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Welcome to "Memorable Moments". Each week I will visually recap what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from that episode. The list may vary from week to week, depending on what has transpired in that particular episode.

Best Broment

spn1121 0876

Sam and Dean's talk about Chuck/God, his long showers and listening to old folk music

Best Sam Moment

spn1121 2880

Sam racing away in Baby to get Casifer and Donatello to safety

spn1121 2920

Sam's determination to get away from Amara

Best Dean Moment


Dean question Chuck/God's disappearance and...

11.21 88 dean crying

getting emotional over his reasoning 

Funniest Moments

spn1121 1157

The surviving witness Professor Redfield introduces himself to Sam and Dean "Call me Donatello. I'm named after him."

spn1121 1161

Dean's responds with "The Mutant Ninja Turtle?"  

spn1121 1165

Professor Redfield: "The, uh, Renaissance sculptor."

spn1121 1163

and there is Sam's reaction to Dean's response

All so we have...

spn1121 2164

Metatron introducing himself to Donatello 'Donatello pleasure to meet you. Metatron, Scribe of God. I was there when you were designed. I wrote your name on the inside of the Angels' eye lids'

spn1121 2178

Donatello response, 'He's freaking me out' 

Best Casifer Moment

spn1121 2465

Casifer responding to his rescue team.....

All in the family 155

'Oh Goodie, Larry, Curley and Moe'

Best Metatron Moment

spn1121 2758

Metatron staying behind to distract Amara while the rest escape

spn1121 2818

He attempts to ward off Amara but it fails...

spn1121 2859

sadly she kills him

Best Chuck/God Moment

spn1121 0095

Sending Kevin to Heaven

spn1121 2936

Rescuing Sam, Casifer and Donatello from Amara

Most Touching Moment

All in the family 612

Chuck and .....

All in the family 615

Lucifer seeing each other after all these centuries

spn1121 3031

and Chuck fixing up Lucifer

Most Awkward Moment

All in the family 338

Chuck/God in his underwear while eating and watching curling

Best Guest Actor Scene(s)

spn1121 1431

Professor Redfield trying to come to grips with being a prophet

'I can't be a prophet, I'm an atheist and a chemist. I believe in molecules not God'

Best Nostalgic Moment

11.21 32

Seeing Kevin again

Cutest Moment

11.21 49 Sam fanboy

Sam all excited about meeting God