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The crucible [tests] silver, and the furnace [tests] gold,
    but the one who tests hearts is Adonai. -Proverbs 17:3, Complete Jewish Bible edition

Final Score:

There is some irony to this whole production as right before I caught up with episode 15x05, I tumbled down a rabbit hole of some of ScreenRant's Supernatural articles. (they are not nearly as good as anything you'll find on One of them was about "unanswered questions" and one of those was what happens to the monster souls "killed" in Purgatory.

So now we can all debate this! I had assumed that chopping heads off in the afterlife was more akin to just wounding or incapacitating them - no different than if you cut off an arm or leg. I assumed that if the head was reattached, the soul would be "functional" again. Do you think that's the answer, or were those souls sent to the Big Empty afterwards?

Also, what if the Big Empty was revealed to be Amara's stomach? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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