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Editor's Note: Each week Karen visually recapped what she felt were the best and most memorable moments of the new Supernatural episode. The list varied from week to week, depending on what transpired in the episode. Towards the end of the season, we skipped a few episodes, though, usually for scheduling reasons. "The Chitters" was the first show we skipped, so we've never had the chance to share this visual review with you. Since I've noticed that "The Chitters" seems to be consistently holding a place of infamy in your "Rank the Episodes" lists, (i.e. it's consistenly LAST so far), I felt pity for this misunderstood, underappreciated (*cough*) show. Maybe Karen found a few gems within the hour that will soften your hearts? It's worth a try! See if it works...

Best Broment

The chitters 636
There were a few Bro Moments, but I liked this one the most. It kind of gave me hope that there can be a happy ending for these two. 

Sam: Couldn't do huh?
Dean: Nah, didn't feel right.
Sam: Yeah, I know what you mean. Two hunters making it to the finish line.
Dean: Yeah you leave that alone.

Best Sam Moment

The chitters 607
Sam opening up about how he worried when Dean and John were on hunts.

Best Dean Moment

spn1119 0652
Dean teasing Sam about his weed experimenting days.

Dean: Weed alone doesn't conjure up that kind of scenario. Isn't that right Sam
?Sam: Dude I was eighteen
.Dean: Sinner
Sam: It was College. It was probably oregano anyways
.Dean: Rebel!
Sam: You're an idiot.  

Best Bad Ass Moment

11.19 k05
Cesar beheads a Bisaan while....
s11e19 k32
Dean beheads a Bisaan with a shovel

Grossest Moment

spn1119 2831
The remains of Matty

Creepiest Moment

The chitters 539
The Bisaan fetus moving around in its host.

Best Brothers Morphing Moment

spn1119 0212
Sam sauntering in eating, while Dean is nose deep into researching.

Best Nostalgic Moment

s11e19 56
Seeing the Impala(Baby) parked outside the Bunker

Saddest Moment

The chitters 586
Jessy finding the remains of his brother

Funniest Moment

The chitters 213
Etta flirting with Sam
The chitters 212
and Sam's reaction
The chitters 215
as well as Dean's

Best CGI/VFX scene

spn1119 2629
The Bisaan

Full Circle Moment

s11e19 37
A young Jessy checking out his brothers coin
The chitters 592
27 years later Jessy holding up the same coin

Best Angle Shots

s11e19 146
Down view of the brothers
s11e19 251 cesar helps
Up view of Cesar lending a hand to Dean 

Best Camera Shot

The chitters 267
Baby in the woods

Most Scenic Scene

The chitters 643
Baby driving towards the mountains

Best Lighting in a Scene

spn1119 1672
On coming lights spanning across Dean

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own! Also let us know if the Best/Most scenes helped move this episode up in your rankings!

It was worth a shot! : )