This episode, written by Robert Berens, is titled “We Happy Few.” The episode begins with fight between God and Lucifer.
Sam and Dean try to get Lucifer to stop acting like a disgruntled adolescent while Crowley tries to rebuild his reign in Hell. The new leaders of Hell refuse his service.

Back in the bunker, God tells the brothers that Lucifer wants an apology. Dean says give it to him.

Rowena appears at the house of another witch and says she needs a second for a spell she’s working on. Clia, the second witch, mocks Rowena. Rowena says the world is gonna end and then persuades Clia to help her via a deal that delivers them back in time.

Back in the group think, God and Lucifer are brought together to work on their issues. They do and that’s when the team building begins.

Sam visits Rowena, asking for her help.

Dean visits Crowley, asking for his.

Castiel is in heaven, convincing his brethren to assist, even though they doubt him as he allowed Lucifer in. Castiel justifies his decision and sets out a plan, which they agree to.

As they are building their allegiances, Amara finds the prophet Donatello and quite sucks him dry. She sees that God and his army are in Kansas.

Back at the warehouse the uncomfortable alliance continues. Lucifer tries to flirt with Rowena. Rowena snipes at Crowley. The building shakes and Amara arrives. Rowena goes out to meet her and it seems she is working with Amara, but we see that Rowena was working for God and Amara calls her out on it. Rowena gathers the power of the witches’ coven and performs the spell, which injures Amara but doesn’t stop her. Amara throws Rowena away and calls to the sky. Black clouds come down and attack Rowena. Crowley goes out and lets his demon loose and it knocks her down.

An injured Amara limps into the warehouse and confronts her brother. Lucifer pierces her with a sword, but she continues standing. In an emotional and well-written scene, she calls him out on his ego. That they had been equals until he wanted to be bigger, to be Lord. She tries to gather power again but she realizes she is defeated. She tells him to kill her. He apologizes to her and Amara realizes he’s going to send her back to the cage, where she had spent millions of years alone. She refuses and then attacks God. Lucifer goes after her but she casts him out of Castiel’s body. She then pours all her power into hurting God. She mortally wounds him.

The episode ends with Rowena waking to a sun getting closer as Amara tells the Winchesters that God is not dead, but he is dying. He will live long enough to see his creation die. They stare at her in horror. She looks at them and ominously announces, “Welcome to the end.”

Thoughts, Feelings, Specs….

1. What did you think of the God storyline?

2. What happened to Lucifer, do you think? Is he dead or just cast away?

3. What is the season finale going to confront us with?

Leave other thoughts below! Next week is the finale! Prepare your tissues.