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Well that was fun. It's been a while since we had a fun episode of "Supernatural". One that took us out of the mythology for a bit. "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" was the last one I could think of and let me tell you, that was 20 episodes ago! I know this because I counted them!
And season 8, well I think we can all agree, it's been heavy going. Even for those of us that are really digging the season, it's still been emotionally fraught and somewhat exhausting. So a little respite from the big picture story and the angst, well, that's not a bad thing. In fact I think "LARP and the Real Girl" was perfectly timed. After "Torn and Frayed" left us, torn and frayed. I think a lot of us were in need of a bit of a break - a bit of fun, just like the Winchesters.
So yeah, I loved "LARP and the Real Girl". Loved it. Come on, are you surprised?
I love it when the brothers find themselves solving crazy cases, in crazy situations. I love how they simply roll with the punches. I guess in their line of work, they've seen most things…so though they always have those little raised eyebrow looks between them; they simply shrug it off and go for it. I've always loved that about the Winchester boys, their adaptability.

The first killing…wowsers…nasty! That would be a horrific way to go. Quartering is a rather unpleasant part of medieval justice - hung, drawn and quartered - we've all seen Braveheart right? That's what they did to William Wallace (I watched that scene once, never again). By the way, I don't think Ed was "drawn and quartered" as Charlie said, because the drawn bit is the disembowelling bit, you know, because the hanging don't kill you so let's take your intestines out! Ed was just "quartered" by invisible horses. I so loved the wall-blood-splatter! It's almost a running joke now right? No matter what happens - splat on the wall! I giggle every time. I hope I'm supposed to!

The supporting cast in this episode was great. Lance the crying guy was a classic with his, "Those texts weren't from me. They were from me, but they weren't from me me" line and the way he looked at Sam when he told him he was a powerful mage, how he waited for Sam to react. I loved Boltar the Furious, though he was a bit of a tool. Talk about taking a game too far. I thought it was hilarious when he called the boys out on their fake ids "Hold" - about time they got busted! And I absolutely loved the Sheriff. How fab was he? Cracker lines. "Twig and berries" "High as balls" and the line of the episode, "Kids today with their texting and murder." So often the law officials on "Supernatural" are either shown as dolts or they're wallpaper, so it was cool to have this Sheriff have bit of personality. It was pointed out that the actor who played the Sheriff was also Mike - John's mechanic partner whom the boys questioned in "Home" - love a good recycled actor. Season 8 seems to be the season for it!

Then of course, there was Charlie. I enjoyed Charlie's turn in "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo", but in this episode she was awesome. Just awesome. What I like about her - apart from here sassy "Smell you later bitches" line, is how she reacts the way you should react when faced with a creature who's trying to kill you…scared! She doesn't want to be involved in the fight, but sees where she's needed so stays to help, but she'd obviously rather be somewhere else! She never feels like a victim, even when in a spot of bother. She misquotes Notting Hill and then makes out with the monster of the week! She's smart and thinks on her feet and always has an epic comeback - much like our favourite ghost hunting bros. As woman, she's a character that I feel very comfortable and happy to have on my TV screen. She's not ball-busting tough, she's not kick-ass action or any of those standard, stereotypical female TV characters. She's an individual who is smart and confident and living her life the way she chooses, with a splash of bravado when facing possibly death and a bit of a smart mouth. I like her.

The other thing I like about Charlie, is her relationship with the brothers. With Sam, they're both computer geeks, they have a mutual appreciation of Harry Potter and Sam protected her and carried her to safety when her arm was broken. With Dean they share a common love of pop culture and all things nerdy. We all know Dean is a massive nerd, a huge movie fan and a pop culture nut. He's constantly quoting movies and TV, Star Wars, Star Trek. We've seen him nerd out before…but never quite like this! So Charlie, for me, is someone who is kind of a balance between both of the brothers. She's got the brainiac, attention to detail, computer geek thing that Sam's got going on and the pop culture, nerd thing that Dean's got going on. She's a little of both! She's kind of their perfect girl! Kind of… She's welcome back anytime as far as I'm concerned.

Which brings me to our bros. Here's something I love. Throughout this series, the brothers seem to bounce back and forth between roles. Neither is great at talking, but sometimes you have Sam reaching out trying to push Dean to talk, sometimes it's the other way around. "LARP and the Real Girl" started with the classic Impala scene - boys driving at night (BTW loving that every episode this season seems to have a classic rock song). Sam has his head buried in something looking for clues, when Dean asks him if he's ok. Sam then talks about how frustrated he is that they have this powerful weapon but they don't know how to use. Pretty sure that's not what Dean was asking. Sam was reacting how Dean so often does, not wanting to talk, shutting down, just wanting to do the job. Dean reaching out to Sam and acknowledging that he knew what Sam gave up wasn't easy, was a real step forward for Dean. The end of last week's episode and in this week's episode, I was impressed with his interactions with Sam, his attempts to talk to his brother - or allow his brother to talk. Sam can be just as guarded and closed off as Dean but Dean was trying to understand.

I felt like this episode saw a definite shift in their relationship. As the boys worked the case, they seemed to actually enjoy themselves and enjoy being together. Dean all goofy in his LARPing getup and Sam trying not to smile and looking at his brother with that look only Sam can do, when he can't believe what Dean just said or did. That…oh Dean look. There were lots of raised eyebrows, little nods and nonverbal exchanges between them. They worked great as a team, Sam taking on the research role while Dean played dress-up to canvas with Charlie - I mean, it couldn't be any other way. It definitely seemed like a little weight was lifted off their broad shoulders…or maybe, a little weight was lifted off ours, or both. After last week's "Torn and Frayed" just to see them do the 'nearly smile', was enough. But of course we got more.
I totally appreciated Dean's acknowledgment to Charlie that the text thing was not his finest hour. Though last week he told Sam he knew he was wrong, it was part of a fairly heated exchange. So though I believe he meant it, to some, the anger in the conversation could make the words appear to lack a bit of resonance. But here, I believed that Dean knew he was wrong and that it was not the way he should have gone and he seemed accepting of that. I figure how he gave Charlie the full wiki, he must have put the blame for Sam deciding to give up Amelia at his own feet - being as that's how Charlie seemed to interpret it. I could see Dean wording it as such. Of course, the Amelia thing was not Dean's fault as I'm sure he knows, that was Sam's decision and Dean, in a moment which made me proud of him, allowed his brother to make that choice himself.
But you could see, as the boys worked the job, there was definitely a lighter air. Maybe somehow they both felt a little better, knowing that they no longer needed to worry about those other responsibilities. I still can't tell if Sam's aware or not of Dean's decision regarding Benny. If he isn't, then his actions at the end of the episode are even more awesome.

