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Oh my aching face! Aching from the smiling! I mean, right? Like, I was grinning like a fool at the end of "Everybody Hates Hitler". Sighing, grinning and I may or may not have ‘seal-clapped'... When Sam said "Son of a bitch" and Dean called Sam "little brother" I knew things were going to be good right there... From that moment I started smiling and I didn't stop.

The epicness of "Supernatural" has always been its heart and in recent seasons, that heart has been transient. We've had episodes that seem to capture that feeling that won us all over in the beginning, but not as often as most of us would like. The perpetual struggles of the brothers, their destinies, quests, losses and misfortunes have more often than not, put that lovely heart, that ˜SamandDeanness' in the back of the picture, somewhere behind the season mythology and the brother's latest butting-of-the-heads crisis.
This doesn't mean I haven't dug plenty of episodes, I think you all know I have. There's still been plenty to enjoy. It also doesn't mean I've ever doubted the brother's bond or their love - when push shoves, they always have each other's back and always will. They will always been the most important person to each other. But it sometimes felt like something was missing. That special something, that little bit of magic that made us all fall in love with Sam and Dean in the first place and as much as I've been thoroughly enjoying season 8 and as much as I enjoyed seasons 6 and 7, that little bit of something-something that these two glorious brothers have, has not been as evident week in, week out, as I think most would like. Excuse me for speaking on your behalf here, but I think a lot of fans missed a bit of epic broness, or basically, a bit of warmth.
In the end, it didn't take much to bring back something many fans feared might be gone forever, it didn't take much to bring back that heart and warmth. Just some quiet moments, some beautiful characterisations and a script by Ben Edlund.


I completely loved "Everybody Hates Hitler". It made me happy. Not in the way that the LARPing episode did, which was simply geeky fun, but in a deeper, more familiar way. This episode was about the core themes of "Supernatural". It was about family and legacy. Family and legacy have been the absolute guts of the story of the Winchesters ever since the beginning and to bring it front and centre once again, felt like an incredibly important turning point. It brought up so many familiar feelings for me. Everything about this episode hit the right notes.

It was a neat story. It was fun and funny. It had action, pathos and whacky comedy - as only Edlund seems to be able to juggle. It had great secondary characters - Hal Linden for heaven's sake! It expanded on the newly introduced "Men of Letters" concept in a totally engaging and intriguing way. It had MOTW mythology rooted in reality and not everyone died at the end! Which means, that all the goodies and the baddies could make a comeback somewhere down the track! I love that! It's always such a drag when they bring something neat into an episode and everything gets ganked and you think, well darn, they were kinda cool, I would've liked to see them again! I'm glad the Thule is still out there somewhere and that Sam and Dean now know about them and I'm glad that the Judah Initiative is still alive and kicking, because Aaron and his Golem are beyond awesome. This season the "Supernatural" Universe seems to be expanding and after the claustrophobic and dour vibe of season 7, I think that's a great thing. But the best thing of all, "Everybody Hates Hitler" had some lovely Sam and Dean moments. 

Oh the new Batcave, it's so pretty. How wonderful was the brother's reactions to the MoL lair? Both Sam and Dean were perfection. Sam completely geeked over the possibilities of all that information and what it could mean to them as Hunters, Dean geeked out over the power-shower and the boys-toys! Bless them both. The brothers were so great throughout this whole episode. Edlund really knows how to write them as individuals and as a duo.

I love this new place for Sam. It's like he finally sees how he fits. He's never felt complete at ease with the path of being Hunter, not all the time. He's half looking for something else, whether it was college, or a different life away from the Family Business. Whatever it was, something seemed to be missing for Sam. Now it's like he has that final piece of his own puzzle. This legacy of research and knowledge, things that he's interested in and enjoys, understanding and information which will only enhance his and his brother's epic hunting skills. A sense of belonging. He looked like a kid in a candy shop. All those books, all that choice.

Dean at first, not seeing how anything from pre-1958 could possibly be of relevance, goes straight into creature comforts mode. He is nothing if not someone who enjoys the pleasures of life! The space, the shower, the dead-guy robe and slippers, not to mention the cool swords and he put a mini-fridge in to hold his beers! But as soon as he saw how the information in the MoL library led to a current case, he snapped straight into Hunter mode and was onboard. You could tell then, that though this joint is never going to hold the same kind of joys for him as it does for Sam, he understands its importance.
I love how Sam went off all dressed in his academic outfit! His jumper. His, what were they, Hushpuppies or something? He's the hottest researcher ever! He was so quick to figure out the book thing and then he knew the library codes! Of course he did! I loved Sam so much in this episode.

