Writer: Jeremy Carver
Director: Phil Sgriccia
Air Date: May 20, 2015




What would you be willing to sacrifice in order to attain your desires?
Would you sacrifice someone you
Loved for Freedom and Power?
Would you sacrifice your morals to save someone
you loved?
Would you sacrifice someone you loved to save the world?
Would you
sacrifice your life to save someone you loved?




The coded symbols from Charlie's last message display on Sam's computer along with two photos rescued
from the Styne burn pile. Sam's filling hollow tip bullets with blue liquid.
also fills Castiel in: no response from Dean on 12 messages; the LoJack on the Impala was disabled.
Sam plans on "persuading"
Rowena to complete the spell to remove the Mark.
Castiel hesitates, unsure of
the consequences of the Book of the Damned. Castiel stresses they need to "find Dean."
Sam asks, "then what? The only thing that stopped Cain
was death. Do you want to kill Dean? Because I don't.
And the only way I know
how to save my brother is to cure the Mark. And, yes, I know there will be consequences,
but not you, not Dean, not anybody can tell me what those
consequences are.
So, I'm not gonna let my brother destroy himself on a guess. We save Dean."



Dean wakes up on the floor of a nameless motel room.
Looking rough, he rises and staggers to his
phone on the nightstand. He growls at the display, "12 Messages from Sam."
He grabs an almost empty, night before beer
from the nightstand and takes a bitter swallow followed by a bigger swig.
"I'm good." He lies and then again, "I'm good."



Past Dean's bloody knuckles, from beating Cas, is the dead body of Rose McKinley.
The Sherriff (David Cameron) tells Dean that Rose
was raised by "Nice parents, God fearing folk."
Dean/MOC disagrees, "Well,
they let her leave the house looking like a whore."
The Sheriff's shocked,
"That right there could be the WHORE OF BABYLON, wouldn't make no difference at all.
'Cause all I see is somebody's
little girl."
Dean apologizes,
but the Mark mutters, "Good luck cracking' the case with your eyes shut."


The Sherriff walks away, calling back, "You worked some pretty dark stuff in your day, haven't you, Agent? Must've left quite a MARK."
Dean agrees, "Oh, you have no idea."
Sherriff tells Rudy, "Your partner's a piece of work, Agent."
Rudy (Robert Moloney) joins Dean, who's not happy to
see him. "The hell you doing here, Rudy?"
Rudy says he has a "thing for dead
He changes his answer, "Just working' a gang of fang, you know? Just like you." Dean tells him to take a walk,
but Rudy reminds him that he called Dean. Dean/MOC sneers, "Oh, you called me? No, no. You begged me.
Just like Tuscaloosa, just like Old Lyme. We both know you're playing dress-up out here,
and it's just a matter of time before you get yourself killed.
So, why
don't you take that walk and let the real hunters do the work?"
(HunterS = Dean and the Mark.)

The Sherriff hollers that Rose's friend, Crystal Thorrson, is AWOL. He wants to interview Crystal's parents alone.
Rudy's insulted, "You
know, I don't know what crawled up your ass today, but frankly, I don't care.
to your brother."


Dean looks chastised by this, but then returns his attention back to dead Rose.



Rowena sips her tea unconcerned that Sam's pointing a gun to her head.
"Hello, boys. Just in time for tea. Unless, something on your mind?"

Sam says he has five "hollow tips filled with witch-killing brew."
Rowena's not impressed. Sam's bluffing. He needs her to do the spell.
"I know you're upset. We all are." As a
sarcastic after thought she adds,
Dean. Let's just have a nice wee cup of tea and negotiate."
Sam knows she's right. In
place of killing Crowley, she'll accept new terms "freedom guaranteed and the codex."
Castiel doesn't
think this is wise.