So then it was Sam's turn to reach out to his brother. I think seeing Dean actually have a pretty good time, helped Sam come to the absolutely fantastic place we all found ourselves at the end. When Dean repeated that he got it, Sam had given up something very important and that he needed time, I was super proud of him again. I felt like my baby is finally growing up and allowing his baby-bro to do the same. But I never saw Sam's reaction coming...and oh my gosh...if I could have leapt through the TV screen and hugged Sam Winchester tight at that moment, I would have (I'd give Dean a squeeze for good measure while I was there). Sam recognising that Dean was making an effort and trying to get them to have some fun together, recognising that Dean was being supportive and allowing Sam time to grieve, and then returning the favour and doing something for Dean, for both of them, something for their relationship, suggesting they both have fun, well, it made me go eeeeee! The whole conversation made me clap my hands with happiness!
I might be wanting to read more into this than maybe I should, but that little exchange, that little grown-up bro exchange, felt a bit like a game changer to me - it's like I felt something give. I just cross my fingers that this, right here is the turning point for the Winchester brother's relationship. They'll always butt heads, they'll always fight, they always have, but to rekindle some of that warmth and fun in their relationship, which has been transient at best for a while now - well that's all we want right? I've never doubted for one second their love for each other and when push comes to shove, their devotion to each other, I've never doubted their bond, but they've lacked that warmth, that joy they used to have in each other's company. They've lacked it consistently since the end of season 3 to be honest. Too much crap they've had to wade through. I don't ever expect it to be the same, they're different men now and I'm cool with that, more that cool. I'll be happy with a new kind of relationship, a more mature kind of relationship, if it's one where they seem to enjoy being brothers again.

Now. Dean. DEAN. Yes, this is where I gush. I try not to do that here. I mean, we all know I'm a Dean girl - name is a give away - but I do try and stay pretty balanced, as we're all fans of the show first and foremost, so I try not to let my character partiality bleed through too much. But this week….I can't contain myself! He was just too beautiful.
Just when I think I can't love Dean more…I love Dean more. The way he tried so very hard to hide his eagerness for the LARPing. Even when looking at the website at the Sheriff's office, his little boy enthusiasm was showing through. Then when they got to Moondoor, he couldn't resist picking up the sword "nice balance", and Sam cracked me up - arms out stretched, "Dude!" Ha!

Then fixing Charlie's army on the model battlefield, the way he didn't blink or miss a beat when Charlie popped that crown on his head, happily donning the LARPing outfit. The way he looked in the mirror, you could see he was feeling pretty happy with himself right about there! Just, his ridiculous, adorkable, boyish excitement for the whole damn thing! It was so lovely to see him having a good time and letting his inner goofball shine on through. He's so precious.

Then the piece de resistance, his Braveheart speech - "It's the only one he knows!" Bless. I wonder how many times Sam's heard Dean say that speech! Ahhhh the whole thing was pure joy. My face was aching at the end of that scene! And of course, he looked smokin' hot in his chainmail and LARPing gear - smokin' hot! For heaven's sake - dress that boy in anything and he'll smoulder up the screen. Also, epic bowlegs, epic.

And I have to say, Sam with that chick in the IT tent. Seriously, that boy can be clueless! Hello! You're gorgeous! Of course that chick would fancy you! I really loved that scene - thinking on his feet with the mash-up line. It was lovely to see him doing what he does best, getting people to help him and open up to him. I also absolutely loved his reaction to Dean and Charlie both thinking belladonna was the porn star! The silent stare. Cracked me up! Jensen's known for his comic turns, but Jared as the straight man…his timing is perfection. And that ponytail! He should wear his hair like that all the damn time...justsayin' (maybe without the cape though).

Robbie Thompson is fast becoming my favourite writer on "Supernatural". Ok, Edlund will always be my favourite, but Robbie is a close second! I've dug all the episodes he's done since joining the show (yes, even "Bitten"). But "LARP and the Real Girl" really showcased his talent. Not just with the comedy and pop culture references, but by giving us a couple of really good, poignant and important brother scenes. I seriously can't wait for his next scripts (8.17 and 8.20).

So this was the episode I needed and I think a lot of us needed. It was so nice to see mostly positive feedback, something we haven't seen for a good while. It felt like a large part of the fandom sighed a little sigh of relief as the stress of the last week drained away! Fingers crossed the brothers are headed in the right direction. There'll be more bumps...there always are...but I feel a little less scared of them now. All because of a couple of ridiculously gorgeous, big hearted boys, dressing up like idjits and charging, shoulder to shoulder into fake battle.

Gotta love this show.
Thanks for reading! See you next time.

P.S. - can't wait to hear what the Js have to say at Vegascon about doing this ep!


# Nancy 2013-01-26 10:19
So look forward to my Saturday mornings to read your wrap up!
# winmomwannabe 2013-01-26 11:26
I could not stop smiling during this episode. And that hasn't happened for awhile. The bro moments were priceless. I'm with you on wanting to jump into my TV. Both when Dean was so understanding of Sam and when Sam suggested they have fun. So 'adult' brotherly.

Dean was gorgeous in tights and boots, for sure. And I loved how he tried to hide his inner geek/boy excitement. Sometimes that makes me so sad for him. I always feel like he never got to be a little boy and have any geeky fun. He missed out on so much, having to be the 'responsible' one. This was an episode for his little boy inner Dean to truly come out. He conveys such a tough guy on the outside(to protect himself I surmise-as I do myself) when deep down he is so vulnerable. I love that he appears to be getting back to his empathetic, human side.

Great review, as always. Can't wait to hear what they say about it in Vegas, especially since it's my FIRST con!
# Bamboo24 2013-01-26 12:11
I never saw Sam’s reaction coming...and oh my gosh…if I could have leapt through the TV screen and hugged Sam Winchester tight at that moment, I would have
My thoughts exactly. Actually, my heart melted on the spot, my mouth dropped open, and I got a big stupid grin on my face. Because THAT is maturity. THAT is love for one's brother. Just...gooey happiness all around. :)
# KELLY 2013-01-26 22:10
Completely agree with both of you. That was my favorite scene, even in an episode filled with them. There was such warmth and understanding on both parts. If felt like S2 which is probably my favorite season for their relationship. And it did feel mature, Bamboo24. So if this is the direction they are heading for, I'm a fan.
# Sylvie 2013-01-26 12:47
Great review as always. I loved this episode so much, I've been thinking about it since Wednesday night. I certainly went to bed happy that night! :D That episode was an epic destresser, and believe me, I needed that.

