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This episode written by Robbie Thompson is titled “Don’t Call Me Shurley.” It begins with Metatron eating from a dumpster and he gives his food to a small dog he has with him. He angrily calls out that he’s done with this all and then is transported to a bar where he finds Chuck Shurley. At first he is dismissive of Chuck but then he reveals his true self, God.

Metatron and Chuck have existential discussions which end up with Chuck asking Metatron to edit his autobiography. Chuck muses about how the best creation is music.

Back in the bunker Dean is ironing Sam’s shirt with beer. Sam comes in and has a case in Hope Springs and they go to investigate.

Sam and Dean investigate the case while Metatron is editing the autobiography. Metatron grills God on Amara, who is very upset at the mention of his sister. He says it’s not her story, but “mine.”

Back in Hope Springs, the female sheriff/deputy goes home to her husband and a fog rolls in. The fog overtakes her and her skin turns into black veins, just as  earlier in the season.

The Chuck and Metatron conversation becomes a psychoanalytic and existential exploration of storytelling, nature, creation, humanity, etc. He even defends Lucifer. Metatron’s anger at God’s cowardice causes Chuck to become violent and angry. He insults Metatron but Metatron is happy because it’s the god he knows.

Back in Hope Springs, the deputy shows up and tells Dean that Amara has a message for him. The world is going to end, nothingness will reign, but he will be spared. The sheriff shoots the deputy as Sam points to the horizon. The fog is coming for them.

Metatron continues to critique Chuck’s choices and in a great acting bit, the conversation highlights both Benedict’s and Armstrong’s acting prowess. Chuck continues writing his story.

The brothers save a few people and put them into the sheriff’s office. They duct tape all of the cracks in the windows and doors to try and keep the fog out, but they fail. The fog infects Sam, and Dean scoots everyone out but the fog doesn’t stop. He refuses to leave Sam who is telling him to get out. He breathes deeply of the fog but nothing happens.

Back at the bar, Chuck gets up and starts to sing a beautiful song and tells Metatron to read the pages he just wrote. As he sings the hesitant Metatron reads as we see Dean and Sam struggling in the fog but then it lifts. Something shines from Sam’s pocket and Dean takes out the glowing amulet. They leave and see that everything in the town has been restored. They follow the glowing amulet and in the middle of the street Chuck turns and says “We need to talk.”

Thoughts, Specs, etc.

1. What are your thoughts about the Amara/God relationship?

2. What things made you the happiest about the episode?

3. Do you think God’s reasons for staying away are just?

4. What did you think about the conversations between Metatron and Chuck?

5. How did you feel about the Sam and Dean b-story in Hope Springs?

Leave other thoughts, feelings below!