In today's installment of Carver episode reviews, it's "Free To Be You And Me."  Dean's with Cass, Sam's working in a bar, and we meet a Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel!  With special guest appearance by Lucifer himself!

  •     True story: I used to work for the company that does the closed captioning for this show, and I captioned this episode.  It was only the third episode of the show I'd ever seen, and I didn't know about Sam and Dean's anti-possession tattoos.  So when Sam rolls over, I was like, "that's a really weird tattoo that Jared has."  It made SO MUCH more sense after I'd seen "Jus In Bello."
  •     Also, hey, shirtless Sam!


  •     Also also, hey, Jess!
  •     Jess' line "I was dead from the moment we met" is much more poignant given what we learn in season 6 from Brady.
  •     Fantastic use of Lynard Skynard's "Simple Man" in this episode.  And the Dean vs. Sam montages are brilliant, too.  I especially like the cut from Dean beheading a vamp to Sam cutting a lemon.
  •     "Eat it, Twilight" is a great line.
  •     I always like to see them dealing with the mundane repercussions of the hunt; Dean cleaning blood off his jacket in this episode.  Those kind of details really ground the more fantastical elements of the show.  But that was a lot of blood, and I'm not sure dabbing a cloth over the stains is going to get it out...
  •     One wonders how many times Cass gets all up in Dean's face before they had to have the personal space talk.

SPN 0136

  •     I didn't care for the actress playing Lindsey.  She just didn't click with me.
  •     Cass wanting to walk in and tell the truth is so precious.
  •     What a great sight gag.

SPN 0306

  •     I really liked the interrogation scene with Cass playing an FBI agent.  It was funny and still seemed true to Cass' character, not forced or anything.  Compare this scene with the brothel scene later in this episode and the FBI scene is the clear winner.
  •     Bobby is so sassy during his phone call with Sam.  I love it!
  •     Sorry to all the people out there with the name Keith Sam, but it is pretty bad.
  •     Awwww, Cass is petrified of the girls in the brothel.  Poor angel.  I'm not a huge fan of this scene, but Cass' woobie face is pretty damn adorable.

SPN 0543

  •     Man, it's sad when Dean admits he hasn't laughed that hard in years.  First off, he wasn't laughing all that hard, and second off, everyone deserves laughter and joy in their lives, so it really sucks when someone doesn't get it.
  •     I feel bad for Donnie Finnerman.  I wonder how Raphael convinced Donnie to give his consent?  From what we know of Raphael, I'm sure it was probably a threat of some sort.
  •     Raphael's wings are HELLA cool.

SPN 0702

  •     Demore Barnes was super intimidating as Raphael, no?  He's got this great menacing look that's tinged with a bit of mania.  Perfect.
  •     Seriously, look at Raphael's eyes here.  Mania!

SPN 0775

  •     And now a palate cleanser featuring wet Castiel.


  •     "Maybe one day, but today you're my little bitch."  Oh, snap, Cass!
  •     I wonder how Raphael got out of the holy oil.  Was that ever explained and I've just forgotten?  Maybe he made it rain into the room and put out the fire.
  •     Ugh, I hate the part where the douchey hunters make Sam drink demon blood.  Good on Sam for spitting it back out, but that is just so not cool.


  •     I love Dean's pep talk to Cass in the Impala.  Dean may not believe God is out there, but Cass does, and Dean does the exact right thing here, helping Cass believe again.
  •     No, Dean, you're not happy.  You're just lying to yourself.
  •     Oh, hey, Lucifer!  The Lucifer this show has created is so horrible, but damn if I don't like him anyway.  I blame Mark Pellegrino for being so damn charismatic.

SPN 1052

  •     The Sam is Lucifer's vessel reveal was pretty good, though.  I liked that.
  •     Ooh, nice tear from Jared when he's telling Lucifer he'll never say yes to being his vessel.
  •     The totally nonchalant way Lucifer says he'll just bring Sam back if he kills himself really takes the wind right out of Sam.  It's perfect delivery.
  •     Whew, the end of this episode is heavy!  Good thing the next episode really lightened things up.  Oh, wait...

And that's a wrap on "Free To Be You And Me."  Next up is the season 5 masterpiece "Changing Channels," one of my favorite episodes of all time.  I'm looking forward to hearing what Alice has to say about it!