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Supernatural decides to go into unexplored territory by... being normal???

Final Score:

The title does bug me and not just because of my own personal project. Why is this called the heroes' journey? What would have been a more fitting title? Sam, Dean, and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? Men at Work? Post your ideas in the comments and I'll give the winner a shout-out next video.

I think upon reflection, what made Kripke's era so memorable was just how willing he was to commit to an idea if allowed. If we're going to put Sam & Dean in every television show out there, we're going to do new opening credits and even a fake commercial! If we're doing a tribute to classic monster movies, let's go black and white! This was largely my biggest complaint about S10's "Fan Fiction"- I would have loved for the entire episode to be a school musical, complete with very, very bad special effects (not unlike S3's "Ghostfacers"). And this episode... I really wish they had run with Garth's domestic life bouncing off the boys' bad luck.

Also, did I miss it or did they explain when they let out Garth from the trunk? I was hoping for just a little joke or acknowledgement of what happened with Michael. Also, whatever aftereffects there were from that. (Is Garth stronger than the average werewolf now?) I mean I can live without it, just would have been nice.

Thanks to Raloria for her screencaps.

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