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Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series! For episode 13.01, "Lost And Found", I once again put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from the episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!

 Best Broment

SPN 0297

Sam and Dean's talk while in search of Jack. 

SPN 0325

Dean asks Sam if they still have the Holy Oil, as they will have to hit him with everything they've got.

Sam however wants to discuss what happened back at the house.

"Sure which part? Let's see: Crowley's dead, Kelly's dead, Castiel is... Mom's gone and apparently the devil's kid hit puberty in 30 seconds flat. Oh and tried to kill us."

"Because you tried to shoot him"       

SPN 0327

Dean points out that Jack is a monster and needs to be stopped before he hurts anyone else.

SPN 1679

I also have to go with Sam and Dean's chat over Jack's fate.

Dean: How's the kid?

Sam: I thinks he's gonna be all right. I mean Angel Radio sets his brain on fire, but other than that.

Dean: Apparently he can take an Angle Blade to the heart and keep on ticking. 

SPN 1699

Sam: Yeah I guess. Listen I think we should take him back to the bunker with us. I know what you're going to say...

Dean: I agree.

Sam: What?

Dean: I agree.

Sam: So you changed your mind?

Dean: No. No, nothing's changed. He's still the devil's kid, he's still evil. He still brainwashed Kelly and Cas, and even if he hasn't gone Big Bad yet, he will.

Sam: You don't know that.

Dean: Yeah I do. When has anything gone right for us? So until I figure out a way to end him, we'll bring him home. At least there the only people he can hurt are you and me.   

Best Sam Moment

SPN 1168

Sam's talk with Jack. Sam learns from Jack that because Kelly had warned him about the world being dangerous , he knew he couldn't be an infant or a child.

SPN 1169

Jack also tells Sam that his father isn't Lucifer but Castiel. Sam then informs Jack that Castiel is dead.

Best Dean Moment

SPN 1765

Dean prays to God/Chuck to bring back Castiel, Mom and even Crowley.

SPN 1805

When Dean gets no response, he takes it out on the bathroom door. 

SPN 1815

He then pleads to God to help them. 

SPN 1014

I also have to go with Dean laying it all out to the Sheriff . "My name is Dean Winchester and that big fella in there is my brother Sam. We kill monsters" 

SPN 1015

"So what are you? Some kind of Super Hero?" 

Funniest Moment

SPN 0563

Clark asking Jack "Dude how high are you? What are you on?"

SPN 0560

Jack responds  "I'm on a chair, on the floor, on the planet Earth"

Clark: "You are so stoned man." 

SPN 0274

I also have to go with Clark and his co-worker's reaction to seeing a naked Jack.....

SPN 0278

....talking to the Pirate Pete ordering booth.  

Cutest Moment


Jack all proud being able to get the candy free from the Candy Machine. 

Most Moving/Powerful Moment

jensen ackles dean winchester jared padalecki sam winchester alexander calvert jack supernatural 2

Dean, Sam and Jack standing over the pyre for Castiel.  

SPN 1977

Sam asks Jack if there is something he wants to say. But Jack doesn't know what to say.


Sam tells him " Thank you. You say thank you and you say you're sorry. You hope they're somewhere without sadness, pain. You hope they're somewhere better. You say goodbye."

SPN 1980

Dean:  Well goodbye Cas, goodbye Kelly, goodbye Crowley, goodbye Mom.

Sam: Dean we don't know if Mom...

Dean: Yeah we do, we do Sam. Lucifer killed her the moment he realized we trapped his ass, he killed her. You know he did. She's gone. They're all gone.   

SPN 1970

Dean then lights the pyre and they sadly stand over it. 

Best Camera Shot

SPN 1934

The three standing over the pyre with the sun setting over the mountains. 


The three standing, watching over the fire. 

Most Scenic Scene

SPN 0179

The sun shining over the mountains onto the back of the little cottage.  

SPN 0287

A shot of the lake with the mountains in the background. 

Best CGI/VFX scene

SPN 0038

Jacks glowing eyes. 

SPN 0051

Jack screaming sends Sam and Dean.....   

SPN 0054 their feet.     

Most Chilling Moment

SPN 1987

The last scene where we find out Mary is still alive and running away from Lucifer.  

SPN 2009

However, Lucifer gets hold of Mary, slaps her to the ground and then pulls her back up.

"So you thought you could run away from me? Really? You do know I can fly right?"

"So, what now? Kill me?"  

SPN 2015

Lucifer thinks about it for a second then replies "Sure" as he throws her down nearly impaling her eye/head with a sword blade.  

SPN 2017

As she stares inches from the blade, suspended by Lucifer, he pulls her back. 

SPN 2022

He then calmly tells her "Or maybe not. Maybe I need you." Leaving Mary helpless. 


I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!