Baby's parked in a trailer court near a Plumber's van. Sewage problems?
Dean sits facing Rose's
parents (Roger Haskett and Fiona Hogan).
In order to save Crystal, and sate the Mark's bloodlust, he needs more information.
Did Rose have a
boyfriend or a crush?
Mrs. McKinley
says Rose was shy.
After scrutinizing the pictures of Rose and her family, Dean
lays it out for them,
"In Rose's case,
she not only knew the person, but, uh, she was trying to have intercourse with them.
So I'm just trying to figure out whether it was a boyfriend, or whether
it was just some random roll in the hay."
The parents are shocked. Joe McKinley
asks if it's his job to insinuate his "daughter was a slut."
Dean/MOC bluntly
accuses Joe of INCEST, "I'll admit that thought crossed my mind.
Then I came here, and I smelled the deceit and the
beatings and the shame that pervade this home."
Dean ignores Joe telling him
to shut up. "I don't blame Rose anymore.
No wonder she put on that skank outfit and went out there looking for validation,
right into the arms of the monster that killed her.  Joe, who did
Joe leaps up to punch Dean in the mouth.
Dean repeats the question.


Mrs. McKinley pleads for them to stop while their son watches from the other room.
Dean points a gun at Joe who stops and sobs, "I don't know!"


Outside, Dean wheels around with a gun to the face of the son (Darren Mann).
Rose's brother tells Dean about
some "guys living out by Cross Creek."
He didn't tell the police that the girls knew these guys because he was responsible for introducing them.
Rose's brother, guilt ridden, tells Dean where
the Gang of Fang is.



Rowena reads the ingredients from the Book of the Damned and Castiel translates.
disbelieving, hears that they need the forbidden fruit of Eden, the Golden Calf
and the most impossible ingredient, Rowena's heart.
Castiel believes it's entirely
possible, looking like he could tear it out of her immediately.
"Not my literal heart, Feathers. Something I
love, the spell calls for me to kill it."
Rowena says she loves nothing.

Castiel doesn't believe her, "Everyone loves something."
He touches her forehead and sees an image of a peasant
Polish boy.
Rowena's stunned that he saw Oskar. Oskar's "family helped me through some difficulties, 300 years ago."


Sam's interrupted by a call from Rudy with bad news, 
"I just
bumped into Dean working a fang banger case in Superior. ...And, he's not playing well with others."
Sam tells Rudy to text him the details. He takes Castiel
aside and hands him some of Dean's hair in a baggie.
the spell happen whatever it takes, please."



Outside a shack, a vampire washes the blood from his hands in a trough.
He sniffs, smelling Dean. Dean whacks his head off with a machete, and enters the shack.


Another vampire holds Rudy hostage with a knife to his throat. Crystal (Emilija Baranac) is tied to a bed.
Rudy introduces the
vampire, Reggie (Jeffrey Wallace) and tells Dean they need to talk.
tells Dean to back his ass "out of the room, mister, and leave the blade."
Dean refuses and tells Rudy to walk away. Reggie needs Rudy for insurance so he won't kill him.
Rudy fearfully tells
Dean to do what Reggie says. Dean repeats to Rudy "man the hell up and walk away."
Reggie insists that he'll kill
Rudy. Dean dares him, "Do it!"
Dean advances ignoring
Rudy's pleas.
"Do it!" He goads Reggie, "You don't have the guts." Dean fakes a jump on Reggie. Reggie stabs
Dean whacks Reggie's head off.


Dean cuts Crystal free. She's horrified by Dean, "He. You could've talked. You just..."
Dean, unrepentant, tells her, "You're welcome."


Dean's haunted with images of Castiel and Rudy in his motel mirror as he washes his hands. (Pontius Pilot)


He punches the mirror.


Dean goes on temper rampage destroying everything in the motel room.



Crystal weeps inside an ambulance.
Sam, as an FBI
agent, inspects the damage of the Vampire shack and sees Rudy.
The Sherriff
explains, "One of your boys came in hot, got his partner killed, then went some
kind of samurai on that son of a bitch over there."



At the crossroads, Castiel summons Crowley, who appears sighing, "Who summons anymore? Couldn't you call?"
Castiel explains that
Crowley is not on his "contacts list" and he needs Crowley's help to get rid of the Mark.
Crowley's harboring some resentment, "Maybe I'd feel a little different if Sam
Winchester hadn't just tried to bloody kill me!"
Castiel refuses to accept
'no' as an answer and threatens to force Crowley.
Crowley tells him to go
ahead, "Burn those eyes blue. Spread those broken wings and destroy me. Or, Do it my way."
Crowley wants Castiel to beg. Castiel
concedes, after a few failed attempts,
If you, if you would be so kind... The three ingredients on this list."
establishes that he needs a "Quince" not an apple, and it and the Golden calf are not a problem;
but, he's intrigued
by the third ingredient, "Something Rowena loves."
Crowley announces, "I'm in."



