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In today's installment of Carver episode reviews, it's "Free To Be You And Me."  Dean's with Cass, Sam's working in a bar, and we meet a Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel!  With special guest appearance by Lucifer himself!

  •     True story: I used to work for the company that does the closed captioning for this show, and I captioned this episode.  It was only the third episode of the show I'd ever seen, and I didn't know about Sam and Dean's anti-possession tattoos.  So when Sam rolls over, I was like, "that's a really weird tattoo that Jared has."  It made SO MUCH more sense after I'd seen "Jus In Bello."
  •     Also, hey, shirtless Sam!


  •     Also also, hey, Jess!
  •     Jess' line "I was dead from the moment we met" is much more poignant given what we learn in season 6 from Brady.
  •     Fantastic use of Lynard Skynard's "Simple Man" in this episode.  And the Dean vs. Sam montages are brilliant, too.  I especially like the cut from Dean beheading a vamp to Sam cutting a lemon.
  •     "Eat it, Twilight" is a great line.
  •     I always like to see them dealing with the mundane repercussions of the hunt; Dean cleaning blood off his jacket in this episode.  Those kind of details really ground the more fantastical elements of the show.  But that was a lot of blood, and I'm not sure dabbing a cloth over the stains is going to get it out...
  •     One wonders how many times Cass gets all up in Dean's face before they had to have the personal space talk.

SPN 0136

  •     I didn't care for the actress playing Lindsey.  She just didn't click with me.
  •     Cass wanting to walk in and tell the truth is so precious.
  •     What a great sight gag.

SPN 0306

  •     I really liked the interrogation scene with Cass playing an FBI agent.  It was funny and still seemed true to Cass' character, not forced or anything.  Compare this scene with the brothel scene later in this episode and the FBI scene is the clear winner.
  •     Bobby is so sassy during his phone call with Sam.  I love it!
  •     Sorry to all the people out there with the name Keith Sam, but it is pretty bad.
  •     Awwww, Cass is petrified of the girls in the brothel.  Poor angel.  I'm not a huge fan of this scene, but Cass' woobie face is pretty damn adorable.

SPN 0543

  •     Man, it's sad when Dean admits he hasn't laughed that hard in years.  First off, he wasn't laughing all that hard, and second off, everyone deserves laughter and joy in their lives, so it really sucks when someone doesn't get it.
  •     I feel bad for Donnie Finnerman.  I wonder how Raphael convinced Donnie to give his consent?  From what we know of Raphael, I'm sure it was probably a threat of some sort.
  •     Raphael's wings are HELLA cool.

SPN 0702

  •     Demore Barnes was super intimidating as Raphael, no?  He's got this great menacing look that's tinged with a bit of mania.  Perfect.
  •     Seriously, look at Raphael's eyes here.  Mania!

SPN 0775

  •     And now a palate cleanser featuring wet Castiel.


  •     "Maybe one day, but today you're my little bitch."  Oh, snap, Cass!
  •     I wonder how Raphael got out of the holy oil.  Was that ever explained and I've just forgotten?  Maybe he made it rain into the room and put out the fire.
  •     Ugh, I hate the part where the douchey hunters make Sam drink demon blood.  Good on Sam for spitting it back out, but that is just so not cool.


  •     I love Dean's pep talk to Cass in the Impala.  Dean may not believe God is out there, but Cass does, and Dean does the exact right thing here, helping Cass believe again.
  •     No, Dean, you're not happy.  You're just lying to yourself.
  •     Oh, hey, Lucifer!  The Lucifer this show has created is so horrible, but damn if I don't like him anyway.  I blame Mark Pellegrino for being so damn charismatic.

SPN 1052

  •     The Sam is Lucifer's vessel reveal was pretty good, though.  I liked that.
  •     Ooh, nice tear from Jared when he's telling Lucifer he'll never say yes to being his vessel.
  •     The totally nonchalant way Lucifer says he'll just bring Sam back if he kills himself really takes the wind right out of Sam.  It's perfect delivery.
  •     Whew, the end of this episode is heavy!  Good thing the next episode really lightened things up.  Oh, wait...