I loved Dean and his getting flustered when he totally misread Aaron on the first meeting - thinking he was being followed and then realising he was being hit on! Hee. "Why you following me gingerbread?" I loved that line! Of course he was right he was being followed! Oh awkward Dean how I heart you. And look at him, I mean, who the hell wouldn't hit on Dean Winchester quite frankly. Damn.
I also adored the entire conversation the brothers had outside the bar. A handful of words between them and they had a plan down pat. Wow, it's like they're a team or something! They were so on the same page in this episode, my Winchester brother loving heart runneth over. Also, they were both a better colour in this episode don't you think? Not sure if Phil Sgriccia came back and wondered why Sam and Dean would be so tanned for a couple of dudes who do most of their work at night and adjusted the makeup/colour grade. Whatever, the boys were definitely a better colour!

Then there was Aaron and his Golem. A hilarious odd couple. I think these two are my favourite guest characters for a long time. As much as Aaron was snarky he was also nicely rounded out. There was a lot of depth to his character. You instantly liked him. You empathised with him. You understood his plight. The Golem could have been one dimensional, but instead he turned out to be incredibly human. When Aaron decided to accept his grandfather's legacy, the Golem looked almost proud of him.

Aaron was also used nicely to show how others might see the brothers. I've noticed that a couple of times this season. I mean we're used to what they do right? But to others, what must they look like? "What do you two just break in wherever you go?" Well, yeah they do. And what was one of my favourite moments of the episode, when Aaron was watching the brothers burn the Necromancer corpse. "Oh my God, these guys are psychopaths". Ha! Sam and Dean were merrily chatting away as they poured the gasoline in the newly dug grave. So blasé about the whole thing, dropping the flame in and then the pièce de résistance, Sam warms his hands over the burning body! Oh my gosh I screamed with laughter! That was brilliance. I wonder if it was inscript?
One thing that really jumped out at me in this episode was that you can tell Ben Edlund is not only a damn fine writer; he's an experienced writer. I loved his light touch with the family legacy parallel between Aaron and his grandfather leaving the J.I. legacy to him and the brothers discovering, via their grandfather, their "Men of Letters" legacy. For a change we didn't have something like this dropped on us like an anvil from a great height! It was nicely integrated into the story, subtle - that's experienced writing for you. The other thing I loved that Ben did was referencing Cass and Kevin. We go for episodes with characters that are key to the storylines of the season, not even getting a mention. All it took was a couple of lines to note that Kevin was doing ok, but didn't have any answers, Garth said hi, and Cass was incommunicado and we tied everything in. Once again - that's experienced writing for you.
Did you also all notice the music choices? At the beginning of the episode the song playing in the MoL batcave was "Get Thee Behind Me Satan" and at the end it was "On the Sunny Side of the Street." I mean, Sam's been haunted by this horrific destiny of being Satan's vessel and everything that came before and after that revelation, and now, here he is, a new beginning, a new place in his world. Something that makes total sense to him, Get thee behind me Satan indeed! I was IN LOVE with that song playing. Then finishing the episode with "On the Sunny Side of the Street". The perfection. If that's not a positive omen for where we're going, I don't know what is.


Then there was the closing scene. Dean can see how into this new legacy business Sam is, as he makes a catalogue entry from their latest case, and he can see it makes Sam happy. After all his inner turmoil about not wanting to hunt, wanting something else, Sam looks happy, he looks content. "So what, Aaron's a J.I. and you're a Man of Letters now, is that it" [Sam simply smiles to himself] "Good." Man, I loved this. It makes Dean happy to see his brother happy. It's been a while. They both sit there in silence, completely comfortable with each other, Sam writing up some research, Dean happily sitting with his brother, feet up on the table. Yes. Yes. Yes. It makes me all wibbly just thinking about it. I sighed out a great big sigh of pure joy.
I also have to mention Jensen and his comic timing, again. The guy is just damn funny. And for someone with a completely beautiful face, he has an amazing range of facial expressions! I always appreciate his commitment to a gag too. Like the sword, the look on his face just as he's going in for that big swing and Sam turns around. He also delivered some cracking lines. Man, he's wonderful, just, look, don't start me ok...

I hope Sam and Dean keep the discovery of the MoL batcave to themselves. The fewer people who know about the place; the less chance of any nasty coming in and trying to access its secrets. Besides that, I want the boys to have their own space. Geeze, they haven't had a real home since Mary died. Sure there was Bobby's and Rufus' but nowhere actually theirs, that they could call their own. This "Men of Letters" secret hideaway is all theirs, their inheritance. I like it.
It'll be interesting to see how far we go with this MoL thing. What this means for future stories - in say season 9 and 10 (yessss!). Say the boys end up closing the gates of Hell and all the demons are banished to the pit for eternity (I don't think that's very likely), the brothers now have enough information on hand to fight all kinds of other evil S.O.Bs. Or is there going to be some blowback from finding this place and not ditching the key as the old guy advised? Something that means they end up having to close it down forever or puts them both in jeopardy (for something completely different). Wherever it's going, I'm excited. This feels fresh and big and like it has some legs and I have a feeling the rest of this season is going to be a corker!

