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“Supernatural” is back, but something is different.  You got it, it’s a very special back door Pilot episode!  There’s only been one of these before and…well…that didn’t go so good.  So, how did tonight’s story fare?  There's a lot to cover and discuss so let's get into it.  
Then:  Sam, Dean are stuck in some Monster land universe while Jack got to go to the same s***hole that Mary was.  Kaia is out there somewhere on the side of the road in rural Vancouver…I mean United States.  Good times!
There’s a montage of episodes featuring our Wayward Sisters, Jody, Donna, Claire, Alex, and Patience.   That’s to the most amazing app, Shazam, I find out it’s “I am the Fire” by Halestorm. As the music is in full swing, we get to Sam, Dean, Mary, Jack and Kaia’s story from the previous episode and end with Patience and her “something bad is coming” vision.  Well then, let’s get on with it! 
Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere there’s a young girl tied up in a squalid house while some bad dude nearby sharpens his knife.  One of them tries to tell a joke while flashing his beastly werewolf face.  A van pulls up and then there’s a knock at the door.  Delivery.  Crap, I was hoping for “Land Shark.”  The dude opens the door and it’s Claire.  His name is on the box.  “Mr. Werewolf.”  She blows him away and but misses his friend.  A fight ensues, she stabs him with a knife and gives the whole “I kill monsters” line with full bravado.  She assures the girl, but wait, there’s another woman monster behind them.  Claire shoots.  The girl is saved. 
Claire is outside a house on a stakeout, watching the joyful mother and daughter reunion.  The phone rings, it’s Jody.  She has news, Sam and Dean are missing.  “They’re on a hunting trip and I haven’t heard from them in a few days.  It’s time to come home.”  Nice call back to the “Supernatural” pilot.  Cue credits. 
Jody and Alex are at home in humble little Sioux Falls, South Dakota when Claire arrives.  What I don’t get is she has some really nice eye makeup on but has the bloody bruise on the right side of her face.  What, makeup doesn’t cover that?  Anyway, she asks Alex if she missed her.  “Not really.”  Huh, that’s what I wasn’t going to say!  Alex smiles and then Jody hugs her.  She introduces Patience, who identifies herself as a psychic and Claire gets all pissy that she’s wearing her shirt.  Her room is now storage, so yeah, that’s what happens when you leave. 
Time to work the case!  There’s a message from Sam…so good to hear your voice Sam…and he mentions Kaia.  She hasn’t heard anything from them since.  Jody did the background check so they know all about Kaia now.  Alex has to leave for her job and Claire gives her crap for it.  Her job is now hunting.  Ugh, the same old Claire is back.  Patience reveals her vision, Claire is stabbed and is dead in Jody’s arms.  Okay, maybe this isn’t so bad (I’m kidding!).  Jody and Claire exchange words.  Jody wants to protect Claire while Claire thinks that Jody is being too overprotective.  Claire walks out in a hissy fit.   
Kaia is being loaded into an ambulance wherever.  Someone is watching! 
At a hospital, Alex is doing her job and I love those purple scrubs!  I want a pair for lounging around the house.  Claire is there to visit and Alex calls her “Biker Barbie.”  That’s about right!  Actually, I would have said "Trailer Trash Barbie" but that wouldn't have been politically correct.  They talk about Jody and how Alex is always there, either to help around the house or with a case.  She’s the good child.  Alex points out that Jody never stopped worrying about Claire after she left.  That thought lingers in the air for a second before they get to the real point, they’re looking for Kaia through the computer system.  Turns out an unidentified woman was just brought into that hospital.  How convenient!  
Claire visits Kaia and mentions Sam and Dean.  Kaia leaves and what do you know, it’s Riverside Hospital!  They only film everything there.  That’s easily the creepiest place I’ve ever visited (a must for any Vancouver location touring).  Sorry, I digress.  Kaia is approached by what looks like a Jawa from Star Wars with red eyes.  Claire comes out just in time to see it too.  She pulls out a knife, stabs it, and gets knocked into the dumpster.  Cool!  Do it again!   Then Jody arrives in time to shoot it.  Claire stabs it to finish the job and gives Jody a “I told you so” look.  
17 minutes in.  Enjoying it so far? 
They load the body in the garage and Alex takes a look.  Claire and Kaia talk on the porch.  Kaia has seen one in her dreams.  They share battle scars.  Aww, they’re bonding!  Now why can’t Claire be like this all the time?  
Back to Alex, who takes off the mask on the dead creature.  This creature is pretty vile.  Kaia knows it’s from the "Bad Place."  So why is the creature there?  The door to the "Bad Place" must still be open.  Kaia surmises that if Sam and Dean are there they’re already dead.  Cut to Sam and Dean, who are clearly not dead!  They’re eating a lizard and Sam is as grossed out as I am.  They’re looking for the door.  Monster noises start closing in.  It’s time to move.  
Patience is leaving.  She wants to go back to her Dad.  It’s all too weird for her.  Which part, Claire or the dead monster in the garage?  They’re both pretty scary.  :).  She and Alex talk.  Aww, they’re bonding!   Patience leaves and gets as far as her car outside and guess what, new vision!  The monsters are coming after them and there are many of them.  She goes back in and warns the others, time to leave now.  Claire gives her crap about her visions and Patience implores she’s right about this.  Monsters jump through the window and start trashing the place, just like Patience said, but they have already left.  As Claire watches the footage from the camera they left behind, Patience can finally say, “Believe me now?”  Take that Claire! 
30 minutes in.  Where’s Donna?  