Sam sees Baby parked in front of a cold beer and wine store next to a motel.
He breaks in to
find a trashed room, keys, and a note:
"She's all yours."



In an abandoned Mexican Roadhouse, "Juanita's", Dean summons Death (Julian Richings).
Death smells the banquet Dean has prepared: "Queso and, taquitos, tamales. Homemade by yours truly. All with the bad fat."
Dean tells Death it's an offering in exchange for killing him.
Death enjoys a tamale while Dean explains the only way to get rid of the Mark is for him to die.
"I've tried to beat it on my own. And I can't. I got no moves left, except you."
Death says he cannot kill Dean/MOC, and gives a Sunday school lesson.


"God created the earth out of nothing .... Before there was light, before there was God and the archangels, there wasn't nothing.
There was the Darkness, a horribly destructive, amoral force that was beaten back by God and his archangels in a terrible war.
God locked the Darkness away where it could do no harm, and he created a Mark that would serve as both lock and key,


Death has TWO solutions.
One is for Dean to give the Mark to someone else. Dean valiantly refuses to do that.
Another option is to remove Dean to a remote location,
"not even on this earth, where you would still be alive, but no longer a danger to yourself or to others?"


Dean calls Sam, "I gave everything I had to beat this thing down."
Sam saw Rudy and knows that wasn't Dean; it was the Mark.
Dean says, "Brother, I'm done."
He instructs Sam to "Grab a pen. It's time to say goodbye."



Seth serves coffee in Phil's diner. There is a concussion of crashing glass and everyone collapses.
Crowley appears to tell a story. He flicks his hand pinning Seth to the counter.


Seth (Nathan Dales), or Oskar, is stunned. How did Crowley know this?
Apparently, "a hamster" told him.
"That lying, manipulative whore mother of mine gave you immortality, didn't she, Oskar?"



Sam's alarmed when he enters Juanita's to see Dean and Death.
"Whatever you're thinking of doing, don't. There is another way. You don't need to go with him. You don't need to die!"
That was not Dean's intention. He needs Sam to die.


Sam hears the plan. "What? He's gonna send you into outer space?"



Death fills Sam in, "Our conundrum is simple, Sam. Your brother cannot be killed, and the Mark cannot be
destroyed, not without inciting a far greater evil than any of us have ever known. ..."
Sam wonders, just "What the hell is that?"
(Good question.)
Dean asks "Well, what does it sound like? Does it sound like a good thing?"
Death will do it but for a price, a blood sacrifice. Death believes Sam will attempt to rescue Dean,
"loyal dogged Sam, who I suspect will never rest until he sets his brother free, will never rest until
his brother is free of the Mark, which simply cannot happen, lest the Darkness be set free.
Then there was that time you stood me up."
Sam understands. Dean traded Sam's life in exchange for saving the world from the DARKNESS.
Sam's not alone when he says, "THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE."
Dean angrily tells Sam, "it makes perfect sense if you stop thinking about yourself for one damn minute!"
(Say what now?)
Death agrees, "It's for the greater good. Once you consider that, this makes all the sense in the world."



Crowley joins Castiel and Rowena in the distillery.
He guesses they have long faces because "Mother showed you her 'mustn't touch it' again."
Castiel ignores this.
(I wish I could)
He asks for the ingredients which Crowley produces. "The Quince cost me a major I.O.U. with a Palestinian warlock. The gold
from the calf? Well, let's just say I'll be hanged under certain sexual-deviancy laws if I ever show my face in Jordan again."
(Please, STAHP!)
As for the third ingredient, Crowley confesses, "All my long life, I wondered what I'd done to deserve a mother who refused to show
love. I pained over it. I built my bloody kingdom on top of it. Then one day, epiphany struck. My mother was incapable of loving anything.
For the first time in hundreds of years, I felt free. And then you showed up in my dungeon, we communed,
and I began to realize you weren't incapable of love. You're incapable of loving me."
Rowena tells Crowley to "save it for the stage" and that she hasn't loved anything ever.
Crowley snaps his fingers and Oskar enters.