I always feel like he never got to be a little boy and have any geeky fun. He missed out on so much, having to be the 'responsible' one.
I'm with you on this one Winmomwannabe, I don't think he ever got the chance to be a little boy and play cowboys & Indians, so it's coming out now. Every time Dean has got to dress up, he's been like a little boy, so sweet. And I was so happy when Sam said they both deserved to have fun. Wow, that made my day!

Robbie Thompson, thank you so much, and Jeannot Swarz (I think I mispelled his name, sorry) did a really nice job at directing.
# winmomwannabe 2013-01-26 12:59
Every time Dean has got to dress up, he's been like a little boy, so sweet. And I was so happy when Sam said they both deserved to have fun. Wow, that made my day!
For sure Sylvie. He was totally into dressing like a cowboy and a the cop from the 40's. Makes me feel all warm inside to watch his 'little Dean' come out. Happiness all around after this episode.
# krystal 2013-01-26 14:02
First of all thank you for a wonderful review Sweetdean! I love readings yours and look forward to your insight and gushing about the boys (in all possible ways ;-) ).

I absolutely loved this episode. Don't get me wrong I love the drama and all the brotherly fighting and such this season (angst suits the boys), but to see them happy, smiling, and down right having fun was great!!! Also, after last week this was definitely needed as I was just in shock and torn about the episode. Enjoyed it, but felt sad at the same time.

I'm with you Sweetondean, I hope they can continue to be mature and act grown up with each other. It's nice to see them acknowledge each other's pain finally (well at least Dean acknowledged Sam's). This is such a nice place for them to be. They have been separated a bit from their brotherly bond and now I see them coming back together. They are brothers again who care for each other and not just when one is about to die or has major strife.

Felicia Day was great in this episode. I have been a fan of hers for a long time and was delighted to see her reprise her role as I loved her last season. She plays off each brother so well and her scenes with Jensen were superb! All the actors in this were wonderfully cast and did a nice job. I heard that most of the extras were LARPers in real life and wearing their own costumes - EPIC!

I have rewatched this episode a few times already and each time catch even more amazing things. Jared and Jensen's facial expressions were priceless this episode - each well done and added so much to the scene!

Well done Robbie Thompson! Thanks for another great episode!!
# Supernarttu 2013-01-26 14:29
Hi sweetondean.
What a lovely eppie, wouldn't you agree? Well, you allready did :) It was awesome.

I haven't commented a lot (beside from bitching on the cbox) about anything much, because I've been feeling quite desolate about show this season. I've felt like Sam has been a no-show all season long. His reasoning and love for Dean has been missing and because of that I've felt quite disconnected.

But this episode brought him back in spades. All the little things I love about Sam were shown in such lovely ways, his geekyness, his WTF looks, his exasperated glances, his fun side. There wasn't a moody Sam in sight which was just lovely. I'm glad he got some closure last episode. I hope he gets his drive back again, learns to enjoy hunting and being with his brother. And finally I saw him show some love to Dean. It was beautiful. Hurraah! This eppie felt like an oldie, and I loved everything about it!

And Dean. Man, he's been a little grating on me this season. Because of the Purgatory factor though, I've understood his attitude better. But in this eppie, I saw the Dean that I've missed for ages. I saw the understanding, fun loving, smart Dean who I have loved from the start. He went from hunter mode to full-on-geek mode to badass hunter mode again, and I loved every second of it!

Charlie was great too. She reminds me of a female Dean, in a way, with her flirting ways. It's good to be queen. HA! Loved that. I was happy that she got to have a "chick flick -moment" with Dean and decided to help when push came to shove. AND she saved the damsel, good for her!

Such a breath of fresh air, this eppie was. Pure joy! I feel invigorated and excited for the rest of the season.

Thanks for the review sweetondean, it was as great as the eppie!!
# Annaliese 2013-01-26 18:17
LARP and the Real Girl. WOW. I enjoyed this ep SO much and goy really excited anticipating reading recaps of this week's episode - especially your's sweetondean! You have basically covered everything so I'll just add my two cents worth:

I really love Felicia Day's character Charlie. I thoroughly enjoy her relationship with the boys more than any romantic relationship featured on the show. We could have easily never seen Charlie again on the series but I am so glad the writers brought her back - and so soon too!

Sam's hair in a ponytail? Yes, please! Best part? Actually being see Jared's face - damn that boy is gorgeous!

I really feel the need to point out Jared and Jensen's amazing skills right now. Quite seriously, with what other actors in what other show are you able to get so much out of a 40 - odd - minute televisoon episode? Credit to the crew for creating and preparing such an amazing episode but cudos to J2 for delivering it!
# KG_SPN 2013-01-26 19:02
But I never saw Sam’s reaction coming...and oh my gosh…if I could have leapt through the TV screen and hugged Sam Winchester tight at that moment, I would have
This was close to my favourite scene of the whole episode because it was exactly what I'd hoped to see this week... last week we had Dean building the bridges (and he continued to do so throughout this episode)... but this was Sammy, finally, taking a positive step towards Dean! I can't tell you how happy it made me that he was the one to suggest they join in with the LARPing :lol:

But of course, there was so much to love about this episode... all the pop culture references, the wise-cracking sheriff, the boys expressions when they were interviewing Greyfox the Mystic, Dean's boyish charm, all of Charlie's scenes, and, of course, that final scene! I think this is the best ending I've ever seen on SPN... it was definitely the funniest, as I'm still laughing just thinking about it.

How many pop culture references do you think there were this week? I'm spotting more and more with subsequent viewings (and after reading blogs). But there is one that I haven't seen mentioned; Charlie's first scene where she removes her helmet and flicks her long mane of hair. I'm pretty sure that's a shout-out to Arwen in her first scene of Lord of the Rings (which would make sense as Arwen is the screen saver on Charlie's laptop).

Thanks for another great review sweetondean. It was such a joyous episode :roll:
# PENNY JAIME 2013-01-26 21:58
Well, I can hardly comment on this episode for one reason, Dean/Jensen looked so adorable in that darned outfit!! That ,plus the, as you put it "little boy" excitement he had, just about knocked me out this time. Sam/Jared just killed it as well.

Nothing much anyone can say about this one. It was as close to perfect as an hour of television can get!!
# ryder21 2013-01-27 07:08
Ditto...had to watch it several times to follow the story as I was initially blinded by the Pretty as well.

Opps...maybe this is in the wrong thread!
# KELLY 2013-01-26 22:41
Sweetondean, great review! You captured so much of what I was thinking when I watched the episode. While I doubt were done with the trauma this year (and would actually be disappointed if we were), this episode was such a relief. I felt like the characters and the story arc needed this release, as well.

