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This is the first review I've had in awhile where I'm really conflicted over it.

Final Score:

I'll freely admit that if I were to go back and rewatch this episode again, my score of it might change a bit (unfortunately I can't do that easily during vacation). I really did want to enjoy this episode as it does so very much right - but then it keeps getting its legs cut out from under it by what came before.

One reason I hark on about how the little things matter is that it's a reminder to myself in my own writing, because I know exactly how you can get so focused on delivering the next plot point, you forget to breathe a moment and spend time with the characters. Jack and Castiel hanging out at the crossroads while Jack signs up on social media was solid. gold. And all it did was just give us a normal bonding moment between them.

Yes dealing with the powerful forces fighting over him and opposing Michael and Lucifer and all the rest - sure it's exciting, but we still need Jack with those driving lessons, and the birthday cake, and the burger run, and signing up on social media. We've always needed more of that in the show. Not just implied, but on screen, because when the new character bonds with the ones we've grown to know and love, that leads to us bonding with the newbie as well.

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