What an episode! Talk about some serious plot movement. This is my favorite part of the season because it’s the time when everything gets turned on its head. I love watching plot threads come together into a perfect storm of awesome which is exactly how I would describe this episode. Awesome.

This episode managed to hit on all my favorite elements of this season so far. The first of which is the knight of Hell herself. It’s been a long time since we’ve actually seen Abaddon, but the writers are certainly keeping her fresh in our minds. It was really interesting to learn more about Abaddon’s backstory and how she came to possess Josie. Really, I’ll take anything that gives me more information on the Men of Letters. I’m really not ready to be done with the Men of Letters storyline yet. But perhaps the most interesting thing about Abaddon’s backstory is the insight it gives into her current plans.   

So she is attempting to harvest souls and twist them into demons that are only loyal to her. I mean, it’s not a bad plan. At this point there is no way of knowing how many demons are actually on her side. And of the ones that are, how many of them would abandon ship as soon as Crowley resurfaces? Let’s face it, her odds aren’t looking great. But I do have to agree with Sam that this seems like a pretty lofty goal. Even if there are other demons helping harvest souls, how long would it take to build an army equal to the countless souls already residing in Hell? How about forever?

9.17 Abaddon

Regardless of how long it would actually take Abaddon to build an army, her actions are still a threat. Look what just one of her followers managed to do to a small town. That was a whole lot of crazy. Can you imagine soulless people roaming the streets all over the country? Soulless Sam was bad enough on his own and he was sensible compared to some of these people. At least he had some self control. These people were definitely out of control. So much so that I was kind of surprised how easily Sam made the correlation between their behavior and being soulless. It felt like a bit of a stretch to me. In fact, I don’t think that he even needed to be the one to suggest it in the first place. We would have gotten around to it once Julia’s character made her appearance. I think I might have even liked it better not knowing we were dealing with souls until later in the episode. It would have felt like more of a big reveal. What do you think?

This episode also gave us some interesting movement on the Mark of Cain. Last week’s awesome episode hinted at what the First Blade would do to Dean, but this week we got to go inside his head a bit more. It’s looking pretty grim in there. We knew that the more contact Dean had with the blade, the more he would come to welcome the feelings it gave him. But I didn’t fully realize just how much Dean would crave a fix. It’s really troubling to see him drinking again. He’s in denial about what seems inevitable and I wish he would talk to his brother. Even though Sam made it clear where their relationship stood earlier this season, in recent weeks it has seemed that he’s coming around a bit. And it’s obvious that he’s really worried about Dean. He even tried to get Dean to open up a bit about what he’s been feeling but no dice. Dean’s not ready to talk about it yet. He’s got at least another week or two of bottling up his emotions. But if Sam is ready and willing, I think it would do a lot of good for him to have a talk with Dean about their relationship. I know that he will be there for Dean through this whole ordeal but I don’t think Dean knows that. It might be good for him to hear it right now. Again, that’s if Sam is ready and willing to have that conversation. It’s his right to make that decision for himself. But personally, I think he’s ready.


Because Dean is unwilling to confide in Sam at this point, his only confidant is Crowley. That’s really not a good thing. Not only is Crowley as hell-bent on killing Abaddon as Dean is, but he also understands what Dean is going through with his growing addiction. And Crowley is more than ready to use this knowledge to his advantage. He has already tested Dean’s loyalty by planting a fake hunter and he’s confirmed the lengths that Dean is willing to go to kill Abaddon. Or get his hands on the blade. I’m not totally sure which is the bigger motivator at this point. Either way, all Crowley wants is for Abaddon to die.

Like I said, good episode! It really hit on all my favorite storylines this season and it set us up for what I think will be a very interesting final stretch. It would be remiss of me not to take a moment to give props to Misha on his directorial debut. I thought he did a great job with an episode as chock full of story as this one was. I look forward to him directing again in the future.