But more than that as well. This reminded me of 2 things, they used to look out for one another, not just saving each others lives or similar major caretaking. But just doing little things to ease each others moods. To make each other happy. LOVED THAT! Can't express how I loved that. 2. Weirdly it reminded me of that montage of their lives in Swan Song, how they just would do things because they enjoyed being with each other. While the state of their relationship is understandable given everything they've been through, I so happy to see them recapturing a little of that. Not that they've been totally joyless but this was the first time in a long time, with seen them doing something for no other reason than for the joy of it.

Also I totally agree with you, Dean was adorable in absolutely every moment of this episode. And Jared is the perfect straight man to Jensen's antics. Maybe it was just me but I swear I could almost read Sam's thoughts with some of his "Dean" looks.
# Trucklady 2013-01-27 01:48
Right on sweetondean. Excellent review. I too wanted to just jump into the TV and give them both big hugs for finally getting to where we all knew they needed to get to.

This is the episode that finally will hopefully put those neigh sayers to rest about being so disappointed in the direction the show was going. It is all a matter of patience and the writers will get us and the boys where they should be we just have to have faith in them.

I also love Dean's little boy side finally come out again. Both the boys can say so much with just a look or smile and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to watch them perfect their performances with these characters we have come to love so dearly.

Sam was just a joy to watch also, and so glad he suggested they go have some fun at the end. That final scene was just the altimate hoot.

I am with you gals in being just so excited to see what they have to say at the Vegascon and it will also be my first.

I also just love Charlie and was thrilled to see they were bringing her back for this episode. No one else could have played it as well as she did.

Thanks again for another fabulous review sweetondean. See you in Vegas.
# Hedi 2013-01-27 05:01
Well your reviews always make the episode much more valuable of what it really was! I did'nt like the episode and I think I'm the only one since every body else thinks its the best of season so far which is obviously not. I'm with you on that whole being happy thing and let sam choose for once and have fun with his brother I love it too and I'm happy. But the whole story didn't go for me, the main reason of why that guy was killing people an some fairy comes along blah blah. You didnt talk much about the case which in my opinion was a totall miss. And I am again in the category of "not liking Charlie" . She is total cliche I think in terms of being a it geek and all and she didn't impress me when she first popped up so... I don't know. Maybe I'm being a little annoying but I didn't really like it. But I enjoyed the brotherly moments but as for Charlie, nope
# ryder21 2013-01-27 07:01
Loved, loved, loved this episode and can't stop watching it, wasn't is so nice to have a bit of fun in the middle of the season.
When my daughter, 24, found out Felicia Day was on her inner fan girl shone through and, even though she is not a fan of Supernatural she came over to watch it with me for the first time ever. We both laughed over all the pop culture references. Since then though whenever we see one another we throw sometime (soft) at each other and exclaim 'Dark Magic!'. Supernatural just keeps giving to me and has now given me another connection with my kids. Because, you know, they are otherwise always so busy with texting and murder!! What....!! Lol. How I love this show.

And sweetondean, I had to watch it over and over again as I kept being distracted by the bow legs as well.
And as I've commented before, Dean's boyish enthusiasm is sooo sexy.
# kaj 2013-01-27 09:03
Hi, sweetondean

I like Charlie too. I think she's more mature and wise than the guys. She's the one who says that she doesn't want to run. LARping is an escape for her from the real world that's full of monsters. In that fantasy world she's a hero.

I think what she says parallel Sam to some extent. Sam too has run away from reality. When Dean disappeared, instead of facing reality and buckling up and trying to look for him, Sam ran. (I know I'm still bitter about it) The fact is there on the screen and on Sam's own dialog that says "I ran, my world exploded and I ran."

Sam ran for months, into a dreamlike world/life. A fantasy life. A life that he dreamed of when he was a teenager. When Sam was with Amelia is when Harry was with Ginny. Harry says that being with Ginny was like living someone else's life. (Since Thompson loves to bring HP reference, me too)

Sam's life with Amelia was depicted as dreamlike and fantasy-like because it's what it was. An escape (just like Charlie's LARPing) from his bleak reality of imploded world without his brother. Instead of facing his own world that's full of monsters without his brother, Sam has chosen to run. Living someone else life. Why someone else life? Because Sam lied still lies about himself to Amelia. Sam was wearing a mask an a costume when he was with Amelia. Sam wore a mask and a costume of a mechanic who lived in a motel. Just an ordinary guy who had just lost his brother. Not his real identity who was and always a hunter.

Charlie's comment of "What? I can't shut this down." Should be reminder for Sam that Sam can't shut his true identity down. He can't shut down being a hunter.

From last episode we know that Amelia was irked by the fact that Sam still had secret and had his secret life that he refused to tell her about. It wasn't true that Sam had left the hunting world completely. He didn't leave it behind him and shut the door and threw away the key. He didn't. He still had one foot into it when he was with her obviously. I'd prefer that Sam, deep down still hadn't accept the fact that Dean had died. Perhaps he was harboring a deep hope that someday Dean would show up so deep down inside he just bide his time and kept waiting for his return.

Sam wasn't 100% with her. His thoughts and his mind still half way out there in the real world. (Perhaps thinking and hoping and waiting for Dean's return) Now, this scenario correlates perfectly with Sam's lack of enthusiasm in meeting Dean. Sam somehow knew that Dean would return.

In relation of this episode, if I can make a conclusion is that Sam's life with Amelia is probably just an escape. Just like Charlie's LARPing. A deeper look into the episode, we can find many correlation between this Episode with the whole Sam's arc.

I'm back with analyzing Lisa/Dean. Lisa knew the moment Sam walked into her house that her life with Dean had ended. I wonder, what if Amelia somehow knew that Sam's supposed dean brother has returned? What will her reaction be? Will her reaction be like Lisa?
I guess it depends on how much Sam told her about Dean. In what way Sam depicted his relationship with his brother to her and how did he tell her about what Dean means to him.

IF Sam reacted to Dean's "death" just like the way Dean reacted to Sam's "jumping into the cage" (judging by the state of Sam, I guess it's the same) then ... I think we can predict that Amelia's reaction would be like Lisa. She would've known that she's doomed once the other brother returns.
# Sharon 2013-01-27 09:51
Except Amelia didnt know Dean had returned , all she ever really knew was Dean was gone /dead. Dean returning only affected Sam's side of the equation not Amelia's where Don returning affected both herself and Sam.

I never viewed Sam saying he ran had anything to do with being a hunter , he doesnt view hunting in the same way Dean does and although he is now back in that world he will never see hunting the same way. He 'ran' comes from losing Dean which was then the straw that broke the camels back , the event on top of all the other things he had been dealing with that proved too much.

