The season 11 finale, “Alpha and Omega,” was written by Andrew Dabb, the new co-showrunner. The episode begins where last week’s episode left off.
Dean checks on “Lucifer” and realizes that Castiel has returned while Sam tends to God who says he feels like the bug who hit a windshield. God says he feels his “spark” fading. Rowena and Crowley show up. Rowena asks if they have looked outside. They go outside and see that the sun is dying. God transports them back to the bunker; Cas asks what they do now and Dean grabs a beer. Sam goes after him and asks if he’s giving up hope. Dean asks how they are supposed to fix the frigging sun.

In London, England a woman gets out of a car. She watches the news where they are talking about the science of the sun. She receives a phone call and goes into her basement where she has a Winchester Stalker Board (trademark pending). She tells her phone caller that she’s on her way.

Back in the bunker, Rowena gets tea for Sam and Dean while God and Crowley discuss Rowena. God says she’s nice. Crowley dismisses him by saying I’m not calling you “dad.” Blond British Hunter-Stalker kisses a kid goodbye while she talks to her Mary Poppins. God and Rowena talk about kids. Sam chastises all of them because they are doing nothing. God says he’s dying and once he’s gone the balance is gone, so Sam says if they can’t cage her then they have to kill her. In the Impala Dean tells Cas that he’s done well and he’s their brother. Sam calls and they go back to the bunker. Sam says they need to kill Amara. The group talks about what to do. God says that her weakness might be light. Cas mentions the power the batteries of souls. Rowena says if they get her the souls she can build a “bomb.” They think that they can get the souls of ghosts.

Sam and Dean go to begin the process and end up at an abandoned house to invoke some ghosts. Sam starts shooting the ghosts to piss them off so they can gather the ghosts into a salt circle. They do the spell and collect the ghosts into a ball. Billie the reaper follows them.

Back at the bunker they continue to discuss the plan and how the angels are anxious about God dying when Billie shows up and asks what they are doing. They say they’re building a bomb. In a park we find Amara talking to an old lady, who asks if she wants to feed the birds. She talks about losing her family and being angry at God. Amara says she must hate him but the lady says family, you love them.

Billie collects a couple hundred thousand souls from the veil. They have a conversation and Dean is going to have to be the bomb because he can get close to Amara. They all agree to the plan. Rowena puts the souls inside him. They go to a cemetery and visit Mary’s grave. Dean tells Cas to look after Sam. Sam and Dean hug goodbye. At an airport, the Blonde British Hunter Stalker deplanes.

Dean goes to the garden that Amara is in and he tells her that he’s there to give her what she wants. They talk and Dean convinces her that she can fix things with her brother, God. As Sam is tending to a dying god, he asks him to live a while longer so they can survive. Sam goes to get him some water and turns around to find God has disappeared. He reappears in the garden, where he and Amara reconcile. Sam, Crowley, Rowena, and Cas are in the bar when the sun reappears. They walk out and see the world has been saved.

Back in the garden, God and Amara decide to leave together. God tells Dean that earth will be fine since it has him and Sam. But before they leave, Amara gives Dean what he wants or pines for most.

Back in the bunker the British Hunter Stalker appears and tells Sam that the old guys are tired of what he and Dean have been doing. He’s being brought in. She asks where Dean is and Sam says he’s dead. She pulls a gun on him as he advances toward her. He tells her she won’t shoot. She does.

The episode ends with Dean in a forest and Mary shows up. He says, “Mom?”

Thoughts, Specs, Feelings

1. What were your thoughts about the God and Amara storyline?

2. What do you think of the new character and the storyline for next year?

3. Do you think she actually shot Sam? Who are the old guys?

4. Where is Dean do you think? Is this heaven, purgatory, veil?

5. Are you excited for next season?

6. Will Billie be back and if so, how?

7. What do you think the future holds for Rowena, Crowley, and Cas?

Good luck to Dabb and Singer as they enter the show's twelfth season. Many are excited to see what is coming next. Have a great hellatus, y'all!

Leave other thoughts, feelings, below. Here’s to eleven seasons!