It looks like the next episode will be focusing heavily on Metatron and Gadreel. This is the storyline I’ve been the least interested in this season. To be fair, that could be because we really haven’t had any movement on it for a long time. I’m hoping the next episode cranks it up a gear because I do think there’s a lot of good potential there.


So what did you guys think of the episode? Are you worried about Abaddon’s plan for the souls? What do you think about Dean’s addiction to the First Blade? Do you have any predictions for the last part of the season?  

As usual, I have some stray comments and quotes to include:

“Meatloaf. Really? Again?” Anyone who has ever cooked for an ungrateful person can relate to Mrs. Young. Am I right?

Crowley: “You’re lying to Sam like he’s your wife. Which kind of makes me your mistress.”

I really liked Julia Wilkinson’s character. It’s not often that we get to see flashbacks through someone else’s eyes like that.

Dean Winchester can make anything look hot. Even racking up pool balls.

Crowley: “Unless Abaddon likes ten cent wings, stale beer and the clap, I doubt she’s here.”

Dean: “Go to Hell.”

Crowley: “Oh, if only.”

Crowley: “Just between us girls, how did you feel when you sunk the first blade into Magnus’ head?”

Dean: “Not half as good as I’m gonna feel when it’s yours.”

Crowley: “Love it when you talk dirty.”

It was interesting to hear Henry doubting becoming a Man of Letters. And it’s sad to think that the case that convinced him to take the plunge was all a lie.

Poor Josie, offering up her life to save Henry Winchester. I was starting to wonder if she was in love with him. It was interesting to have that confirmed.

Abaddon: “Abaddon takes what she wants. And right now, she wants everything.”

Crowley: “Why are you fighting what you really are?”

Dean: “I’m a hunter.”

Crowley: “Who’s a chip off the old block of Cain.”

Dean: “When I kill, I kill for a reason. I’m nothing like Cain.”

Crowley: “I’m going to go water the lilly, care to cross streams?”

Crowley: “What about you? It takes a junkie to know a junkie.”

Crowley: “Of course he saved me. We’re besties. And now he’s ready.”

Sam finally put that exorcism recording to good use. Talk about a time saver.

Sam: “Can I ask you something?”

Julia: “If it’s for a date, sorry. I never date anyone under 65. Too much drama.”

Sam: “After witnessing what you did, why didn’t you warn Henry about Abaddon?”

Julia: “I became a nun because I wanted to help people; make a difference. But they never prepare you. They never tell you how to act in the face of true evil.”

This broke my heart. That must have been such a burden to carry and she doesn’t even know what Abaddon is capable of.


# lkeke35 2014-03-28 15:30
I really liked this epsiode. I'm a huge fan of Misha Collins. Glad to see he turned in a nice solid B+ episode. I'm not raving about it but I am "rave adjacent".There was plenty of Crowley on Dean action and Yay!,Smart!Sam, who is always totally the shizznickle, whenever he gets to play.

I am greatly worried about Dean. What alarms me the most isn't his speed or his newfound strength, although that's intriguing, but that he can drink an entire bottle of hard liquor and not be the least bit drunk. Then he goes to a bar and drinks some more and he doesn't need to visit the little boys room, or pass out or throw up or anything.

I've seen demons drinking, but Dean himself said demons don't need to pee and I've never ,in the history of the show remember any drunk demons (I imagine if they were capable of it,they'd be drunk all the time just to forget what they are)and incidentally ,I think that's the reason why Dean is drinking so heavily. He's trying to forget what the Blade made him feel. He's trying to get numb, not reproduce the Blades high. The reason I say that is because the reason people drink the hard stuff is to forget. It is not so they can "feel".So far I think hes not been successful at getting drunk. I think He's too terrifed of the Blades effects to try to reproduce what it did to him and he does what he always does. Drink.