Well at least that's my view .
# kaj 2013-01-27 12:17
Except Amelia didnt know Dean had returned , all she ever really knew was Dean was gone /dead. Dean returning only affected Sam's side of the equation not Amelia's where Don returning affected both herself and Sam.
I guess that is the thing that make me wonder.

IF and this is a big IF. IF she knows that Dean has returned, what will she say? how will she react?

Lisa had drawn a conclusion that she had lost Dean the moment Sam was back. Why? The answer is only one. Because Dean had told her how much Sam meant to him. Not in so many words but the way he led his life while he was with her. The nightmares, the obsession with hell, the buying of so many books. Lisa is a smart woman and she can read the sign.

What's the sign? It's the sign that Dean somehow only live half a soul without Sam. That's how Lisa knew that SamandDean has a crazy tangled up relationship. Even if we don't know the extend of Dean's depression (not shown on scenes) but from Lisa's dialogue we can draw that conclusion.

I have drawn a conclusion about Dean. About what Dean thinks of Sam, what Sam meant for him. Well, I guess it has been clear when the man sold his soul to bring Sam back but my jury is still out on Sam about this. What Sam thinks of Dean? How much Dean meant to Sam?

That's why I need to see Amelia's reaction when she knows that Dean has returned when Sam first left her.
Yet, it also depends on how much Sam told Amelia about what he thought about Dean. I mean the man is still secretive about his hunting life. How did he told her about the circumstances around Dean's "death"? Did he told her that Dean is a cop who raided Dick's lab? Or a salesman who died in an accidents? Or what?
It's still difficult to tell about the extend of one's emotional turmoil if he cannot tell the absolute truth about the core of his problem.

To understand deeply about the turmoil and the depressed state of Sam, Amelia must know about who Sam is, who Dean is, who Dean is for Sam.

Lisa has the better deal here because she knows about the hunting and about the apocalypse and she must have known too about Sam's sacrifice by jumping into the cage. That's why she knew exactly how deep Dean's emotional turmoil were. How much of a wreck he was without Sam.

Without knowing the history of the life that the brothers led together, how they lived in each other's pocket all their life (bar the Standford years), how they patched each other's up, how they've been deep in each other's blood, how Dean once sold his soul to hell, I'm not sure if Amelia can really understand how deep Sam's pain go.
That's why I never buy this whole Sam/Amelia because if Sam never tell the truth to her, then she won't understand his pain completely. Amelia doesn't know Sam. Amelia won't ever know how deep Sam's connection with Dean is.

That is also why I think Sam's life with Amelia, though it makes Sam happy, is just an escape. A fake. A fantasy and dream-like life just like the saturated glow that the FB has always depicted.
# E 2013-01-27 16:57
Well, to be fair... Dean didn't exactly TELL Lisa about the Supernatural... she found out about it when Ben was kidnapped. It's not like he was more honest with Lisa than Sam was with Amelia. I really don't think Dean had any intention of telling Lisa about what he did in life EVER; and we know that Sam didn't tell Amelia anything. Dean just got luckier than Sam in that his girlfriend knew more about how he lived than Sam's, and that left her uniquely able to understand Dean's pain more completely than Amelia could understand Sam's. Also, Lisa Knew Sam... had seen him, met him, was on friendly terms with him. For Lisa, Sam was a real person. Not so much for Amelia... Dean was just the "brother Sam lost" an idea rather than a person.
# kaj 2013-01-29 00:53
Well, to be fair... Dean didn't exactly TELL Lisa about the Supernatural... she found out about it when Ben was kidnapped. It's not like he was more honest with Lisa than Sam was with Amelia. I really don't think Dean had any intention of telling Lisa about what he did in life EVER; and we know that Sam didn't tell Amelia anything. Dean just got luckier than Sam in that his girlfriend knew more about how he lived than Sam's, and that left her uniquely able to understand Dean's pain more completely than Amelia could understand Sam's. Also, Lisa Knew Sam... had seen him, met him, was on friendly terms with him. For Lisa, Sam was a real person. Not so much for Amelia... Dean was just the "brother Sam lost" an idea rather than a person.
Well, to be fair... Dean didn't exactly TELL Lisa about the Supernatural... she found out about it when Ben was kidnapped. It's not like he was more honest with Lisa than Sam was with Amelia. I really don't think Dean had any intention of telling Lisa about what he did in life EVER; and we know that Sam didn't tell Amelia anything. Dean just got luckier than Sam in that his girlfriend knew more about how he lived than Sam's, and that left her uniquely able to understand Dean's pain more completely than Amelia could understand Sam's. Also, Lisa Knew Sam... had seen him, met him, was on friendly terms with him. For Lisa, Sam was a real person. Not so much for Amelia... Dean was just the "brother Sam lost" an idea rather than a person.
I agree with you that for Amelia, Dean is just an idea because Sam can't tell her that much about who Dean is and what he meant for Sam. So, essentially Sam can't open up to her completely and still lies about his life.
That's why I never bought this whole Sam/Amelia thing and there's no guarantee that she'll stay loyal to him later on.

I started to understand after watching "Larp" about why Sam's FB was shot in such a way. Glowy, glittery and dreamlike. Because essentially it's just an escape, a dream manifestation, not real. But it's not a dream dream. Am I making sense? LOL Amelia is real but just like Charlie's MoonDoor; Amelia and Sam's life with her is Sam's MoonDoor.

Sam is Larping when he was with Amelia. He's Larping as a normal guy who works maintenance in a motel. The hunting world is the real world. Essentially Sam stepped out of the real world which is full of monster and dead/disappeare d brother into a world of "normal" that he could only dream growing up.

That's why the sequence of Sam's FB is not linear. Seems like jumping out of order. Like playing an RPG game when you can access any sequence of level.

Writers, I think now I get you. :D
# PaintedWolf 2013-01-29 05:36
Kaj, that's a pretty interesting take on the Sam/Amelia relationship. I must admit, when I heard people talking of their relationship in 'love of his life' terms, I was surprised because I just didn't see Amelia that way.
I've never been sure if Sam was truly in love with Amelia, or in love with the idea of Amelia and the life he could've built with her. As you say, his dream world where there was no dead brother, no monsters, no danger of losing someone else he loves to supernatural forces.
I do like this idea very much. Thanks you.
# PaintedWolf 2013-01-29 05:36
Er, that should be Thank You.
# sweetondean 2013-01-29 05:40
Hi kaj

I really like how you've looked at this and your thoughts behind why Sam's flashbacks were portrayed how they were. Thanks for sharing your's a real good one!
# E 2013-01-29 08:44
Kaj, I really like this and agree with you, and I am hoping that we will get more from Sam on this, hopefully in the already infamous episode 14, the one with the presumed "brother talk" in it. I think Jared alluded to this idea in a recent interview when he referred to Sam's time with Amelia as "Sam's Purgatory," and also what Sam may have been getting at in his talk with Mike Farrell's character in Hunter Heroici. Interesting, but I for one, would like more detail.

