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This was a hard one to write.

Final Score:

I really struggled to try and organize my thoughts for this review and not let it be either 10 minutes of me just growling with rage or going on endless tangent chains where trying to explain one mishap leads you to having to explain a different mishap but then in the middle of that you have to explain another mishap... and so on until nobody remembers that we're even talking about Supernatural any more.

That's what I think is one of the most important ways of grading. Does the story make you want to think about it? Do you find yourself liking it more and more as you think about it? Does your enjoyment of it increase as you think about it?

If it gets worse the more you think - or can only be enjoyed by not thinking about it (and isn't comedy or camp style) well... that's a sign it sucks.

I can understand wanting the last season of the show to be the biggest and bestest ever - but there's a lot of ways you can do that without making Chuck the villain. Even Carver - hack that he was - realized you can't just do that. He invented a twisted sister version of Chuck for the boys to fight instead.

Thoughts on S14 in general coming up next.

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