I still believe he's not sleeping. Sam asked him if he got any sleep and he said no. Im going to take a wild leap and guess this has been a common state of affairs since he got the Mark. As a result of all this Dean is seriously "creeping my cheese". This is not good at all. Are we talking Demon!Dean, maybe?
# cheryl42 2014-03-28 18:10
Well supposedly Cain became a demon after he killed Abel. So yeah I'd say that is where we are going.
# lkeke35 2014-03-28 19:20
Oh, Lilah thanks for thinking this all the way through. They're not Torturing the souls on Earth. They're removing them and taking the souls to Hell.I'm sure they can be much more effective at doing that at home. It does remind me of the place in Hell where Bobby was being held, where the souls probably are not even people who deserve to be in Hell but were kidnapped. This would explain at least a couple of things about that episode. In fact it lines up rather nicely, so thanx for spurring thinky thoughts!
# Lilah_Kane 2014-03-28 20:11
Your welcome. It's just speculation though as it wasn't clearly said. :)
Also the thing is that when I was thinking about it it made me ponder why they didn't just kill the people. It would be easier of course. But Abaddon doesn't seem like a demon that does anything in the easy way. Maybe the people were escape goats. They just went nuts or so. Or maybe she wanted the Winchesters there to show her win or like the demon nun said: "To get Sam on their side." Also maybe the souls that are taken this way are more powerful than those demons that were made from evil people. (The ones that have gone to hell with good reason.)

Thanks for the compliment.

- Lilah
# lkeke35 2014-03-28 22:17
By leaving the victims alive this could go on for decades without a lot of missing people or possible discovery in small geographic areas. Although this makes one ask why these soulless murder sprees have never been encountered before. It's likely that these collections of new souls only happen once or twice a year too. Also while not explicitly stated, I only saw a few jars of souls on the shelf. If that nun had been doing it for decades, then where are all the other victims?

I think: every few months or so she starts collecting a certain number of souls. No one goes missing but there might be a short spate of homicidal and/or psychotic behavior. Then after a certain number are collected , the demon stops and sends the victims off to Hell. Sam stepped into the middle of the process, maybe. But like you said, it's spec.

It all fits but it's still just speculation.
# Lilah_Kane 2014-03-28 17:32
First, Yay WFB is back!

I liked the episode. I think Misha did a good job. I think the soul taking was a creepy thing. They didn't explain much how or deeper why about the matter.
To most it has raised a lot of questions to people. Mostly I think it was a nice new thread. Not talked about much but maybe it is in a way taboo to take souls that way. And hey, Abaddon is twisted and evil. Just the way we like her. She probably wanted the soulless human shells to suffer and reek havoc. Definitely more inventive than just killing and taking the souls. And souls put in jars like they were jello and preserved until taken to hell and corrupted. Very freaky.

I think it is never good to see Dean drinking that much. He is definitely trying to bury all the other things under it and if he is not sleeping like now was clearly suggested it is really bad. And Crowley is playing Dean so badly that I would like to slap some sense in to him.

And to the end predictions. We have another hiatus on us and there is already promo about the next episode. I am so eager to see it and I hate waiting.
I hope they ice Metatron because well, for some reason I don't care about him as much as Crowley and Gadreel.

I really, really, really hope they don't kill Gadreel. He killed Kevin yes, but just like Dean and Cass he was pushed to wrong direction. The actor was awesome in Dollhouse, but I don't want to be those that die on every series they are on. As you look at our question mark angel he did very bad. (Killed Kevin) but he also really did some good. Sam is alive all because of him. (Will not go into how it was done). He protected Sam from harm and I think he really liked Dean and he didn't like the feeling what his betrayal made him feel. He is like Cass. Just like a child that doesn't know better. He also healed Cass and Charlie. Not making excuses for him as he did bad but Like Magnus I would really like to get to know an interesting char better. And like I said. Metatron is the mastermind. Gadreel is just as betrayed by him I am sure as the boys are.

And I hope Cass will be also on next season!

I guess these were Lilah's ramblings.