Dean remembers Sam was willing to die to lock up the Gates of Hell. Dean was wrong to pull Sam back from that.
"You knew that this world would be better without us in it." Sam thinks Dean's twisting his words.
Dean explains, "Evil tracks us. And it nukes everything in our vicinity, our family, our friends.
It's time we put a proper name to what we really are and we deal with it."
Sam refuses to believe it, "We are not evil. Listen. We're far from perfect, but we are good.
That thing on your arm is evil, but not you, not me."
Dean thinks he was evil when he killed Rudy, and Sam was evil when he convinced Lester to sell his soul,
and when he bullied Charlie into getting herself killed.
"I have this thing on my arm, and you're willing to let the Darkness into the world."
Sam argues, "You were also willing to summon Death to make sure you could never do any more harm.
You summoned me because you knew, I would do anything to protect you. That's not evil, Dean. That's not an
evil man. That is a good man crying to be heard, searching for some other way."
Dean says there is no other way.
Sam punches Dean. Dean says that's "good" and pulls his bandana off his hand. "Good. Fight."
Dean punches Sam in the face.


"THIS IS RIDICULOUS!" exclaims Rowena.
(I was about to say the same thing.)
Rowena greets Oskar and admonishes Crowley, "Even for you,
Fergus, this is a new low. A cruel, shameful, disgusting low."
Crowley disagrees, "It's only cruel if you actually go through with it. Who's the cruel one then?"


Dean throws Sam to the ground and punches him savagely in the head.
Sam gives in and looks up at Dean through a swollen bleeding eye.
"You'll never, ever hear me say that you, the real you, is anything but good."



Sam understands. Dean has to stop the evil before he hurts anyone else. Sam says, "Do it."
Death hands Dean his scythe. Dean tells Sam to close his eyes. "Sammy, close your eyes."
Sam says, "Wait." He pulls out two photos. "Take these. And one day, when you find your
way back, let these be your guide. And they can help you remember what it was to be good.
What it was to love."
Death points out, "It's for family you must proceed, Dean.
To be what you are, to become what you've become is a stain on their memory. Do it. Or I will."


Dean looks at the pictures and at Sam with that marvelous lightning bolt tear track,
"Forgive me."


Dean swings the scythe completely missing Sam and thwunks it into Death.


Death disintegrates.
Dean looks completely surprised.
Everyone neglected to consider that the Mark did not want to go along with this plan.



Rowena cleverly gets Oskar to hug his Auntie Rowena and stabs him in the neck with a pen
being sure to catch the drippings into her incantation bowl.
"Everything's fine. Nobody's hurting anybody. Goodbye, my sweet wee boy."
She begins to chant.


Rowena adds Dean's hair to the blood bowl. A bright light bursts in her face.
A blast knocks everyone over and lightening punches a hole through the ceiling.



Dean helps Sam up asking if he's Ok. Sam says "he'll live."
Dean feels "Fantastic. I think I just killed Death."


Dean turns to Sam as a shrieking sound is heard. "That sound right to you?"
Lightning punches through the roof, lighting Dean white.
The pink Mark fades from his arm and punches back out through the roof.



Rowena freezes Crowley and Castiel into place despite Crowley's disbelief. Rowena reveals she's plenty powerful.
She turns Castiel into a beast and sics him on Crowley.
She leaves with the books.
(You go, girl! Witches Rule!)
Castiel advances on Crowley, who futilely tells him to stop.



Sam counts their blessings.
"This is good. The Mark is off your arm. Nothing crazy happened. You get your Baby back."
Dean responds skeptically, "Yeah. I'm sure everything's perfectly fine."
There's a loud crackling in the sky.


Meteorites of light hit the ground. From each punctured hole, coils of black smoke erupt.


The smoke congregates, arcing to a central locale not far from Juanita's.


Sam and Dean rush to Baby.
The black smoke grows into a roaring rumbling mass that rolls outwards towards them.
Dean backs Baby up but she gets her wheel stuck in a pot hole.
She spins.


Sam and Dean look through the windshield as the darkness rolls towards them.





Hamstrung for allowing writers to madly write in all directions, Carver tried to wrap it all up in a manageable gift box,
with a hamster. There were some great moments:
Death's surprise appearance and demise; the tearfully sad brother moment between Sam and Dean;
and the meeting at the crossroads.
There was an amazing conglomeration of minutia peculiar to this season that was tied in to the script either visually, or
spoken. (Photos, pens, mirrors, hand washing, the phrase, "Do it!") Many lines referenced past seasons.
Contrary to many viewers, I liked the DARKNESS.
It gives the writers an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over.