I look at all the new information and mythology that was delivered in the last two episodes with hopeful optimism. That it's an exciting new direction, that we're on a good path and that the heart and warmth that was in "Everybody Hates Hitler" will continue to shine through future episodes. I know the brothers haven't had it out, I know they haven't discussed their recent issues, or any issues really. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Maybe they both just figure, ah hell, we're in a good place now, why raise up old crap. I don't really care, I'm just going to go with the flow and move forward with Sam and Dean, because that's what they seem to be doing and I like it! I'll watch and hope that this newfound harmony lasts and that if the brothers do clash again, they clash over issues that aren't personal to them. I understand the need for conflict in drama. But there's conflict and there's conflict. It doesn't always have to be about the brothers being at each other's throats.
Sam's right, they could use a break, so could we, maybe we all finally got one, at least for a couple of weeks, because you know, three weeks in a row a lot of us have been feeling pretty good right? And as Supernatural fans we know what that means right? We're due to have our hearts ripped out right?! (Sorry...but I bet you were all thinking it too)!
But until then, here's to Sam and Dean's new digs, happy brothers, drinking scotch, power-showers, dead-guy robes, feeling comfortable around each other and a little bit of a break,

This episode was so cool. My favourite of the season.

(I have no reason for this cap...I just like that shirt and stuff...)

Thanks for reading, see you next time.


Teresa Pezzino
# Teresa Pezzino 2013-02-09 11:40
Spot on review as always! I caught that "Get thee behind me Satan" line and completely burst into tears of joy for Sam. Edlund, I heart you.
# kaj 2013-02-09 12:19
I love how Sam went off all dressed in his academic outfit! His jumper. His…what were they, Hushpuppies or something? He’s the hottest researcher ever! He was so quick to figure out the book thing and then he knew the library codes! Of course he did! I loved Sam so much in this episode.
Although I love all of those thing with Sam this episode, but my fav is not that sweetondean. My fav is Dean's facial expression whenever Sam was geeking out. At least it happened twice. When Sam figured out the Library of Congress code, Dean looked at Aaron and smiled. As if saying "There you go! You see this is Sam, my geek little brother." He looked so proud.
Again when Sam ran past Dean to the library. Dean's face when he looked at Sam's back was pure fondness.

I request for more of moments like these in the future.
# sweetondean 2013-02-09 16:21
Yes. I have so much love for how the brother's interactions were written in this episode.

And I second your request!
# KELLY 2013-02-09 17:28
I third it. Is that a thing? Well I concur. Loved all the little but beautiful moments in this episode.
# aelaine 2013-02-09 12:29
Thanks for staying up late to do this sweetondean, good review! I agree I like where they are going and no matter what comes up that they are more understanding of each other now, even if they do get into disagreements, which of course they will. This was a great episode and I wish Edlund would do more of them, or least teach the new writers how to "get" them and and have it shown and not implied. And he doesn't even have a twitter so we can undulated him with praise and beg for more lol I am here till the heartbreaking end and will enjoy it while it is still here to enjoy, and after of course lol
Love the MOL and both of them geeking out, just Loved it!
# sweetondean 2013-02-09 17:25
Only for Supernatural do I stay up so late! ;-)

Edlund is a truly gifted writer - I always enjoy hearing other writers sing his praise too. I'm a massive fan of his, he is a wonderful storyteller and has a great gift more mixing the sincere with the randomly bizarre! He's a treasure. I'm so glad he writes for our show.
# MetamorphicRocks 2013-02-09 12:55
This was a very nice review. I completely agree that this episode had it all, and it didn't have to be over the top to put in great characterizatio n and very touching brotherly moments.

I know the "heart" of SPN, or lack thereof, has been discussed before, and I must say that I missed it terribly. Not that we didn't get any in previous episodes these last few seasons, but those occasions weren't completely woven into the entire episode like this one did it (perhaps not since "Hello Cruel World"). All of the "Sammys" and the looks, the "little brother" and protective Dean did my heart good. Even more than that, was how in tune the brothers seemed to be in this episode-even to the point of the gunshots they fired in harmony to the head of that nazi.