I am not sure that the Amelia story is finished yet. It could be, and if so, I will be sorely disappointed in it. Not because she wasn't the love of his life, or because she was an acerbic kind of person or even because I wanted the relationship to be more engaging that it was, but because we learned so little about Sam from it. I think that the writers intended to set the Benny and Amelia story lines up as a parallel to show what each brother was going through in their year off. It was a great idea, and efficient story telling too. But while the Dean/Benny story managed to show us plenty; where he was, what he was doing, the danger, the introduction of Benny, how Dean felt about being there, his struggles, what his plans were, his missions, etc, etc and etc... the Sam/Amelia story only revealed things about Amelia, and not much at all about Sam. We still have no idea what he did, or how he felt, what he decided his mission was or what his plans were, from his own mouth. We got Amelia talking for Sam and telling him how he felt and we got Amelia's Dad also telling Sam how he felt, but nothing much from Sam himself.

There has been much discussion on the boards recently about the fact that Sam doesn't have any friends. For me, it's not really about that; Sam has friends.... the same friends as Dean does. It's more that Sam does not confide in anyone, friends or no friends. He doesn't even confide in Dean any more, at least not much. Dean confides in everyone that he feels comfortable with; in this most recent episode, it was Charlie. Many say that Sam isn't an open person and not inclined to confidences. Well, I say, Sam is a fictional character, so write him deciding to open up to someone for a change so we can get some dang POV! :lol:
# Tiny 2013-01-28 05:43
Like... I couldn't resist but to stare at your screen shots! LOL..

Yes, I like how a filler episode like this one can address the brother relationship so well. And I think it is a great way to wrap a bad part of their relationship.

You're spot on about Sam. I think Dean did well to remind Sam about fun. I think Supernatural is best when the brothers can remind each other things they've forgotten. When Dean is sad and depress, Sam is there. When Sam is sad and damaged, Dean is there to cheer him up. Mostly. No matter how bad things get, the brothers will always come together in the end.

So... next week... As Time Goes By -- one of the most anticipated episodes this season. I can't wait to see Grandpa Henry in action. From what I've already seen, he looks awesomely awesome!!

Thanks Amy! Great review as usual!

# Manstrad 2013-01-28 08:31
This is the second episode where Dean didn't call his brother "Sammy". Even if they are fighting he manage to call him this way at least once. I thought this episode was perfect for a Sammy calling... did I miss it?
I like the way J.A. says it, sounds real, makes me feel the real brotherly love, now that they are mature, it has more meaning. In the early episodes was just a nickname.
Just saying...
# Amy 2013-01-28 10:44
MAybe its just me but I think the nickname 'Sammy" needs to retired. Its a childs name.....a reminder of more innocent times, but more importantly a reminder when Sam was a child....vulner able and lacked control over his life.

Psycologically i think it undercuts Sams confidence in himself, makes him feel small and weak. And i think it cuts Sam even more when Dean calls him Sammy when they arn't ina good place....fighti ng..instead of 'brotherly love' .then its a dig, a reminder that Sam isn't good enough, not trusted

"Sammy" needs to go the way of the amulet.
# KELLY 2013-01-28 11:08
Amy, I completely disagree. While Dean does sometimes use it when he's irritated or hurt, most of the time he uses with affection. I do see it as a reminder of when they were younger, but not in a way to belittle. Simply a connection back through their lives.

I started calling my niece Googi or Googi Monster when she was a baby. She's now 17 and I still called her that when I'm in the right mood. I even accidentally done when she's with her friends, which she appreciates. I will probably still do when she 40. Because, though it irritates her at times, she knows its just a way to show affection and to say I love you and needle her a little at the same time-all with one short moniker. And because no other person it the world calls her that-it's a thing just for us.

And I missed the amulet.
# Amy 2013-01-28 11:45
Awwww. I love the story behind your nickname for your niece. :) :)

IDK I just think the situations are different. Sam and Dean are hunters. Sam asked Dean not to call him that in s1 and had to accept that Dean wouldn't stop. It became like you said a sign of affection. Afterall Sam would never have told Gordon "Only he gets to call me that."

But then John was always calling sam "Sammy". And we know John never saw Sam as an adult and hunter in his own right. But as the years went by Sam failed so many times to save Dean....s3 and 4 from hell...he failed to help Dean deal with Hell he failed Dean in every way that Dean HAS basically bullet pointed in Season 8.

Weather Dean meant it all or not is besides the point. Names have power. I truely think Sam feels he's failed Dean in every way...that he's that he's pushed all those feelings down so it doesn't show on the surface but those feelings of being not good enough, not strong enough, not smart enough..

Its there in that nickname. That little kid who always has to be protected and taken care of....watched out for. "Sammy" is not Deans equal or his partner. Sam is.

Obviously if what i think is true its something Sam needs to work out and come to terms with or maybe its just me. lol But both demons adn Angels and a few monsters have called him Sammy to play on those insecuriteis and feelings of lack of self worth.
# KELLY 2013-01-28 13:00
Amy, I got to rambling a bit so I'm putting the reply in Let's Discuss Sam Winchester.

Oops couldn't find that one so I'll put it in What Sam did on summer vacation.
# E 2013-01-28 18:36
I agree with you Kelly, the nickname "Sammy" would only be a negative if Dean used it in a derogatory way, which he clearly does not, not even when they are fighting. To me, Sammy is affectionate and familiar, something that only Dean is allowed to use, which makes it even more special IMO.

Oh, and I miss the amulet too.
# love2boys 2013-01-29 06:13
Re the amulet. I miss the amulet too. It was given out of love. And for years worn out of love. I think Sam has it. I am afraid we will see it again during Dean's hunter's funeral when Sam places it on Dean's burning body. I don't want to see that.
# sweetondean 2013-01-29 06:29
Oh my gosh! :cry:
# lala2 2013-01-29 08:13
I must say the amulet was tainted for me when Dean threw it in the trash. I can't say I miss it.
# Amy 2013-01-29 11:47
Love2boys.....b ut Dean threw the amulet away saying it was worthless. If Sam placed it on Deans burning body wouldn't that be seen as disrespectful? Especially on someone's funeral pyre? Especially by ceratin segments of fandom?

