This is how this works: I will give my TOP 5 choices for the Good and The Bad of each season 15 episode that has aired thus far, PLUS a random fact that may or may not have anything to do with the episode. It depends what I am thinking at that moment! After you read my opinions, I would like to hear your TOP 5 Good/Bad list from the same episode. The point is that every episode must have both good and bad stuff for you, or you are not being honest with yourself. ? “The Bad” stuff might be easier to write when the episode is not to your liking, then other times “The Good” will be easier. The Good/Bad stuff can be silly things - that is alright too!



Here we are, my last recap for Supernatural. It has been a long road, and this has been a tough year for all of us, in more ways than one. Carry on #SPNFamily!


Supernatural 15.20 "Carry On” Series Finale!

daria angel
1. Carry on My Wayward Son – the legacy          
2. Who is a good boy? Hugs for Miracle!
3. Better heaven
4. Dean got a lot of pie!
5. Sam and Eileen, sitting in a tree…
SPN 15x20 Legacy
1. This will be little different as it is the final episode. So, the number one of all the things that was good in the finale and the series as a whole is all the good that has come from it. In the episode, the boys made the world a better place for many people. We got to see Sam junior (who was named Dean), who already became legendary even if he was onscreen only for few minutes. The boys got a dog that probably stayed with Sam, until he grew old. Supernatural and its cast have dedicated countless hours and campaigns to good causes and for charity, and so has the SPN family/fandom. I think nothing will top this good. What do you think? Supernatural has also carried numerous people over hard times. I am one of them.  
2. Sam and Dean took Miracle in! It was first more Dean’s dog, which was a surprise but SO good! I mean, honestly, they had a connection when he was Dean’s lifeline before he vanished. When Dean saw him again, why wouldn’t he give that adorable guy a home? After Dean passed, Miracle's influence continued as he was again the helper though bad times. Such a good boy and so fluffy. For me, it also gave the boys softness and humanity that they do not show if people were around. I mean, they do show some but not like with Miracle. Boy, I wish they would have had a dog longer on the show.        
3. Seems like Castiel and Jack have been busy in Heaven and that is what the Winchesters wanted. The thought that the souls can live there as they want surrounded by the people they love (and others) sounds pretty great. So, when there is peace when they are done, they know it has all been for something. Before Sam rejoins Dean, Dean's Heaven is driving down the open road with Baby, then popping up and visiting the people who mean a lot to him. I wonder how long it felt to him - hours, days, months? Then, when Sam joins him on the river bridge crossing to the other side, Dean can tell him the good news that they can see their family.
4. One thing that is a running joke in fandom is that almost every time something happens, Dean does not get his pie, but in this episode, he got a lot - many different slices! That pie festival was his paradise on earth and a nice refuge before things to come. He even got a pie to the face. I wonder if that was adlibbed  by Jared. I actually laughed when Dean did not want any of it to go to waste and scraped the whipped cream off his face and ate it still.   
5. Here is the thing… In a way, I think this finale was also for fans so they can continue the story themselves in art and fanfiction. A lot of things were left “not clear.” Like for me, I decided that the one Sam got together with was Eileen who had returned with all the other people that Chuck snapped away. In my eyes, she would be the only one to be together with Sam that he knew. Also, I think that is why we deliberately did not see a picture of her on the mantle. Also, things in this season clearly were set up so it could go this way in the end. It might also be because of the pandemic, or that Shoshannah was not available, but in any case, that is Sam’s happy life for me after losing Dean.
daria devil
1. The boys died
2. The End
3. Sam’s wig, a dead squirrel? (I had to)
4. Were those who Chuck "Thanosed" back?
5. Goodbye bunker – sad face
SPN 15x20 Boys death
1. I guess, in the back of my mind, I knew this was coming. I was hoping the boys would have their happy ending – what ever that would be. But that was not in the cards. It was not easy to watch Dean lose his life, or Sam mourn him.  Then after Sam had lived his life, we lost him too. This was the bittersweet ending where the brothers would be together in the end, but they would still be dead. I did like the finale but still I did not like the end for the Winchesters. I do not know what ending would have been better or fit them better because I think the ultimate reason is that I did not want the show to end. That fact cannot be changed and Sam and Dean dying just rubbed salt in my wounds.
2. Maybe this should have been the number one bad thing. It sorts of goes together with it so I could not choose. Supernatural has been on 15 seasons and maybe I always thought it would go on forever, but nothing ever lasts as they say. It has been hard to think that I cannot tune in every week anymore to see the Winchesters battle monsters. Endings are hard and this year has not made it easier for us. They have told us fans that there might be a movie or reboot coming at some point, but how can they after this end? Will it be with other actors because Jared and Jensen are not getting any younger? Dean died so the movie should be before that if it is them? So, that Dean would be alive? Will they be summoned down from Heaven as the ultimate hunters to help fight a baddie? Like they do in fantasy/Asian shows. Supernatural has mythology that could make that happen. At the moment though, this is the end.  
3. The makeup for “Old man Sam” was good, but heaven forbid, what an earth were those two wigs? They did not look real at all. Of course, they were not the worst they could be but not far from it! Couldn’t they rent some good ones for just these few scenes? Or are we meant to think that in the end Sam stopped taking care of his beautiful hair and just let it look like the worst bed hair that has ever been bed hair? It almost looked like the same one from Misha’s BTS parody video. Those two wigs should be burned by fire, or order the pest control to take care of them. Sam’s beautiful hair was ruined! ?
4. I know that Jack seemed to bring back all the people back that Chuck snapped away, but did he also bring back all the friends and other characters we knew like Becky, Eileen, Donna etc.? They did mention Donna, but that could have been referring to a job a long time ago, too. It might not be a present thing… It is something I would like to be sure off. And what about the AU worlds? Are those worlds and their people back? Did the Dark world Kaia get her world back and she is also alive? What about the AU world and its people? I know they are not such a big deal in the overall story, but their survival would have been nice to know, too.
5. One thing that hit me pretty hard was when Sam was leaving the bunker with Miracle. All those rooms he and Dean had been in with friends and family. All the memories and legacy across those halls. Then the last time he would be there, Sam switched off the lights one by one and it went completely dark. After this, the crew took down the whole bunker set, even though fans tried to save it to a museum. It is now fully gone, and it only lives in our memories and on the show… The set had so many rich details and so many memorable rooms, like the garage and the Dean cave not to mention the kitchen. So many scenes were spent there. Add to the list the boys' bedrooms and the library. Goodbye bunker!  
 SPN 15x20 Miracle

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SPN 15x20 boys