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The show is back and so am I!
Final Score:
So let me talk about what I didn't want to take over the video - especially as it's more a personal complaint than anything really technical or objective.
One thing I'll admit was a fault in Kripke's 5th season is a failure to adequately explain the consequences of Michael winning the fight over Lucifer. This is heightened by the fact that in episode 4 we are explicitly shown the consequences of Lucifer winning, and that there is a possible solution of saving Sam with Dean agreeing to be Michael's vessel and then defeating Lucifer while he inhabits Nick. Now while we're never told what would happen if Mike wins, given some lines and hints I had head-canon'd that his victory would lead to a kind of "stepford rule" of the earth.
Well this season the show has decided to confirm for us what would have happened had Michael won and... it's not much different from Lucifer's version of victory. That I just don't find very interesting and not just because it conflicts with my fanon. Fighting to prevent two of the same evil I just find disappointing compared to a kind of "Orwell vs Huxley" battle that we could have had. Not to mention that a world of an enforced paradise would be a more interesting place to visit repeatedly over a long period on the show. The post-apocalypse is visually interesting at first, but after awhile it just gets as dull as its color palette.