I think its safer to just leave it in whatever landfill it ended up in. Dean CHOOSE to throw away the amulet, has shown no regret for his choice. I think Sam should be allowed the respect to respect Deans choice.
# lala2 2013-01-29 14:15
Yes, I agree! I always thought it would return, and the end of the S5 would have been the ideal time for it to reappear or Dean finding the amulet in Sam's belongings either at the end of S5 or beginning of S6, but that never happened.

The amulet is long gone. I guess Sam left it in the trash where Dean threw it. It clearly didn't mean anything to Dean anymore so I'm fine w/it staying gone.
# Sylvie 2013-01-29 08:12
I agree with you Kelly. My sister's name is Gayle, but I still call her Gayly, and she's 57! Same thing with my brothers, Louis, I call Ti-Lou, and René, I call Rendo. And I'll be calling them that for a very long time. So, in essence, I think Dean calling Sam Sammy is more a term of endearment than anything else. :-)
# Hades 2013-01-29 06:35
I agree with you here, I think 'Sammy' is sometimes used to make Sam feel small? Feel like a helpless child especially when demons and monsters use it, its like they're taunting him.

I to find the nick name too childish for grown up Sam who I feel doesnt have the innocence, childishness, the fun element to him to be able to carry it off anymore.

I think with Dean he's just given up correcting him so he lets it go, a very Sam thing to do imo.

Also the use of 'Sammy' when the boys are at odds with each other I can imagine would aso make Sam feel like he's being talked down to and I have sometimes seen it as a way to emotionaly manipulate Sam.

I therefore agree 'Sammy' needs to go and the Amulet needs to never come back as it too represents something that no longer exsists.
# PaintedWolf 2013-01-29 08:05
I'm in the camp that believes that 'Sammy' is affectionate and always has been.
I have similar nicknames for my brother and sister (and regualrly use them), both of whom are adults and, I'd argue, don't have that 'innocence' anymore.
While Sam has given up correcting Dean, I don't understand why he would have defended it to Gordon in Bloodlust. He didn't even say, "Don't call me that", he said "Only he gets to call me that". If the name represents Dean's looking down on Sam and Sam knows it, why would he make that statement? Why would he make it clear that only Dean gets to call him Sammy if Sammy is used to make him feel small? Surely Sam, who's been fighting for equality in their relationship pretty much since the dawn of this show, would argue against it if he felt that was the meaning behind the name?
I don't know, I feel like nicknames are affectionate. They're a symbol of familiarity, and usually have memories and history attached to them. Just because a person is no longer who they were when they earned the nickname, why does it have to fall away?
Also, the way Dean (Jensen) delivers the name, it always sounds very natural, very much like the way I would address my own siblings, and I've never used my nicknames in manner that could be considered talking down. I do it without thinking, and I've felt Dean does too.
Just for my part, I wouldn't like to see the name disappear, because I've always felt it's just a part of their relationship, like bitch-jerk, and the amulet once was. Yes, their relationship has changed, but I don't think everything that has meant something has to change too. JMO.
# lala2 2013-01-29 08:51
Add me to the group that LOVES the "Sammy" nickname. I don't think Sam is offended anymore when Dean calls him Sammy. In the first season, Sam was determined to leave hunting and saw the nickname as insulting. Over the course of the season, Sam realized that Dean (or John) meant no ill intent by calling him "Sammy." It really is a term of endearment. That's why he didn't want Gordon calling him "Sammy." And, yes, demons use it in a negative way but Sam knows the difference.,
# Amy 2013-01-29 11:36
But Bitch-jerk has gone the way of the amulet. Also...I think Sam isn't going to say anything to Dean about Sammy because it would give Dean more power over him.

I mean the guys spend half a year yearly at each others throats in misunderstands and one or both go for the perverbial jugular,why would Sam tell Dean what"Sammy" symbolizes something negative to him? It could be another personal weapon Dean would use against Sam when they are at odds.

I think Sam is taking the approach he uses with Demons and Angels when they call him Sammy. He ignores it the best he can. But I dont think for Sam "sammy' no longer has the same meaning that fans prescribe to it.

Thanks have changed far too much between them
# lala2 2013-01-29 14:19
I, respectfully, disagree Amy. I just don't think Sam is hurt or insulted when Dean calls him "Sammy." He may have found it insulting in the early part of S1, but I don't think he feels that way any longer. It's a term of endearment. That's all.

I certainly don't think Sam equates Dean calling him "Sammy" w/a demon or angel doing it. Plus, nothing on the show leads to me believe Sam has a problem w/Dean calling him "Sammy."
# E 2013-01-30 05:51
When Sam tells Gordon that "only he (Dean) gets to call me that," to me was a clear defense of Dean and only Dean getting to use the nickname and no one else; I think that Sam realizes that when Dean uses it it's special, affectionate, a symbol of all they have shared together, not a knock. With the exception of practically the first episode of the first season, there has been really no evidence that Sam minds Dean calling him that.
# PaintedWolf 2013-01-30 08:24
I still don't know Amy. Yes, bitch-jerk is gone, so has the amulet, but I haven't seen where Sam may have felt it had a negative connotation.
In any case if he didn't want Dean to call him that he could just tell him to stop. He doesn't even necessarily have to tell Dean why, other than he doesn't like it.
I just don't know why Sam should have to be concerned that Dean has power over him, either. Dean is his brother, which means Dean does have the power to hurt him, but Sam should be able to trust him not to.
If Sam has spent all these years feeling like Sammy has any other meaning than affection and all that, why should he have to just put up with it and ignore it?
Yes, things have changed between them, but Sam is, has and always will be, Dean's little brother.
I still use the nickname I've used for my little sister that I have for as long as I can remember. We're both adults now, and you could say much has changed between us too.
I wonder though, if maybe you could provide examples of where you've felt the name has been used negatively? I haven't seen it, so I'm not understanding when Sammy stopped meaning the same to Sam as it does the fans.
# KELLY 2013-01-29 12:06
Sweetondean,I tried to move this to another page. :-)
Amy and now Hades,
This is probably thinking way more deeply about this then I should. But I think with “ Only he get to call me that.” (that and Dean’s little smile in response is one of my favorite moments) Sam is acknowledging that it has a similar meaning for him, despite his previous protests to it.

And I think when demons and angels use it to mock him, they are trying to twist something that they know has meaning, in order to get to him. The same way they will always try to utilize either of the guy’s vulnerabilities . Sometimes it seems to work, most times it’s ignored completely. Either way they would find something to exploit because demon like to play mind games.

I emphatically do not believe that Dean or Sam see it as a sign that Sam is not an equal partner. John may have used it that way sometimes. But John and Sam’s relationship is nothing like Dean and Sam’s relationship. I’m not saying I don’t sometimes see an imbalance of power, but I don’t think either of them see this term of affection as a sign of that.

