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Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series! For Supernatural 12.14, "The Raid", I once again put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from the episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!

Best Broment

SPN 0289

Sam and Dean talking about mom.  

SPN 0297

Sam is willing to forgive their Mother. 

SPN 0327

But Dean isn't and is annoyed with Sam always trying to be the 'Peace Maker'. 

Best Sam Moment

12.14 526 Sam Colt closeup

Sam getting the upper hand on the Alpha Vampire. 

Best Dean Moment

SPN 0986

Dean stopping Ketch from beating on the vampire.... 

SPN 0994

.... and convincing her to tell them where the others are....        

SPN 1007

 ... although he won't let her go, he does promise to be quick when taking her life. 

Best Mary Moment

SPN 0135

Not giving up on trying to work things out between her and her boys......

SPN 0344

and hoping to regain their trust. 

Best Ketch Moment

SPN 0515

Ketch coming to the bunker to try and talk to Dean and ...... 

SPN 0546

..... bringing a peace offering.  

Best Mick Moment

SPN 1553

During the standoff with the Alpha Vampire ... 

SPN 1640

Mick shows Sam that he has the bullet for the Colt...The two pretend to fight   

SPN 1644 he can pass the bullet to Sam without the Alpha's knowledge. 

Best Bad Ass Moment

SPN 1417

While Mary and Pierce get the weapons they need.... 


Sam stays behind ..... 

SPN 1403

....... to hold back the Vampires. 

Most Startling Moment

SPN 1019

The camera view of the empty Gates to.... 

SPN 1030

...the guard's dead body being suddenly pushed in front of the camera.  

Most Surprising Moment

SPN 1786

Sam telling Mick that he's on board with working with the BMOL. 

Best Nostalgic Moment

SPN 0715

The return of the Alpha Vampire. 

Saddest Moment


Mary trying desperately to explain why she was working with the BMOL....

SPN 0175

..... but Dean is so angry and hurt that he no longer is willing to call her Mom and tells her to go. 

SPN 0189

Sam who is also hurt by her betrayal tells hers she should go. 

Best 'Awwwww' Moment

SPN 1748

Dean admitting that when he thought Mary might be in danger he longer cared about their fight.

Most Awkward Moment

SPN 1310

Sam finding out the BMOL have the Colt..... 

SPN 1334

..... and that it was stolen....  

SPN 1339

 ... by Mary.   

Best CGI/VFX scene

12.14 528 Alpha dies

The Alpha lighting up from the Colt's bullet. 

Best Shot

SPN 1670

The bullet shooting out of the Colt...

SPN 1681

...and seeing Sam through the hole in the Alpha's head. 

Best Angle Shot

SPN 1825

The down view of the family reunion, including Baby. 

SPN 0719

And the long view of the Scotch bottles in the foreground and Ketch in the background. 

Best Family Resemblance

SPN 1183

Sam and Mary making the same clenched face.  

I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!