Together with the brotherly interaction and this really interesting, new storyline, it looks like things are headed in an exciting direction. I remain a bit curious as to the path that Carver took to get here, but if "here" was where we were headed all along then I say very well done!
# KELLY 2013-02-09 17:33

I know the "heart" of SPN, or lack thereof, has been discussed before, and I must say that I missed it terribly. Not that we didn't get any in previous episodes these last few seasons, but those occasions weren't completely woven into the entire episode like this one did it (perhaps not since "Hello Cruel World"). All of the "Sammys" and the looks, the "little brother" and protective Dean did my heart good. Even more than that, was how in tune the brothers seemed to be in this episode-even to the point of the gunshots they fired in harmony to the head of that nazi.
I agree. It's not that know other writer has these little moments but he has a way of making them a seamless part of the story. It's wonderful.
# hedi 2013-02-09 12:57
Thank you for your amazing review.
I should re-watch this episode but I liked your review about it. And I agree with most of things. Like how Sam was in his best shape , in his intelligent shape , how he cracked that code was awesome! :) It was Sam Winchester we all know!! I really enjoyed Sam in this one.
And of course Dean looked good too. And like him , I'm happy that these two are on same page now! The episode wasn't my favorite of all season, but I liked it.
Thank you Amy!
# Valgal 2013-02-09 13:00
Thanks so much Sweetondean-
LOVED this episode. It's like the show and its characters have finally found their souls once again.

When Dean went to Purgatory, he said he found direction and purity there. Once he returned he was a little rough around the edges, but the experience gave him a renewed sense of purpose. His soul was cleansed. I believe that some of his initial discomfort with Sam came from that clarity he possessed when he returned. The "How could you not look for me" I translate as, "If your soul truly knew its purpose, as I know mine, there would have been no room for doubt." Dean came back with renewed faith that he is doing what he is supposed to be doing. He is meant to hunt. Not only because he believes it is something their Dad wanted them to do, or that hunting is honorable, is in their blood, or that they are men of letters, but because it is his/their spiritual destiny.

Sam has floundered throughout the seasons always seeking to find his true purpose. It wasn't that he wasn't a fine hunter, but he always felt something was lacking. Attending Stanford helped to refine his intellectual abilities. For years, Sam has had obstacles thrown his way that have challenged his spirit. Going to Hell, losing his soul, getting it back in fragmented pieces and finally seeing Dean disappear in front of his eyes. He loved Amelia and I believe some of the emptiness that came from that relationship was because while they clung to one another, being with her did not help him reclaim his soul. He chose to stay with Dean because he will never leave his brother to fight alone. It is Henry gave Sam the greatest git. Learning he is a man of letters gave Sam back his soul. With his soul, Sam has the spiritual clarity Dean got in Purgatory.

It may be no accident that the first episode that they encounter as men of letters involves issues of the spirit. The Judah initiative exists to rout out evil, but it is also a spiritual legacy. Henry's regret is that he could not teach John about the men of letters, but I believe that some of his regret is that he could not share about the importance of maintaining the spiritual aspect of the society.

What can one accomplish with one knows his/her true purpose? The possibilities are endless. Focus, direction, sense of pride in a job well done, happiness and a connectedness to others. For Sam and Dean, a recommitment to one another, their jobs and the opportunity to bask in the Batcave listening to "The Sunny Side of the Street" while drinking scotch.
# alysha 2013-02-09 16:53
Valgal! I LOVED what you wrote! 8)
# sweetondean 2013-02-09 17:21
Great comment and insight Valgal, thank you!
# Valgal 2013-02-09 13:03
It is Henry who gave Sam the greatest GIFT.
# PENNY JAIME 2013-02-09 14:04
I loved your point-that the conflict doesn't always have to be in Sam and Dean's relationship. It reminds me of the funny scene in "Monster". In the diner, when they are trying NOT to fight.
I wish they wouldn't change writers and directors every episode. It is nice to get so many talented people working on the show,but you really can tell the difference when it is a seasoned person. You are right about that. Edlund, Sgriccia, with Jensen and Jared acting. That was a combo that can't be beat, that's for sure!!
# sweetondean 2013-02-09 17:29
It was great to have Phil back at the helm, you can see what an artful storyteller he is. And his experience means he can tell his story concisely and without the need of overly obvious direction or shot construction - the best direction is the direction you can't see, that flows seamlessly with the words on the page.

That "Monster" scene kills me.... "It frustrates me when you say such reckless things..." Bahaha!
# Bevie 2013-02-09 16:42
Not got much to say except I agree with every single word you wrote about this episode! :lol:

Can't remember how long it's been to go for more than 1 episode feeling all warm and cosy. The heart really seems to be back (thank Edlund).

Loved it! :P
# Valgal 2013-02-09 16:58
Thanks alysha. Just love the direction SPN is going. Someone wrote "What profits a man who loses his soul?" We can surely see how we viewers profit when writers and directors find the soul of SPN and allow the talented actors to show it
# Kim 2013-02-09 17:26
Another brilliant insight into the show and especially this episode, Amy! There was so much to love about this ep. The feel of the brothers' relationship and bringing it back to where it was in seasons 1-3 has been awesome this season. Ben Edlund has penned another outstanding script.

