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Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series for Supernatural episode 12.18, "The Memory Remains". Once again I put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from this episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what has transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be! 

Best Broment

SPN 1783

Sam and Dean return from the case. 

SPN 1797

As Dean brings Sam and himself a beer, he comments 'next time you hear me say our family is messed up, remind me we could be psycho goat people' 

Dean then asks Sam what their legacy would be. Would people remember what they've done.

SPN 1805

Sam says no but explains 'Guys like us, we're not exactly the type of people they write about in history books, you know. But the people we saved, they're our legacy. And they'll remember us and then I guess we'll eventually fade away too. That's fine, because we left the world better than we found it, you know.' 

SPN 1828

After a moment of contemplation Dean comments ' I wonder what's gonna happen to this place, after we're gone. You think some hunter will move in, keep fighting the fight? ' 

SPN 1838

Dean then pulls out his pocket knife..

SPN 1849

... and starts carving into the table... 

SPN 1867

What are you doing? ask Sam. ' Leaving our mark.' responds Dean and passes the knife over to Sam. 


Sam carves his initials into the table. 

SPN 1862

 We then get a flashback of the boys when they were young....   

SPN 1886

....  carving their initial into the Impala.  

SPN 1894

We then get a young Sammy blowing away the wood shavings ....

SPN 1895

.... to our 'Now' Sammy blowing away the shavings. 

spn1218 2701

Leaving their Mark.  

Best Sam Moment

spn1218 2459

Sam racing into the freezer... 

SPN 1727

....and killing Moloch. 

SPN 1759

...later a concerned Sam checks on Dean. 

Best Dean Moment

SPN 0982

Dean getting the upper hand on the Sheriff.  

SPN 1529

Dean tied to a chair with cellophane checks out his situation ... 

SPN 1527

... sees that he's locked in with Moloch, and ....

SPN 1538

... finally frees himself from the chair. (I use cellophane rolls at work and believe me, it would be very difficult to get out of this predicament. It's very strong)

Best One Liners

SPN 0358

Sam noticing Dean not paying attention 'Dude, focus' 

SPN 0409

Dean goes to chat up the waitress 'Oh don't do the hot coffee thing' 

SPN 0800

Grow up, Sam, OK? Burger's beef, bacon's pigs, Soylent Green's people, but this, this is heaven.  

SPN 0270

'Yeah, no, it's cool, Medicinal purposes, right?' 

SPN 0935

'Hello? Goat dude!' 

SPN 1405

Honestly? Sounds like a bad episode of 'Dynasty'.  

SPN 1407

'Hell I'm a Bishop, that's what we do right? Hunting people, killing them, the family business' 

Creepiest Moment


Ketch listening in on Sam and Dean's conversation as he longingly looks at Mary's picture.  

Most Startling Moment

SPN 0058

Daryn reaching for the nap-sack of money and...

SPN 0078

...suddenly gets tried to a tree with barbwire. 

Best Alias


Agents Stark and Martell from 'The Games of Thrones' 

Best Make Up

SPN 0740

The frozen body of Daryn.    

SPN 0746

The clawed hand of Moloch. 

Best Camera Shot

SPN 0260

The up view of Sam and Dean showing their fake badges. 

Best Angle Shot

SPN 0794

The long view of Sam and Dean at the Coffee Shop counter. 

SPN 1137

The up view of Sam looking down the sewage grate.  

Most Scenic Scene

SPN 0198

The Impala (Baby) travelling down the country road. 

Best Lighting

SPN 0885

The use of both flashlight and natural light.  

SPN 0751

The red lighting in the freezer, giving it a more eerie feeling. Of course Moloch and the hanging meat also helped.  

Most Yummy Moment


Both Sam's and .... 

SPN 0766

Dean's meals. 

I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!