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I think this may be Misha's worst GISHWHES ever.

Final Score: ???

I mean how does Lucifer even know that his kid's blood can be used to bring him back? It's not like it's been done before. At least with his stint in the cage, there are some possible explanations on how he knew to get out. Long enough inside, maybe he figured out how to "pick the mystical lock" on it so to speak. Heck we find out the angels wanted him loose to get the whole thing over with already so maybe one of them told him to spread the word.

I dunno. Just seems like this could have been tied into the Michael plot tighter to have things be more interesting. Plus it would fill in a lot of plot holes. Like why did Nick survive the archangel fight? Because Michael resurrected him when everybody blinked (to have a pawn for later). Why does he leave Jack alive? Because he needs him to figure out how to bring angels back to life. Why bother with the whole monsters thing? Just to cause a big distraction.

Writing 101: Don't force the story, just use every tool it puts at your disposal to the fullest extent.

Also this kind of makes God look lazy, doesn't it? He couldn't bring back archangels to fight Amara but Nick can?

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