I agree with others, Dean has found his sense of purpose after purgatory, now Sam seems to have found his as well. It's really nice for them to have a legacy other than being vessels for dick angels and catalysts of the Apocalypse.

Dean is a closet hedonist. This isn't the first episode where the pleasures of luxury have been enjoyed by him. Remember in Bugs he also loved the power shower! The understated luxury of the bat cave clearly appeals to Dean, right down to the Scotch that has been ageing nicely since 1958.

Sam is in his nerd-heaven with all the books and information. Professor Winchester has entered the building! LOL.

I can't let my comment go without mentioning how much I love seeing Sam's pretty neck attracting the bad guys again. And the poison dart thing was perfect. Great EFX, and even when mortally hit, Sam found the strength to get back to Dean and warn everyone. True hero!

Thank you!
# sweetondean 2013-02-09 17:33
Kim, I was screaming at my TV for Sam to runnnnnnn! Willing him to get back to Dean and Aaron to warn them (which I knew he did because I'd seen the promo stills of him on the stairs...didn't stop me freaking out and yelling though! :D)
# KELLY 2013-02-09 17:42
Loved your review, as always. I already mentioned many of the things I adored about this episode previously though.

But in regards to the quote, "Sam warms his hands over the burning body! Oh my gosh I screamed with laughter! That was brilliance. I wonder if it was inscript?"

I've wondered the exact same thing. This time and so many others. In fact that was one of 2 questions I wanted to ask at the convention when I went. How much do the guys add in this little actions or facial expressions? Because like that one added so much. But I couldn't easily see it going either way, Jared or Ben or the director. And that has happened many times throughout the years.
# Annaliese 2013-02-09 18:56
When I saw that my first thought was 'Well, must be a cold day in Vancouver!'. One of my favourite things about watching episode commentary on the DVDs is hearing about all the little things that the cast and crew come up with whether it was in the script, decided upon right before filming the scene or done subconsciously. I wish they provided commentary on every single episode! :)
# Leah 2013-02-09 18:17
A couple of us were commenting about how we missed that "special something" from the early seasons. Some other folks said that it can't be the same, guys are older, events happened, things change, they are no longer two boys just cruisin' around in the Impala hunting monsters. All true but for ME the special was the subtle brother moments, fond looks, the momentary touch on the back a big brother gives a shaken little brother after he witnesses a horrific car accident. Things like that. The last few seasons have been so joyless in many ways with the boys not communicating or too wrapped up in their own pain to even notice what the other is going through. Attempts were made but they were often on different pages, hell different books. The point here is that is the "heart" that has been mostly MIA. The last few episodes have gone a long way in trying to recapture that. No matter that they are older and have been to hell and back, these moments should still be a part of their life and when they are not there we feel the absence and recall past moments.

Great review as usual sweetondean, and in case I didn't say, I loved this one. The final scene was pitch perfect and left me with very optimistic, warm feelings. Ok now we must brace for whatever torture they are going to put us thru!!:-)
# Leah 2013-02-09 18:21
That should be horrific BUS accident.
# sweetondean 2013-02-09 18:30
I totally agree with you Leah.

I'm someone who has said, the guys are different now, they're older, they've been through a lot. But that doesn't mean that there wouldn't be heart, that their relationship wouldn't have warmth. Surely you can have growth and development in them as individuals and as brothers without pushing and pulling them apart.

I also think, at least with the last couple of episodes, that bringing the theme back to family - the core of this show - has opened up that path back to warmth, hope and understanding. Allowing these two to have a bit of fun together, or just a bit of quiet time together where they're not up to their elbows in blood is important. It's what will remind them of the place they hold in each other's hearts.

Warm and fuzzies all around Leah! :-)
# Annaliese 2013-02-09 18:53
It makes Dean happy to see his brother happy.
The entire episode was perfect but this was definitely the best part about the episode for me - to be reminded that Sam and Dean love each other in spite of (or perhaps because of) all the things they have been through *happy sigh*.

I actually lost track of this episode's storyline half way through and to be completely honest I didn't really care because had complete trust in Ben Edlund and Phil Sgriccia that it was a good story line. Throw in a couple of 'little brother' references, a perfect soundtrack (none of that stupid boop de boop music I dislike SO MUCH) and the most wonderful and amazing ending and the entire episode was perfection.

I DID note, however, that Baby needs a wash!

