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I've been busy and away for awhile, but am back now! Time to get caught up with a mass episode review (for real this time)! 


Thoughts & Scores:

"Ouroboros" Final Score:

Again and again, this is why I'm always going on about making sure you do right by the story and properly set things up. Failure to do the work then means that when you want the big pay off later (like in this episode), you won't have the foundation you need.

Just for one example: Michael using Rowena as a vessel. This just makes no sense with most of the canon - although angel canon seems to be the only thing the show likes torturing more than Sam or Dean.  Yet we've been talking the whole season about needing a way to stop Michael.  So as a hypothetical, what if in some earlier episode, they had come up with a plan that if Castiel & Rowena combined their powers, they might have enough strength to stop Mikey (after all, when Cas got the souls of purgatory & the leviathan, he was able to kill Raphael)?  So then Rowena has to start researching and designing some spell or enchantment on herself to allow her to be an angel vessel? You'd work it out here and there over a couple of episodes.  Just a scene or two, give the group a setback.  THEN when this episode happens, then you have Michael show up and spoil it by using Rowena's efforts to serve him instead of stop him. Perfect? No, it's not even my first choice for plot, but it would at least fit with canon and give logical reasons for things happening.

It also bugs me that deals are gaining less weight in this show. At least one of the implications back in the original 5 seasons was that deals had to be honored by supernatural beings. Indeed it could be argued that what made "free will" for people is the ability to break deals they had made. Michael (and others) now just breaking stuff without consequences... ruins that mystique. It also makes humans less special.

"Peace of Mind" Final Score: +

A lot of this episode reminded me of the episode from Justice League: "Legends", only there it turned out [spoiler warning] to be a young child mutated by radiation into becoming a reality warping psychic, giving it a touch of the twilight zone too.

That's probably why they went with the old dude psychic as the bad guy since a demigod would make the episode too much like season 1's "Scarecrow" and the kid would be too much like the cartoon. But part of me wishes they had done something more interesting with this. Like what if the residents of the town had actually volunteered? Maybe they had tragedies in their past lives and wanted to go there to escape it all (like Sam)?


"Don't Go In the Woods" Final Score:

A formalized, institutionalization of hunting would be fascinating. They keep looking for spin-off - what if they ran with that idea? Maybe set up a foreign country and a foreign Sam & Dean-like brother pair, only they don't have to pretend to be FBI, they can just admit they're hunters. What would that be like? How would things play out? What would "Law & Order: SPN" look like?

You know, without being cartoonishly evil like the British Men of Letters.

Now that you've seen my real evaluations of these episodes, check out my April Fool's version, just for fun!

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