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“What’s Next?” Walker strives to be timeless while also being timely, and worrying about the future is both. Whether wondering what one should do or what is going to happen, all people have moments of … “what’s next?” One character who is facing both sides of that question is …


hotn cordell

Still reeling from the loss of Micki, Cordell feels like there is a hole in his life. Add to that his outsized reaction to Liam’s mistake, that causes Liam to leave, and Cordell feels adrift. He doesn’t really know what he’s going to do, except keep trying his best. He even asks Stella what they should do for their “we day.” At the same time, he can’t help but worry about what’s going to happen with Serano and how that’s going to affect those he loves. Jared makes sure every emotion is written across Cordell’s face, from anger to loss, from understanding to fear. With what happened to Capt. James, his concerns were valid. He also worries about what’s going to happen to …


hotn liam

This year has been hard on Liam. Almost getting blown up, getting shot, getting branded, then losing the DA race to Emily’s murderer, plus the rift between him and Cordell, has left him in a bad place. That can lead to mistakes, and Liam is no different. From calling in a false report, leaving the family, then showing up drunk to make a statement, the question became, “What’s the next mistake?” Keegan shows Liam’s brokenness in heartbreaking, hilarious, and sometimes hot ways. And, in true Walker fashion, those who care for Liam, were there for him. Including …


hotn bret

It was so good to see Alex Landi back, and he came at the perfect time, to help Liam back to his family. Though he is unable to stop Liam from showing up at Ranger HQ intoxicated, he does make sure to let others know and call for back up. He politely steps out of the way when someone else needs to talk to Liam. All the while wondering, “what’s next?” with him and Liam. He even offers to take care of …


hotn stella

All high school seniors have to face the question of “what’s next?” They even have posters stating that question. This already anxiety-inducing time is further complicated for Stella by the feelings of being behind and guilt. Her family needs her; can she just do something for herself? Violet’s transformation of Stella from an angry teenager when she was first introduced to the more compassionate person she has been recently has been masterfully and subtly done. The way she and her father are now, the way they are there for each other, is heartwarming. Another person who benefits from being there for Stella is …


hotn trey

After Micki left, what remains in Austin for Trey? After mourning the loss of Lindsey, there was also the fear of losing Jeff Pierre, whose genuine care makes Trey the beloved character he is. So when he admits to asking himself the very question of “What’s next?”, there is fear the answer means losing him, too. Luckily, he was reignited in his purpose by helping Stella, and was also coaxed to staying by …

Captain James

hotn larry

Sometimes it feels like everyone in your life is falling apart, and it’s your job to hold it together. That was Captain James' position this week - and did he ever have his job cut out for him. Between trying to keep everyone safe from Serano’s people, to helping the Walker brothers reconnect, to keeping Trey in Austin, and desperately trying to help Liam before he spirals farther, Coby spent the episode keeping Capt. James sternly but lovingly cool throughout multiple crises. That is until the very end, when “what’s next?” is the captain needing help. Other people who helped others this episode are…

Abeline, August, and Colton

hotn abeline boys

Abeline was the calm fount of information that Colton needed, and August was the friend that Colton needed. In turn, Colton gave insight into the Davidsons. It’s now known that Colton is adopted, and that the Davidsons didn’t talk about the Walkers until considering moving to Austin, but then talked about how evil they were non-stop. Because Colton opened up, August spilled about the lantern he found in the burned out barn.  This leaves the audience wondering… what’s next?

Overall, this was a great episode to begin the now Micki-less Walker. Everyone can relate to being concerned about the future. This showed multiple characters tackling those concerns. It both solved some previous issues not only between the Walker brothers but between Capt. James and Trey over sending Micki undercover which began the concatenation of events that lead to Micki’s departure. It also set up future challenges. With the last scene being Capt. James shot, his future uncertain, the audience is very concerned with … “What’s next?”

4.8 out of 5.

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