After reading this recap I kind of stopped and thought... 'what would it feel like having the knowledge that you are the devil's true vessel hanging over your head be like?'. Because I both love the seasons 1-5 myth-arc and adore Mark Pellegrino so much I haven't really thought about it too much in that sense. All I can say, really, is poor Sam and now I am SUPER glad that he has found his place in the MoL Batcave.
# sweetondean 2013-02-09 18:57
I DID note, however, that Baby needs a wash!
Haha! Me too. It's not often you see her grubby!
Also, they need to find a better place to park her - having her outside their super, secret, batcave is a bit of a giveaway! :D
# KG_SPN 2013-02-09 20:39
Lovely review sweetondean! I think I say this every week, but you manage to succinctly sum up many of the things that I love about each episode & the show in general... so thanks so much for giving me something thoroughly enjoyable to read on a Sunday morning :-)

I loved everything about this episode (and think Ben Edlund is a genius), but there were a few standout moments for me:

- All the brother interactions, particularly those scenes in the batcave. It warmed my heart so much to see Sam and Dean, dare I say it, looking happy :cry:

- The attention to detail, such as the songs you mentioned sweetondean and the nods to Kevin, Garth & Castiel. There was also the number-plate on the Nazi necromancer car, which was HTR-58X3. I just love this about SPN... there is a reason for almost everything on the set in every episode!

- Aaron with his "psychopath" comment and Sam warming his hands over the fire. I too, would love to know if this was scripted (I've tweeted Jared, but obviously not expecting a .

I also loved Aaron and Golem (hope we see more of them), 'smart' Sam recognising the library numbers, Dean's joy with the luxuries in the batcave... actually, I think I could on listing things, so perhaps the whole episode is a standout :lol:

One final thing... how great is the lighting in the batcave? It's just so beautiful... and I love all the screen caps you've shared sweetondean. I'm so looking forward to seeing more of the boy's new home!
Cathy Mitchell
# Cathy Mitchell 2013-02-10 00:46
Sweetondean, I really enjoyed your review. It encapsulated all the joy I felt watching the episode. I have loved the last 3 episodes, for various reasons. (I re-watched all 3 tonight, just because I enjoyed them so much. I know you all would understand.)

I loved the photo you have of the boys in the Batcave, Dean in the deadman's robe, hefting the scimitar & Sam looking through a bunch of books. That single scene shows so much about this episode.

You were spot-on about Jensen's facial expressions and comic timing. I am definitely a Sam girl (in that I've always had a soft spot for sensitive, kinda nerdy guys), but that has NEVER meant that I didn't appreciate Dean. In the beginning, I didn't always see everything that the rest of you saw in Dean, but after lurking on this site for a while, now the stuff all the Dean girls talk about is all I see when I look at Dean. (Hence really enjoyed the Objectify threads, for sooo many reasons. :-* ) What was I talking about....? Oh yes, the boys' expressions in this episode. I saw more communication via facial expressions than I've seen in a long time, in a good way. We've seen the mad, the snarky, the disappointed, etc. But this episode, showed the brothers more in sync than we've seen in a long time. Finally.

You definitely wrote what I was feeling, in a much more concise, descriptive way than I was able to articulate. Thanks for the review.
Cathy Mitchell
# Cathy Mitchell 2013-02-10 00:48
I would also like to point out, that this is the first show that I have ever paid attention to writers, directors etc. And that's because of all of you. Now, I do see how a good writer, director, etc can really make or break a story. To be honest, I was a little worried about how this one was going to turn out, just because of the description. Should have known better...
# judyann 2013-02-10 07:52
Sweetondean- Always love your review. Yes, Ben is the best writer, wish he could write all the eposides. I think J.C. is keeping to his word that the boys are maturing and they are finally being written as men. Dean's responses to Sam in the last couple of eposides have showed he is aware that his brother wants something different and is willing to accepted it. As you said- he just wants Sam to be happy. I don't think that there will be any fall out from the finding the "batcave". It sounds like that this set will be around for a while from the interviews, which is great. The men need a "home". Can't wait untill the next eposide. It is killing me to have to wait!! By the way what is a "jumper"?
# suenash19 2013-02-10 18:59
By the way what is a "jumper"?
for judyann.

A jumper is an item of clothing, usually made of wool that is often worn over a shirt. You might call it a sweater? Cheers, Sue
# sweetondean 2013-02-10 19:04
By the way what is a "jumper"?
for judyann.

A jumper is an item of clothing, usually made of wool that is often worn over a shirt. You might call it a sweater? Cheers, Sue
Ahhh yes, sometimes I forget that some of the words we use in Aussie don't translate!

