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Welcome to the last "Memorable Moments" for Season 11. Each week I have visually recapped what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from that episode. The list varied from week to week, depending on what transpired in that particular episode. With this being the finale, I figured I could go big so you're in for a treat! Settle in!

Best Broment

Alpha and omega 447
Dean saying his goodbyes to the team and digs out the keys to Baby...

spn1123 2150

He looks over at his brother to pass over his keys

Alpha and omega 449

Sam struggling with the inevitable

Alpha and omega 450

Dean tells him 'come on you know the drill, no chick flick moments'

spn1123 2172

Sam trying to be brave 'yeah you love chick flicks'

Alpha and omega 453

Dean knowing he couldn't leave without giving his baby brother one last hug 'yeah you're right, I do, come here'

11.23 418 SD hug


Also I had to go with this ....

Alpha and omega 075

                             Sam: Really?
                             Dean: Really. What? We hit Amara with everything we got, and she walked it off. So...
                             Sam: So it's last call?
                             Dean: That's right. Look, man. If you got something for me to punch, shoot, or kill, let me know and I'll do it. I'll do it till I die.
                             But how are we suppose to fix the friggin' sun?

Brother's in Unison

Alpha and omega 257

Entering and ....

Alpha and omega 293

leaving the Waverley Hills Sanitorium

Best Sam Moment

spn1123 0257

Sam never losing hope, trying to get Dean.....

Alpha and omega 156

and the others back into the fight

Best Dean Moment

spn1123 1864

Dean taking on all the souls to become a human bomb to...

Alpha and omega 474

 confront Amara and end her once and for all.

Best Castiel Moment

spn1123 2063

A farewell hug to Dean.. and offering to go with him.

Best Crowley Moments

spn1123 0481

Sniffing the whiskey in the decanter only to find .....

spn1123 0482

it was not acceptable

Best Crowley and Chuck/God Moment

spn1123 0513

Crowley warning Chuck/God about his mother ' She's using you. It's what she does, finds someone with power, cozies up, digs her claws in'

spn1123 0532

                              Chuck/God responds: 'Yeah well I'm not helping anyone right now, obviously. She's been nice.'
                              Crowley: 'For now.'
                              Chuck: 'Now, is kind of all we got.'

spn1123 0540

   Crowley ' Whatever. I'm not calling you Dad' , all the while searching for something better to drink.

Best Crowley Lines

spn1123 0636

spn1123 2241

Crowley 'He's not wrong'

spn1123 1800

                              Dean: Well, what are we waiting for? How do I smuggle this thing?
                              Crowley: We could always shove it up your...
                              Dean: Hey.
                              Crowley: I mean, you could.

Best Rowena and Chuck/God Moment

spn1123 0613
Rowena and Chuck/God talking over a 'cuppa tea'

                               Rowena: 'Fergus was bright, walked before his first birthday. He hated pants, hated them.
                                             He'd run around the village with his wee banger just flapping in the breeze'
                               Chuck/|God:  ' Adam and Eve were the same'

spn1123 0612
Both ...'Kids'

spn1123 0611

Crowley's reaction to the conversation was priceless....
'I'm so glad the worlds is ending'

Best Chuck/God and Amara Moment

Amara bringing Chuck/God to her, so she can explain how betrayed and jealous she felt when he created man and put them over her.

spn1123 2880

After making amends Amara heals Chuck/God

spn1123 2916

Chuck/God then removes the bomb of souls from Dean

Best Billie Moment

spn1123 1689
Billie gathering all the souls from the veil to help create the bomb.

Best Guest Actor Scene(s)

Alpha and omega 336

Barbara Wallace portraying the elderly lady talking to Amara about family while feeding the pigeons.