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This is an interesting, scary, cringe-worthy, frustrating, and emotional episode of Supernatural and I'm wavering between the enjoyment of well-acted and engaging drama and dismay that Sam now has one more thing to feel guilty about.


The Road So Far

The long and winding road has lead Sam and Dean to a dark tunnel in the AU. Horrifying death lurks around every corner and not all of our heroes will survive.


I think that…

We interrupt this regularly scheduled review to bring you this Special SPN News Report:

Sam Winchester is Dead. (1983-2007, 2008, 2010, 2018)

Sam Winchester, 35, had been traveling with his brother Dean, 39, the angel Castiel (a few hundred million years old), the archangel Gabriel (several millennia in age), and an unidentified pair of strangers. Since no one in Winchester’s traveling party made any smart decisions that would have prevented this tragedy in the dark tunnel of death, Sam Winchester perished due to blood loss and stupidity in the writer’s room. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you please send donations to the Old Hunter's Home.


Musings on the Many Deaths of Sam

The first time that Sam died was...

We now add to our Special SPN News Report and bring you the following SPN Breaking News:

Sam Winchester is Alive. (1983-2018 and beyond, hopefully)

Despite being exsanguinated by mutant vampires, Sam Winchester, still 35, was found by Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, age unknowable. Somehow alive once again, Winchester is recuperating in the company of Mother Mary, 24-60 years, Nephilim Jack, 6 months old, and his former traveling companions, all of whom should have tried harder to prevent this sad day. Cash donations and mystical healing objects will be accepted by the family.  A GoFundMe account has been set up for Sam Winchester's therapy expenses.

SN1321b 0219b

Okay, I'm back. Sorry for the interruptions. In conclusion, I'd just like to say that I did enjoy some of the humor in the first part of this episode. Anything having to do with Rowena and Gabriel's mating ritual is excluded, of course. I'm scared while watching our gang go through that horrible tunnel. I'm muttering to myself - oh Sam, oh Sam - while he's being overtaken by fiendish vampires and feeling terrible for Dean as I watch the anguish on his face. I feel many emotions as I watch everyone's sad demeanors. Jack’s again a wonderful character that isn’t being utilized to his full potential, while Mary – not much of a wonderful mom – is once again unruffled by the awful things happening to her baby boy. Everyone else, that cared for Sam, are doing a great job of showing their dismay. Lucifer is again chilling and manipulative; I get some spooky vibes of past trauma because of Lucifer's past encounters with poor Sammy. I'm happy that Dean gets his brother back, but not amused by the fact that so much time's wasted in the first half of the episode (dumb Rowena who can't control Lucifer and unnecessary sexy hijinks) that Sam's only dead for a short time. If you are going to kill Sam, Jared deserves better material. I wanted more drama, in my Supernatural, and I surely received it. I'm just not positive that the way it's delivered is the right way to go. Sam (and Dean) have suffered enough, already. Now, Sam gets to feel badly that he didn't let himself be torn apart by vampires, instead of leading Lucifer to Jack. I feel badly for the poor man, but can't help feeling excited about the journey to come, so that's a good thing, right?