Yes, jumper = sweater :lol:
# Sylvie 2013-02-11 08:21
Actually I hadn't heard that expression since I was a kid! That's what my mother used to call it. I live in Québec but my mother was from the province of Newfoundland and she was born there when it was still part of the United Kingdom, so some of those expressions stuck to her. And you being Australian, some of those old English expressions are used. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :-)
# judyann 2013-02-11 18:21
Thanks for the translation!- I wore a jumper in catholic grade school, its a skirt that has an overall type top.
RGNYC Rebecca
# RGNYC Rebecca 2013-02-10 15:49
Yes to every word in your review SweetonDean! The last 3 episodes have been excellent and this one was sublime in every way. I think we caught a break too. Cheers.
# suenash19 2013-02-10 19:01
Quick, inarticulate additional comment: Love, love ,love this episode. Love Ben Edlund, Love Sam and Dean . Especially Sam ( but you knew that, right? ;-) ) night, night all x
# Tiny 2013-02-10 21:42
Thanks Amy. It was an incredible episode on its own as well as an excellent follow up for As Time Goes By.

"Family and legacy have been the absolute guts of the story of the Winchesters..." Totally! I love how well the brothers work together in this episode. With the MoL thing being introduced, obviously the brothers are adjusting, but at the same time it felt right for Sam to do what he did and Dean to do what he did in this episode.

I love Ben Edlund's take on the lores. I love the writing, I love Aaron and his Golem, and Rabbi Bass. I love the bunker!!! LOVE!! I love the secret society (J.I) being introduced after what was revealed to us in As Time Goes By. I love how the brothers are gaining friends/allies and discovering family legacy and secrets which are presented as advantages to help people.

Season 8 is truly kicking ass!!

Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2013-02-10 21:59
Hi Sweetondean,

I loved your review. And I loved this episode! Like so many others, I'm a member of the BenEdlund Bandwagon. He's just so awesome in his writing. I like that he can take a very outlandish idea and make it work. I've always been intrigued by the story of the Golem, and was waiting for Supernatural to touch on it sometime. This was the perfect pairing - Golems & Judah Initiative plus Nazi Necromancers.

I thought there were many parallels here - Aaron's legacy from Isaac, Sam & Dean's legacy from Henry. But also the chemistry between Aaron and the Golem echoed the chemistry between Sam & Dean. No doubt there are times that they yell at each other about who's in charge, and who's too messy and who's breathing too loud (wait.. that's me & my sisters fighting when we were kids) But there was definitely a familial, intimate vibe between those two. I am so glad that the door was left open for them to return, because they are an excellent pairing.

Speaking of returning, I believe the Nazi Necromancers or the Thule at least will be back. Why? They gave a close-up shot of the ring, and the symbol on it 3 times!! That's gotta mean it's important. It's too intentional to be coincidental, in both filming and editing. I'm betting that the Thule will return. Or at least the symbol will somehow be significant with the Tablet, or Cas or Benny or Naomi. (Covering my bases here).

There's been much criticism that Dean seemed harsh, uncaring and somewhat ruthless this season. So I enjoyed the chance to see his more compassionate and protective side. I liked the way he automatically pushed Aaron out of the way and tried to shield him when the Nazis burst in, and the way he gently asked him if he was okay when it was all over.

I cheered Dean's "Good" at the end. It was so sweet and genuine and heartfelt. So much was said through that one small word - "I'm happy you're happy. I'm proud of your smarts. I'm pleased you're finding another aspect of yourself with this Men of Letters legacy. I love you."

I'm very pleased for Sam that the MoL allows him to finally express, and take pride in his geeky intellectual side (especially if that means more sweater vests - yum!! - and a change from being an FBI agent - more like that for both please?!)

It's funny because I doubt Dean acknowledges that he too has many of the Men of Letters characteristics . But he does. He was like a pointer dog when he caught sight of that scimitar. (Watch the way he whips his head around the instant he sees it.) That's a geek moment right there. And I really, really hope we get to see him do some research in the Batcave. Dean's good at research (remember his reading Samuel Colt's journal and finding out about the Phoenix ash?) I can totally see him researching a MoL book on weapons or spells or incantations.

I think both brothers relish accumulating information, but for different reasons. I think Sam loves learning, plain and simple. He collects facts and information because he enjoys it. The acquisition of knowledge both challenges and fulfills him. It's like he's painting a canvas, and the information is his palette.

Dean also likes accumulating information but it's a little different. He's collecting all those facts and data to solve problems, both in the present and in the future. I see him more as gathering intel like he's completing a jigsaw, fitting each into its place to solve the puzzle.,

I was very taken by Ekhart's line "Knowledge is Power", again spoken to Aaron, but equally applicable to Sam & Dean. The knowledge they have suddenly inherited through the MoL and the Batcave is immeasurable, and priceless. It will be fascinating to see what they do with all that information. And there are times when the pen is not only mightier than the sword, but it tells us exactly how to use the sword in the most lethal (or careful) manner!

