The fifth episode of season 11, written by new writer Nancy Won, is titled “Thin Lizzie” and focuses on the case of a seeming haunting by Lizzie Borden that quickly turns into a myth episode about the power of Amara.
The episode begins in a bed and breakfast with a young couple and there is a cute Ghostfacers mention before the couple sees the lights flicker as an old record plays in the background. A door opens and a ghost appears and kills both with a hatchet in “Lizzie’s Room.”

In the bunker Sam and Dean are researching the Darkness and they find a case at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and Museum. Dean thinks it may be a psycho fan but Sam argues it could be a case. Sam apparently has a serial killer fetish. They head out and leave Castiel to binge watch “The Wire.” At the B&B, the hotel owner is trying to convince people not to cancel.  Sam and Dean take the deceased couple’s room. We find out the young man was a Borden descendant. Sam claims Lizzie’s rather “rosy” room.

The classic EMF comes out. Dean goes to search the hotel while Sam follows the EMF lead. Sam finds an abandoned room while Dean checks out the museum. The lights flicker and Dean finds some weird guy taking pictures through the window. Sam goes to the attic and discovers an old audio setup. They figure out the bed and breakfast is a tourist trap and leave. The hotel owner’s mother sets up for the night and is going to bed when she is axed.

Back at the B&B the boys investigate the murder. Dean takes out the EMF and sees no indication of activity. We find out that the photographer from before is a local named Len who is obsessed with ghosts. Another ax killing happens in the next county over and the boys go to find out more information. The wife of the victim orders Sam to leave before questioning her. Dean is with Len, the Borden superfan. Len shows Dean his spirit camera and explains he is restricted from being near the inn. Len trespassed on Lizzie’s birthday and Dean realizes he knows the inn well.

Sam is suspicious about the wife. Dean finds an envelope on Len’s desk that has a sketch of the Mark of Cain. Len says he ran into a young girl, Amara, outside the inn. Amara apparently loves serial killers too, like Sam. She also sucked out poor Len’s soul and now he is not a fan and is kind of sad - a short chubby Soulless. Dean calls Sam and tells him that the infant Amara is now 12 years old.

Sam and Dean meet back up. They have an existential debate about soullessness and it’s connection to killing. Sam and Dean argue about who gets to tell Len he’s soulless. Len rides in the backseat and describes how he feels a dark thing inside, hatching wings. Dean bluntly tells him that Amara sucked out his soul. Sam tsks at his lack of sensitivity. Hunters probably need an HR department and workshops, let’s be honest.

Sam and Dean investigate the house of the latest murder victim and Sam finds the son tied up. The young girl draws a gun on Sam and she gets it over on the boys. We see that she encountered Amara and the girl got her soul sucked. She retells her abuse as a child and how her current soullessness is now painless. She is light. She is the axe murderer. She thinks that praying to Amara keeps her close. She calls Amara a goddess. Sam gets saved by Len who kills the girl with an axe, of course. The girl announces the darkness is coming before she dies. It is a peacefulness, this darkness….

In the final scenes Sam consoles Jordie, the boy whose parents were killed. He tells his own story and talks about surviving loss. Len explains to Dean that he feels pain but he doesn’t really feel it. Len is having an existential crisis. Len suggests Dean kill him but Dean refuses. Len says he’s gonna confess to all the murders so he can be locked up and not kill again. Sam and Dean discuss different reactions to soullessness. Sam says he is afraid of Amara and Dean says that his experience with her was quiet. The episode ends with the boys leaving and Amara coming out of the bushes, staring after the car, promising that she’ll see Dean soon.

Questions, Observations, Feelings:

1. Okay, so where is Crowley? Did Amara prison break?

2. What is the soul? What is soullessness? Yes, Philosophy class 101 tonight.

3. What do you think Dean is feeling now? Does he feel the peace that the girl did and if so, what could that lead to?

4. Why is Amara obsessed with Dean? Is it the Mark of Cain?

5. So Sam has a serial killer thing. Discuss.

6. Wasn’t the actor who played Len so fantastic?

7. Congratulations to Nancy Won on a wonderfully entertaining first episode! Welcome to the SPNFamily!

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