And that's a wrap on "Free To Be You And Me."  Next up is the season 5 masterpiece "Changing Channels," one of my favorite episodes of all time.  I'm looking forward to hearing what Alice has to say about it!


# percysowner 2012-09-29 10:01
I didn’t care for the actress playing Lindsey. She just didn’t click with me.
I think that may have been a consensus. I remember the casting sides said Lindsey was a potential recurring character. I would have loved for Sam to have had someone he could have talked to about his addiction issues and Lindsey seemed to be a possibility, but they never went there.

Man, it’s sad when Dean admits he hasn’t laughed that hard in years. First off, he wasn’t laughing all that hard, and second off, everyone deserves laughter and joy in their lives, so it really sucks when someone doesn’t get it.
It is sad. It is also used as a cudgel to prove that Sam was never a good brother, so although I like the line, I hate the fallout from it. Frankly my deeply practical side kicked in here and all I could think was "Dean for 40 years you were in Hell being tortured and torturing. Then you came back to PTSD, Sam being an addict and the Apocalypse starting. And for one year before Hell you thought you were going to Hell and the year before that you were mourning your father. I'm not surprised you haven't laughed that hard in years,". Of course it also meant that he was totally ignoring the lighthearted, funnish adventure he had with Jamie in Monster Movie, but it was a few days in the middle of a really sucky 43 year run. I just hated the part where Dean implies it's all Sam's fault that he hasn't laughed in years.
# lala2 2012-09-29 13:50
I didn’t care for the actress playing Lindsey. She just didn’t click with me.
I think that may have been a consensus.
Guess I'm in the minority. I had no problem w/Lindsey or the actress playing. But then, I had no problem w/Cassie in Route 666 or the actress playing her. I've never had a problem w/the acting from anyone on this show except Jared's wife. Everyone else has been fine to me!

I know many didn't like Lindsey b/c I remember the complaints - heck, people complained a lot about Sam's part of FTBYAM - but I never understood why. She worked at a bar, and an attractive man was hired so she tried to chat him up . . . makes sense to me. LOL!
# percysowner 2012-09-29 15:55
I actually liked her as well. I was just noting that the original call was for her to be a possible recurring character and then it never came about. Frankly, I would have loved to have her be an outlet for Sam to talk to, a way to express his feelings without him getting the label of blaming Dean and "making" Dean apologize. Any explanation to Dean about why Sam behaved the way he did in season four was problematic because Dean had issues to deal with about Sam's behavior. Having someone who wasn't involved would have given us a look at Sam without putting a burden on Dean. I regret they didn't do that.
# Sylvie 2012-10-01 11:21
I had heard that Sam & Lindsay get together in this episode, but the scene was cut. I can't say I didn't like her, but I did not get any chemistry between her & Sam, so in a way I'm kind of glad we didn't get that scene, even though it would have been a good fangirl moment. Also, she kept badgering him for information, and then at the restaurant when he's a little cagey, she says she didn't mean to pry. Yeah, right!
# arefe 2012-09-29 10:24
oh i almost forgot this ep also was written by J.Carver
this is one of the goods
now i`m just thinking about if there is profile for S&D how many of the info s brought by Carver
he gave us a lot of information about characters, their past, their feeling toward each others..
# hedi 2012-09-29 11:50
i used to like this episode , but when i watched it again , i felt like it's not that good. what was the point of that scene , where those hunters forced sam to drink demon blood!? so WHAT? they could've done it in a much better way ! or that bar scene with Cas and Dean totally out of episode ! the whole thing that Cas and Dean are together on a hunt for a day is good enough to go , but going to bar ....i'm not so sure about that.
the only thing that actually stood out from this episode was knowing that Sam is lucifer's vessel ! this is probably one of the "NOT GOOD" episodes of Jeremy.
# LEAH D 2012-09-29 12:09
I did enjoy this episode very much. The humorous scenes between Dean ad Cas were really needed at this point to lighten things up.

My feelings about the holy oil thing is that it eventually burns off and they can cross. Wasn't Gabriel able to get out also?