I hope the writers don't let Dean slide into just the brawn/Campbell side of the family, or Sam into the brain/Wincheste r. Both brothers are fascinating and attractive because they are a combination of brawn and brain. Think of Sam quickly realizing those random letters & numbers were a Library of Congress call set & being able to shoot the bad guy in the head. Hot! And back in LARP & The Real Girl Dean's strategic smarts were front and centre when he immediately recognized what moves Charlie's army should make and being able to shoot the bad guy in the head. Hot!

It was so nice to end this episode on a contented note - the boys had a win. We had a win. Dean's choice of whiskey over beer was perfect. The moment deserved a little celebration. :-)
# sweetondean 2013-02-10 22:19
Hi Pragmatic Dreamer

I totally forgot to mention the Necromancer's ring and it was in my notes too! Because as you say, there were a couple of seriously obvious closeups of that ring and the emblem on it, so it must have some significance down the track!

Thanks for bringing that up and reminding me! :-)
# Sylvie 2013-02-11 08:30
That was a great review Sweetondean, I knew you would love this episode. Thanks for the screenshot of Sam ensconced in the book while Dean is playing with the scimitar in the background. :lol:

Did you also all notice the music choices? At the beginning of the episode the song playing in the MoL batcave was “Get Thee Behind Me Satan” and at the end it was “On the Sunny Side of the Street.”
I'm so glad you mentioned that. I didn't catch it on first viewing, but on the third! I had more time to fixate on the details. That was an inspired choice.

And as you've stated, Ben Edlund knows these characters so well, he could probably write them in his sleep! The man is pure genius, mad genius, but still genius. And it was great to have Phil Sgriccia back. I guess the long hiatus for "Revolution" is to SPN's advantage!

My only pet peeve, and this goes for almost every episode of SPN, is how they always have time to change into their street clothes! I mean they leave Aaron's house in a mad rush to go to the library, and by the time they get there, they have changed their clothes! WTF! Do they carry all this clothes in the car with them and change in the bushes? Oh, okay, that I'd like to see, would make it all worth while. HA. :oops:
# fanotheboyz 2013-02-11 12:30
I noticed the quick clothes change, too and wondered about that, as they were heading out the door to go to the library. Now, if they just said they were going and then the scene changed, it would have been more believable. Same with the broken window last week. Why couldn't they have just left the window out for the rest of the ep? Script coordinator needs to get on the ball.
# fanotheboyz 2013-02-11 12:28
This ep is a big "YES" for me. Yes to the batcave, to MOL, to Sam geeking out and Dean channeling his inner child in a bathrobe.

Yes to patch sleeves, sweater vests. Yes to Dean's discomfort and fluster at the 'gay thing'.

Yes to Golems, secret societies, the brothers bonding. So love when Dean calls Sam "little brother" and greets him happily after going to check on Kevin!

Yes to Edlund! Go season 8!
# love2boys 2013-02-11 15:54
to SweetonDean: speaking of *Dean's discomfort and fluster at the 'gay thing'* I read the entire page on Dean's possible bi/gay storyline. I will be crushed if he doesn't end up being hetero. I can accept everyone in the world being bi/gay except Dean. I need YOUR feelings on this as you are SweetonDean, the Great and Powerful.
Thank you.
# sweetondean 2013-02-11 16:02
to SweetonDean: speaking of *Dean's discomfort and fluster at the 'gay thing'* I read the entire page on Dean's possible bi/gay storyline. I will be crushed if he doesn't end up being hetero. I can accept everyone in the world being bi/gay except Dean. I need YOUR feelings on this as you are SweetonDean
Thank you.
Hi love2boys
I don't believe Dean is gay or bi - I believe he's straight. The writers just like to play with the fandom and wink at the fandom's fantasies! Evil bastards! ;-)

I think Dean is a man well aware of his looks and I think he appreciates being appreciated. He's equal parts flattered and awkward. This doesn't make him gay, this makes him Dean.

There's a whole Let's Discuss topic open on this subject now if you want to go and see what some of the other commenters are thinking. So head over there if you want to chat about it more :-)
# kaz1 2013-02-12 12:55
Sweetondean Thnx for such an uplifting take on such an uplifting ep. Methinks SPN should employ you :lol: Our boys have grown up haven't they! Even their taste in alcohol has finessed (cant' deny I felt a little pang there tho, I mean Dean is a beer man, whiskey just don't cut it for me, (thinking back to his fantasy life in the Djinn ep, even his ideal girl was related to beer for crods sake)). So, yes let them grow up but not tooooo much. I sound like a mother I know :D Loved the way the joke backfired on the Thule tool when he says 'a jew, 2 gentiles and a golem walk into a bar.... and it doesn't end with them coming out' damned straight!!!

Can anyone Jewish (who knows Hebrew) tell me the two names that were written on the scroll?

Also the ring is defo significant. It looks like a type of a dagger?

And the boys need to have the TALK