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Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series for episode 12.16 "Ladies Drink Free". Once again I have put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from this episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what has transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!


Best Broment

There wasn't a big specific brotherly moment, so I chose the little bro moments that stood out for me.

SPN 0137

While Sam and Dean wait quietly for Mick to show up at the BMOL Bunker... 

SPN 0141

Dean is getting impatient. He may have signed up for their tips on possible jobs but not on reporting for duty.  

SPN 0246

Sam and Dean go to discuss whether Mick should join them. Mick wants to be more prepared after the Vampire raid. Sam feels that Mick should join them on this case, however Dean is concerned for his safety. Dean informs Sam 'If he does come, you're babysittinging him'. 

SPN 0389

The morning after their stay at the 3-Star Hotel, Dean boasts about his evening. The pillows, the chocolates left on the pillows and even taking a swim. 

SPN 0392

Sam asked if he brought a swim suit. 

SPN 0393

Dean of course replies 'No'   

SPN 0401

Dean asks Sam how he spent his night in luxury and Sam informs that he spent the night doing research. Dean of course is disappointed. 

SPN 0416

When Mick arrives and asks how their accommodations were, Dean replies that he had better nights in 'his baby' 

SPN 0426

Dean then leans into Sam 'I'm not gonna give him the satisfaction.' 


Best Sam Moment

SPN 1300

Sam not giving up on Claire's situation ..... 

SPN 1302

and tries to find a cure.  


Best Dean Moment

SPN 1019

Dean leans into Connor and tells him if he ever hits on Claire again, he will kill him. 


Best Mick Moment

SPN 0443

When they first arrive at the hospital to talk to the victim Hayden, the brother's tell Mick to stay outside, that they will deal with it. 

SPN 0463

However Hayden's mother refuses to allow them to talk to her. 

SPN 0482

Mick then shows up as a doctor and is able to inspect Hayden's wounds.  


Best Claire Moment

SPN 1326

When Claire is informed that she could survive as a werewolf by only eating cow hearts. She admits that she is too messed up. She would rather die than risk hurting Jodie or Alex or anyone else. 

SPN 1322

However she is willing to risk the cure, even if there is a risk she could die. Since this is her life, she gets all the choices.  


Best Bad Ass Moment

SPN 1646

Sam racing into the werewolves' home ... 

SPN 1648

and tackling the werewolf. 


Grossest Moment

SPN 1619

Claire being forced to eat a human (possibly Ben's) heart. 


Creepiest Moment

SPN 0112

The Masked Werewolf suddenly showing up behind Ben as he checks on his sister Hayden.


Saddest Moment

SPN 0509

Mrs. Foster losing ..... 

SPN 0037

both her children Hayden and Ben. 


Funniest Moment

SPN 0361

Mick informing the brothers that he booked a three star hotel and that they each have their own rooms. 

SPN 0368

Dean is so excited he tosses an arm-filled Sam the keys to Baby.

SPN 0377

As Dean enters the Hotel he fills his pocket with complementary candies. 


Most Touching Moment

SPN 1238

Sam comforts Claire after being bitten by the werewolf. 


Most Moving/Powerful Moment

SPN 1784

Dean ... 

SPN 1793

Sam and Mick watch helplessly as  Claire fights off the cure. This becomes too much for Dean. He has to go out for air. 

SPN 1809

After a long battle, Claire appears to succumb from the cure. 

SPN 1816

Sam calls out to Dean. 

SPN 1819

Dean comes....

SPN 1823

to find his worst thoughts to be true. 

SPN 1831

However, to their relief, Claire does recover. 


Best Alias

SPN 0475

Agents (John) McVie and (Mick) Fleetwood and Doctor (Lindsey) Buckingham (all from the band Fleetwood Mac). 


Best CGI/VFX scene

SPN 0730

The transformation... 

SPN 0732

of the werewolf...  

SPN 0735

including the yellow/green eyes. 


Best Make Up

SPN 0559

 the cuts and bite marks. 


Best Angle Shot

SPN 0135

The down view of Sam and Dean in the BMOL Bunker. 

SPN 0259

The long view of Sam and Dean in the hall. 

SPN 1420

The outside view of Claire looking out the window. 


Best Scenic Scene

SPN 1930

The strip of country road. 


Best Camera Shot

12.16 0030 moon

I just loved all the Moon shots. 

SPN 0702

One of my closest friends and I would always howl at the moon. 

SPN 0728

Even through the window it looks beautiful. 

SPN 1419

I love how this one is blanketed with clouds. 

I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!