accepted by the townsfolk, as was obvious this episode, Calian has to be careful who he trusts. Abigail has earned that trust by trusting him and showing him care. Though the audience doesn’t know the whole story, he trusts Augustus because of their long history together. Beyond that, he’s a mystery. And Justin plays this perfectly. But, he does know both Kai and Kate stood up for him. And he begrudgingly works with …


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A grifter and an outlaw, Hoyt trusts no one, not even himself. Matt Barr states his self doubt so beautifully. But Abby is different, she makes him believe and want to trust. Through her he tries to extend that trust, but it’s difficult, especially when it backfires. The only exception to Hoyt trusting people is …


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The town sweetheart, he wants to help everyone that he sees hurting. He seems to trust openly, but yet is very secretive of his past and feelings for Kate. So how much does he really trust?  His honest and friendly nature engenders trust from those around him, to the point that Abby, Calian and Hoyt use his place as a hideout. However, Kai doesn’t pry into their business like …


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As an undercover detective, Kate doesn’t trust anyone with her secret. Even with her fellow detective, she’s closed off about what she does. She definitely doesn’t trust Nathaniel Hagan to keep his word, and instead continues to hassle him until he capitulates. Despite Kate's openly friendly nature, some people in Independence don’t trust the detective's overly inquisitive nature, but the other characters do like Kate as a good person who believes in fair treatment for all. Katie Findlay embodies the force that is Kate with an impressive fire. Watching their work is fascinating, but the same is true for another seeker of truth...


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In charge of the safety of the town, it’s part of Augustus’ job to keep his eyes on everyone, trust hard earned. Calian has Augustus' trust from their history together, but that is being strained by their objectives being different at the moment. Augustus wanted Calian to find the bank robber, and Calian was protecting Hoyt to help bring Abby’s husband’s killer to justice. For good reason, Augustus doesn’t trust Hoyt. But, after the bar fight, either recognizing and acceding to prejudices of the time, he neither trusts Kate or Kai as to who caused the problem. He instead turns to Nathaniel Hagan. Philemon plays the deputy with an air of mystery, so while Calian trusts him, others can’t as much. In turn, the person Augustus trusts the most is himself, which can be a problem when he’s working for someone as manipulative as …


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The sheriff and presumptive murderer, Tom can’t trust anyone, while trying to earn the trust of the town through grand displays. He digs up Liam’s body and makes a speech in front of the town, declaring he will bring the killer to justice. And when he notices Augustus has followed him to where he meets the cattle rustlers, he engages in a shoot out in order to save his reputation, while making it seem like he’s protecting Augustus and taking down a killer. Even with Abby, they speak of him winning the trust of the town. But since he’s an established villain, at least involved in stealing the Reyes’ cattle, his actions always have a sinister quality - especially when he hid in the shadows watching Abby.

As the show dives into the lives of the people in the town of Independence, the relationships between the people are becoming more fascinating already. The chemistry amongst the cast is incredible, so all interactions are intriguing. The writing is so good, even the audience was left wondering who they trust.

4.9 stars out of 5

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