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What a roller coaster this episode was. There were so many twists and turns, and the many action sequences were intense. But even in the quieter moments, the episode was powerful. It was also filled with many revelations, some about …

2.02 710 Cordell Raloria


This episode revealed that Walker was a target in the shooting at the end of last season, but so was Stan. The Northside Nation head, Serano, wanted them dead to protect his interests. Walker was just too much a thorn in his side. This, of course, was Capt. James' and Micki’s concern, yet Cordell seemed to want to continually use this to make himself the bait, much to the chagrin of people who care about him.  But he was simply trying to be a good ranger and friend. He’s worried about Micki. This is a theme throughout the episode, especially after Garrison dies. He wants to support her in this tough time. And even though they seem to exaggerate how bad Walker got when he was undercover, he is trying to use the mistakes of his past to help…

2.02 005 Micki Raloria


Our hearts hurt for Micki. This episode did an amazing job of making us care about what she’s going through. Even the title indicates where her heart is - she misses Garrison even though he was bad for her. We see her struggle throughout the episode to not succumb to his charm and be professional. We get to learn their backstory, which is more than an old friend. In fact, they were going to get married young, but Micki never showed up because Garrison would never change. The way she goes from anger to annoyance to guilt and then grief is exquisitely done, portraying well how much she still cares about …

2.02 201 church Raloria


That we cared so much about Garrison in one episode speaks volumes to the power of the episode and the charisma of Matt Barnes, the actor. Even Hoyt, who was a blueprint for Garrison, had more episodes for us to grow to care about him in order to mourn his passing. And though our hearts are more with Micki and what she’s going through, we still care. Garrison was ridiculously charming, which made the audience suspicious at times as well as fond. At the end, we knew he truly cared for Micki and we felt sorrow for his doomed life and how he was destined to hurt the one he loved. But we still also worry for …

2.02 749 Trey Waiting Raloria


The one who was left behind. He was left in the dark while his future was on the line. For what was at stake, he showed amazing restraint though we know he was less than absolutely patient. The shot of him waiting for Micki hurts our hearts and speaks volumes in a single moment.  But even while he was understandably anxious, he still made sure to take care of his charges. To be a guiding light and force for ….

2.02 103 Detention Raloria

Stella & August

Communication is difficult even for adults, and can be even harder for teenagers. But it can be done, given the right circumstances and incentives. Stella and August learned that this episode, letting go of previous ill will by communicating and striving for the same goal. In the end, they both seemed to make new friends, or at least new connections. Through Stella’s time with Colton we also found out more about …

2.02 260 Denise Raloria


Though many like her and her drive, I can’t help but be suspicious of her. When Liam, Capt. James, and Micki were trying to protect Walker, she seemed eager to keep him in the line of fire. She is far more hands-on than the previous DA and perhaps she is eager to prove herself. But we know from her son and mom that she knows more than she is saying.  But that in of itself isn’t inherently evil, because another who kept secrets from Walker is ….

2.02 357 Capt James Raloria

Capt. James

Captain James is trying his best to be protective, yet thorough. He wants to trust those around him and take care of them at the same time. But with such mavericks in his crew, his job is not easy. In the end, he gets it done. But at what cost?

The action and emotions of this episode are amazing, making it easily one of the best episodes to date and one that will have far reaching repercussions. I’m excited to see where the series goes from here.

4.9 out of 5

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