Making the Mark Crystal/Claire?

This finale tried to emphasize the deterioration of Dean under the influence of the Mark.
We get a mini episode of the Mark controlling Dean. Using Dean's detective skills and insight, the Mark was formidable.
The Mark spoke the truth to the incestuous Joe who needed to hear it.
In his quest to kill vampires, the Mark did not care for the pleasantries of convention,
or the interference of a bumbling cowardly idiot, or the histrionics of an ungrateful girl.
This didn't make the Mark more fearsome, but rather a more likable vigilante.
If Carver was trying to make the Mark more terrifying, he failed.
Who cares that a meddling, incompetent, cowardly rat hunter got in the way and died?
Who cares that some girl rescued from certain death was frightened by the process?
Wasn't the beating of Charlie and of Castiel the worst actions the Mark made Dean do?
Could anything be bleaker, or more frightening, than the depiction of the Mark of Cain in "The Executioner," where
ultimately the Mark would lead Dean - to a field surrounded by the corpses of people he deemed sinners?
If the purpose here was to underline how horrible the Mark could be, it failed to do so.
Why rehash the scenario of Dean/MOC rescuing Claire from Pimps and rapists and thieves?
On a smaller scale, it's the same scenario. Was it to make things Crystal/Claire?
Good riddance to the monsters, demons, vampires and lowlife pond scum that Dean/Mark of Cain killed.
The motel morning after, the rampage, and the repulsive incest story scenes were excellent.
They didn't belong in the finale, perhaps a prior episode?
The Mark saved Sam and Dean's life.
Dean agreed to be transplanted to a remote area and to kill his own brother.
It was the Mark who prevented the plan from being carried out.


Finally, Dean is free of the Mark, but one cannot help but wonder...where did it go?




This episode had too much backstory. It's the finale episode and yet,
"Oh, here's what we forgot to tell you, or here's what we forgot to emphasize."





Hiatus is almost over. The Darkness is coming. How many more sleeps?

I'll wait here then.





Phil Sgriccia/ Serge Ladouceur


What's the last thing a Vampire sees?




















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Editor's Note: Thank YOU Wednesday for your amazing reviews!
It was an honor to feature your insightful analysis and fresh presentation of season 10!
You made hiatus much more interesting and bearable! We look forward to your return!

(On the next page, the Quiz answers!)

1. A dead young woman scantily dressed missing a shoe? 10.07 "Girls Girls Girls" Tiana loses her shoe while being chased by Pimp
Raoul. She uses the heel of her shoe to gouge out his eyes. Then she's murdered.


2. A missing white running shoe? 10.14 "The Executioner's Song" Tommy Tolliver, a death row inmate, disappears.
Castiel finds his shoe on the burial mounds of Cain.


3. Pallets? 10.18 "Book of the Damned" Pallets were in the background of this episode to contribute to
a trapped feeling.


4. What episode featured a cup full of pens? 10.22 "The Prisoner"


5. What character was frequently seen holding a pen? Crowley often had it in his hands and signed


6. What epsiode had the Curtis Motor Court Motel and Ponyboy Golf course?
10.20 "Angel Heart" set in Tulsa, Oklahoma: a salute to super fan, S.E.Hinton


7. What episode featured a mysterious key? (2 actually) 10.06 Ask Jeeves & 10.11 There's No Place L.H.


8. What episode featured two lawn chairs? 10.04 "Paper Moon"


9. Episodes killing vampires: 10.19 "The Werther Project" & 10.08 "Hibbing 911"


10. So many Hand Washing scenes...(COULD BE MORE)


11. So many someone looking in a mirror ...(COULD BE MORE)


12. Which episode featured a hunter's open booty shot?


13. Which episodes featured these photos? (COULD BE MORE)


14. Which episode showed Sam using a needle?


15. Which episodes featured these beer signs?


16. Which episode showed Rowena drinking tea?
Who could forget that decadent service?
(Way more episodes had coffee drinking)


17. Who else had a house with Dusty Rose curtains? Episode?
Suzie's house 10.19 "The Werther Project"


18. Who else slurped their drink while talking? Episode?