The gang rendezvous by a river.  Jody called in some backup.  There’s Donna!  She pulls everyone for a hug and then shows off her weapons.  Her weapons in the back of her truck, what were you thinking?  :)  Time to ask the question that should have been long asked by now, where were Sam, Dean, and Kaia when they disappeared?  A boatyard outside of Sioux Falls.  Nice, it’s so close by.  Hate for them to travel too far.  Alex easily finds the location on her phone.  Jody pleads with Claire to stay behind and keep Kaia and Patience safe.  She agrees, but you know that isn’t sticking. 
Back to Sam and Dean in the blue world.  They’re only now figuring out they’re in a different universe?  They’ve been there for two days.  I would have noticed that in the first 30 seconds.  Dean thinks it sucks.  They hear some sort of noise and then a hooded figure takes them out after a short fight.  Aww, that’s disappointing.  They needed some “Arrow” like fight choreography there.  
Jody and Donna stake out the boatyard and know they have the right place because the Impala is there.  Baby!  We’ve missed you!  Wouldn’t that have been totally badass if Jody and Donna got to take Baby for a joyride?  “Sam, Dean, we’re watching your car while you’re gone.”   It’ll be like Thelma and Louise! Now I want another episode of “Baby” just with Jody and Donna.  Sorry, I digress again.  J & D walk in with guns on the ready and find a bunch of angel wings on the wall.  So wait, somebody came for the bodies but leave the angel wing marks?  Sorry, but that's bugging me. 
Back to Claire.  Kaia comes to talk and can tell Claire is scared.  Claire confesses that she’s okay with sitting this one out and letting Jody handle it because of Patience’s vision, but she knows she can’t sit this one out because Sam and Dean saved her life and she owes them.  Kaia offers to go with her.  
Back to Jody and Donna, who find the giant glowing rift.  The doorway!  Jody decides to go in because if she doesn’t Claire will.  She can’t lose her child.  However, there’s a noise though and they end up checking that out instead.  Monsters!  They shoot and kill one and then run.  
Back to Sam and Dean, who are tied to trees.  The hooded person comes out and is instantly labeled “Darth Dickwad” by Dean.  Darth D bangs her staff on a giant skull.  I guess that’s some sort of dinner bell, or at least Dean comes to that conclusion after seeing the bones at his feet.  I’d say that’s a pretty good guess. 
Commercial time and there’s a promo for “Black Lightning!” Did you see our preview from earlier this week?  
Claire approaches Patience and Alex.  Jody isn’t picking up her phone.  Something is wrong and they’re going in.  Jody and Donna are hiding in an old truck.  A creature attacks and then it bursts into flames.  They get out and it’s Claire with a flamethrower.  What, they just happened to have one of those lying around?  Claire sees the door and runs for it.  It’s getting smaller.  Jody deliberates over whether to let Claire go in or not.  In the other room Donna gives Patience a gun and suddenly they’re surrounded by monsters.  Jody decides to let Claire and Kaia go through the door to save Sam and Dean.  
There’s some back and forth at this point.  Jody, Donna, Alex and Patience fight off the red eyed Jawas while Claire and Kaia easily find Sam and Dean and cut them loose.  In Monster Land, Kaia takes the flying death sword that was meant for Claire and dies while Sam, Dean, and Claire watch the giant monster arrive and go into fighting stance.  Come on guys, the doorway is right there, jump through it!  It’s getting smaller!  Eventually, after seeing a giant King Kong in the distance, they do. 
The girls fight off the monsters with their guns when Sam, Dean, and Claire arrive just in time for the doorway to close.  There’s an emotional back and forth between Claire in Jody’s arms and a dead Kaia back in Monster world.  Patience realizes her vision came true but it wasn’t what she seemed.  I think. 
Hey, shouldn’t someone be hugging Sam and Dean in total relief by now that they’re not dead?  Fine, I will!  **Sends giant virtual hug, bigger than that damn King Kong.**
It’s the touching goodbye scene for Sam, Dean and Jody.  Claire is too distraught to come out and talk I guess.  I’m not complaining.  The boys warn Jody that more things could have come through and Jody isn’t worried.  She’s got Sioux Falls covered.  They hug and off they ride in a nice and dirty Baby.  A worried Jody goes back inside. 
Jody talks to Claire.  She tearfully realizes that her whole racing in with no plan philosophy got Kaia killed.  Jody says she doesn’t have to do it alone.  They’re all there for her.  Patience, Alex, and Donna clean up the house while Patience absorbs the fact she killed a monster.  Alex and Donna smile.  “Welcome to the family.”  Claire writes in her journal about staying.  She joins the others at the table acknowledging through a voice over that they all saved Sam and Dean and she’s staying because they’re her family and she needs them.  
As they sit at the dinner table and voiceover Claire proclaims that she’s going to kill the thing that killed Kaia, another rift appears and the hooded creature with the giant staff jumps out of it. It’s Kaia, or at least a Kaia look alike.  Okay, TBD I guess.  Roll credits.  
That’s a pilot!  Here’s some burning questions for you to ponder
  • Did you love it, hate it, or are you indifferent?  As a backdoor pilot goes, was this at least an improvement over “Bloodlines?” 
  • Are you happy Claire is back? Did you think she was worse than before, better, or just the same?  Do you think she has potential as a main character in a new series?   
  • Did you like Patience better this time around?  Do you think she fits in with this group?  
  • What did you like most about the episode?  Was the plot acceptable?  Are you feeling the chemistry between the ensemble?  Not enough Sam and Dean is not an accepted answer since, well, it’s a back door pilot for another show.  
  • Seriously, are Jody and Donna awesome or what?  
  • Since there was some Sam and Dean in there, do you think their rescue was anti-climactic after waiting all winter hiatus for this?  
  • Would you like to see “Wayward Sisters” picked up as a series?  Do you see potential? 
Okay, back to normal next week!  Just keep our site rules in mind when debating the finer points of the episode.  The link to those rules is below.  We know this one is going to stir up some strong feelings.