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Once again, Walker delivered an action packed episode filled with new revelations. The theme of the episode was all about getting people to open up. What works? What doesn’t? The show has an interesting and realistic take on that, portraying it best through the different tactics of …


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No matter how hard he tried, Cordell couldn’t get Miles to open up about who he was investigating. Even though Walker and Capt. James saved Miles’ life, Miles didn’t tell them who he was investigating. Cordell was also doubtful that Liam’s plan to ply the Davidsons with wine and get them talking would work. But what did work, was being a caring, sympathetic ear to ….


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She wasn’t looking for truths, at first. All she wanted was the two families she had reasons to love to finally coexist peacefully, or at least pretend to. Yet, her simply being the lost Davidson had Gale slip up and reveal that she had known her baby was alive before Nate revealed it was Geri. Technically, Liam’s plan worked. Gale’s tongue was loosened by wine and anger, but she was never going to reveal that to the Walkers, who she blamed for everything bad in her life - but she slipped up before her newfound daughter. Geri didn’t hesitate to open up to her best friend, Cordell. Someone she loves and trusts, who has her back and tells her not to doubt herself. Another person who finally got a loved one to open up is …

Cassie (With the help of Trey)

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At first, Cassie couldn’t get Miles to open up. From Miles’ point of view, he was protecting Cass. Cassie took this badly, and the fact that Captain Fenton Cole tried to blame Cassie losing her firearm for Miles’ death made it even worse. (Side note: the use of unreliable narrator in Miles’ view of what happened that night was brilliant. He didn’t know Cassie was knocked out, nor that her sidearm was stolen, as was shown in his flashback.) It wasn’t until Trey was brought in to mediate that Cassie was able to get the information from Miles. Continuing with love and understanding as the way to get the truth, Miles readily tells a concerned Cassie that he’s done being a Ranger, and Miles easily gets from Cassie her soul deep reasoning for not giving up, including problems with her brother. Unfortunately, the person who couldn’t get the information they needed was …

Captain James

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Capt. Cole took a poison pill before he would talk to Capt. James. Larry started out on the offensive, and kept on the offensive. He continuously taunted Fenton with his failings. Even though Capt Cole knew he was a dead man, he wouldn’t tell more. Even though it fits the theme that love and understanding, not attacking, gets people to reveal what they know; it seems that Capt. Cole was trying to protect people. Who though? That’s the question. Another character that was too forceful to get the answers he wanted was …


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It was Liam's idea for the dinner. He told Stella it was to capitalize on the Walkers and Davidsons working together, but he had the ulterior motive of getting Denise to admit to what Dan already told them - that she cut Cordell’s saddle, thus nullifying the results of the race. Liam desperately wants to get a win, and getting the family ranch back would definitely be that. So he pushes too obviously and too hard, unfortunately, getting the Davidsons’ defenses up. However, his plan worked in a way. Gale slipped up in front of Geri after the chaos of the dinner. So while the ranch still remains in Davidson hands, it seems the truth is on the horizon, just in time for the season finale next episode.

This was a packed episode. It not only set up the finale, but laid the groundwork for a storyline in the next season. There were reunions, revelations, an intense fight scene, and even death.

It was brilliant how they had Cordell be the hero, while making sure Jared could take it easy. Cordell hitting the person holding the grenade launcher with his truck was a cheer worthy moment. Yet, it wasn’t too physically strenuous.

In the original airing, the fight scene was so dark, it was hard to make out what happened. However, the CW app version is brighter. The whole scene was brilliant with everyone showing off their battle prowess. Trey was especially impressive. Though Cassie is a fearsome opponent without a gun, she had to fire one this episode to save Miles. Wonderful circular story telling since it was his supposed death that was the reason she refused to use a sidearm.

The relationship between Cordell and Geri was also a highlight. They started off awkward yet trying to get back to their old joking ways. But, when Geri needed someone, Cordell was there. And when Walker needed to take a work call before Geri could start to explain, she understood like always. The hug the next day where she expresses relief that he’s okay, seemed to demonstrate their relationship is still strong. It also seemed to echo the thoughts of many on Jared’s return. Without hesitation, Geri expressed her suspicions about Gale to Cordell, not caring that she’s a Davidson, and he’s a Walker. And he fully supported her, not using her suspicions to attack Gale or the Davidsons. Seeing these longtime friends work together again was nice.

Overall, an excellent episode that whetted appetites for both the season finale, and what might happen next; and the next season and where the mystery of the secret organization that Miles uncovered may lead.

4.98 out of 5 stars. 

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