I think both have issues with self-worth and that there are words that can trigger them. But I see those as ones like, freak or monster for Sam. With Dean it’s usually something with responsibility or fault that triggers his guilt. Although, emmau, mentioned in a debate we had last summer that weak was one in S4. I have to admit re-watching that probably was the writers’ intention, but it never struck until she pointed it out.
# anonymousN 2013-01-28 12:42
I still can't tell if Sam's aware or not of Dean's decision regarding Benny.
This sentence sums up my disappointment with the seasonQuote:
a bit of fun, just like the Winchesters.
This is where the episode won.I was very happy to see both of them getting to enjoy.They deserve this.
Rebecca GilpinRGNYC
# Rebecca GilpinRGNYC 2013-01-28 18:25
I loved everyting you wrote, SweetonDean! The episode was a joy to watch. The comic timing you mention--yes was so perfect.

I love this show!
# Manstrad 2013-01-30 04:00
Sorry Sweatondean. I didn't think it was going to get any response, since I think Sammy is just a nickname like Bobby. My apologies.
# E 2013-01-30 05:53
Hi Manstrad, Just so's you know, Dean DID call Sam 'Sammy' right at the beginning of the episode when he says "let's go have some fun, you remember fun, don't you Sammy?" It's subtle, but it's there...!
# Manstrad 2013-01-30 19:55
Thanks E. I missed it!
# love2boys 2013-01-30 18:15
To Sweetondean, lala2 and Amy, of course all of you right and I feel the same way. I’ve been down about the way the boys have been written this year and not sure one episode of LARPing will bring them back together, especially since both Js want some time off to spend with their families. Which is totally fair, and I sincerely approve of that, naturally.
I have noticed that posters are very literal, which is why I thought you all would see that my “I am afraid” really meant “I AM AFRAID!” As in I AM AFRAID the writers will disappoint the fanbase as they seem to have before. And the above scenario seems terribly dark, therefore one that I am afraid they will write. I heard the funeral pyre scenario from a friend, so it must be circulating out there somewhere. Sorry - I didn't mean to imply that would be a good ending or that I wanted to bring back the amulet!
# Amy 2013-01-30 21:22
To ybe the funeral pyre scenerio you heard about was a scene in someones fanfic...or an idea for a fanfic?

I'm hot and cold about the repairing of the bond between Sam and Dean. Whatas the point? The writers will simply break them up again next season and personally I've had it with the lies and the anget and Deans throwing his 'better brothers' line at Sam every year. I dont look forward toi that or Sam's charecor turned inside out to fit the writers plot in s9.

I'd much prefer the writers gave Sam his own best friend and his own car and seperated Sam and Dean to work opposite ends of a case.

This would totally give the J's the time of they want and need and for Sam fans to finally see Sam interact with someoenother then Dean and have his own unique friendship.
# sweetondean 2013-01-30 21:36
I have a fanfic with a funeral pyre! But not Sam burning Dean (or visa versa).

As I understand it, neither of the Js have asked for additional time off. I believe Alice has addressed this before in other posts - I can't remember which though, but I know she has (wracking my brain here but nothing's coming!). The Js are committed to the show through to season 10. With more regular cast this season, it does mean that their work load appears to be less heavy - but that is also storyline based and this is still a show with 2 leads who carry the bulk of the work.

As for wishing Sam to have his own friend and his own car and the brother's to work separately, I understand that you are upset with the writers and the way the characters have been pulled hither and thither over the last few years, but we have been told that the intent is to bring the brother's back together - for me, I see those baby steps happening. I hope this continues - only time will tell off course! I also can't take the continual back and forth with their relationship! Too hurty!

I can't see the show ever going having the brothers apart permanently working separately though - that's not the concept of the series....
# Amy 2013-01-30 21:57

I'm not sure I entirely agree with you about this...thge havoing the boys working seperately. I get this isn't the concept of the series but like everyone seems intent of saying: Things evolve. Dean has already spent large portions of episodes and portions of the season working soley with Castiel or Benny. And if you count flashbacks with both of them.

So....if show is eviolving to where Dean has better brothers and best friends and profound bonds with others that he has heart to hearts with then why can't Sam have one single good friend that he can feel comfortable opening up to and working with that person?
# sweetondean 2013-01-30 22:01
I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one Amy, but I'm pretty sure you know that and where I stand on the brothers...I make that fairly clear week to week (I hope I do anyway!), and I've not been hung up on that better brother line - so I've never seen that, I don't believe for one single second that Dean undervalues Sam in that way - regardless of what was said under the influence of the spectre some episodes ago. Just the way I see their relationship... This will forever be a show about Sam and Dean to me. That's how I always see it.
# Amy 2013-01-30 23:02

This is gonna sound strange or odd or whatever. but I LOVE how you see the show and I WISH i could see it as you do. And sometimes I do but....well

I love that Sam and Dean are the main relationship but I need for it to not be Sams only relationship.
# sweetondean 2013-01-31 00:02
And I totally understand that and where you're coming from :-)
# Leah 2013-01-30 22:11
Amy, why can't Sam have these things and still work with his brother? Are they mutually exclusive? Who knows what path the writers will take with Sam re: friends. I hope he can be written to have people in his life besides Dean. Maybe some romantic interests, a dog? Whatever. I do think a relationship and proximity to his brother is very important to Sam and the story would suffer IMO if that formula is messed with too much.
# Amy 2013-01-31 10:16
I honestly think the writers think its mutually exclusive. Dean (the writers voices) keep harping on how they (Sam and Dean) can't have connections and yet the writers keep giving Dean connections to others..And always they are PROFOUND connections. Meanwhile Sam had to cut all ties to everyone he ever starts to get close to; especially if he wants to hunt with Dean or be Deans brother as Dean sees Sam having another relationship as Sam abondoning Dean.

I do think Sam and Deans relatinship is important to Sam but it shouldn't be the sole relationship. ANd personally i think sam having other relaitonships/f riendships would only enhance his relatinship with Dean. And enhance tghe specialness of their relationship.
# Leah 2013-01-31 14:33
We are on common ground, Amy. I think Dean's abandonment issues have more to do with a physical separation more than Dean not wanting Sam to have a relationship. I honestly think Dean would be happy if Sam had some friends or a romantic involvement. There is always the worry about putting others in danger, however. I think the "not looking" thing muddied the waters about Amelia and how Dean would feel about Sam being happy in another circumstance. In past episodes Dean was very on board with the idea of Sam having relationships. The idea of Sam going away and not having contact distresses Dean though. Just my take.
# lala2 2013-01-30 21:27
Oh, there is nothing wrong w/wanting the amulet back! Sorry if I made you feel there was :-)