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And lo, there were many manly tears shed...

Final Score: 

A confession I had filmed but cut out because it didn't quite fit:

Growing up, my local library had this hardback book full of black & white reprints of Superman comics from his silver age. I checked that thing out so many times I'm surprised the library didn't just sell it to me. One of the stories that I remembered and really stuck with me was one about a day when Jonathan Kent (Superman's adopted father, who was dead in this continuity) appeared in Metropolis and spent time with his son. At the story's end, Jonathan vanishes and it was revealed that the reason he was there is that one day he had stopped to help out some aliens. When they asked him how they could return the favor, all Mr. Kent asked was for the chance to see the man his son would grow to become (never mind what help a simple Kansas farmer could give to aliens able to time travel - it's comicbooktown). The final page of him thanking the aliens for the chance to see his boy be a hero.

I'll admit, part of me half wishes that had been the story structure. A flashback to when John Winchester did something and was sent to the future as a gift for one day with his family. Even though I'll admit that would probably muck about too much with continuity.

Otherwise my only complaint is that we didn't get more (just imagine a scene of them playing miniature golf), but a good story always leaves the audience wanting more. So a definite win for the cast & crew.  Welcome back, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  You have been missed.

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