Raphaels wings were extremely cool. A good illustration of the extra juice the archangels have!

I think Dean's comment about not having laughed in years was sad and not meant to say that everything was Sam's fault and that he was a bad brother. I think after years and years of worrying and trying to protect his brother PLUS everything else that has happened the last few years had taken it's toll. Having a break from that for a time was a relief. I do not always excuse Dean, for he has made some bad decisions. Just lately I feel he is getting a bad rap in many comments.
# Bevie 2012-09-29 15:15
I agree with you that Dean's comment he hadn't laughed like that in years was sad for him, but not that it was Sam's fault. It really is a miracle that Dean can laugh at all, after what he has been put through. I would dearly love to see the both of them having a good laugh together some day. It was a long wait until the end of 'Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie'. About two years. :-?

And Dean pulled the fire alarm to start the sprinklers to put out the fire around Gabriel. It gave Gabe something to think about, by the look on his face. (By the way, please bring back Gabe/Trickster to the show)
# LEAH D 2012-09-29 17:16
Oh yeah Bevie, I forgot about the fire alarm, thanks.
# Ginger 2012-09-30 18:20
I thought the scene where Dean yells as Gabriel and then pulls the fire alarm was excellent...but ....really? Water on an oil fire??? (Just something to laugh about, because these writers don't know the first thing about elementary counting or science!)
# percysowner 2012-09-29 16:01
Sorry, my comment was not meant to be a slam against Dean. It was a slam against the writing. I had just endured and entire season of Sam the bad brother and Dean's comment was made to remind us of how much a failure Sam was and that Castiel was really a far better replacement as a companion and a hunter than Sam could ever be. Look, he makes Dean laugh the way Sam hasn't in years!! Look as long as Cas is around, Dean is happy and fine.

Basically it was showing the continuing slide into Sam shouldn't be hunting with Dean that bothered me. It goes back to my belief that if the writers see Sam as such a bad match for Dean, then (as much as I love Sam and Jared) just write him out. Don't continue to make him a stick figure who we are constantly reminded does nothing good for Dean.
# LEAH D 2012-09-29 16:35
percysowner-I understand that the writers write the character of Dean. I just completely disagree with your assessment of those comments. The inference that Sam was a failure, Cas was a better companion, that Cas was a better hunter and that Dean is happy and fine without Sam is completely coming from some fans and not the writers IMO. I respect your opinions, I have been reading your comments for years. I just feel I need to stick up for Dean lately, sorry. This is NOT Sam vs Dean BTW. You will rarely hear me say a bad word about Sam when I am making a point. To borrow a phrase from emmau, mileage varies.
# Ginger 2012-09-30 18:26
I agree totally with your assessment, Leah. The uberarc was Sam's slide downhill and then saving the world, and this was played off of the brothers' relationship, and that was the point of Sam's decisions and Dean's reactions.

My complaint is that the writers gave Sam the redemption for his bad decisions by saving the world, but I don't think they have mended the brothers' relationship in a satisfactory way. That's why I never liked the Soulless Sam story that went on for two years. I wished they would have picked a different direction for Sam. I still think that both Humpty Dumpties will be put back together again under Carver's direction.
# LEAH D 2012-09-30 19:25
Yes Ginger, I can get behind this comment absolutely.
# lala2 2012-09-29 13:55
I hated the scene w/Castiel in the brothel. He had always been presented as strong and stoic, but then he's whimpering like a child at the brothel!?!?!?!? Huh? That made no sense to me. It wasn't comical. It was silly.

But that's just my opinion.
# Geordiegirl1967 2012-09-29 14:14
Cards on the table - FTBYAM is my least favourite of all 149 SPN eps so far. I hate it with a passion. So this is not going to be a calm and reasoned comment on the pros and cons.

To me it includes everything I hated about the direction the show took in s4 all concentrated in one hideous 42 mins. It had Sam alone, counterpointed with the Dean/Cas show - which to me is the polar opposite of what the show should be about. I know that this ep is catnip for a faction of fans who fell for Cas when he arrived and see a soooo spechul relationship between him and Dean (which I have never seen or got). This is how they'd love the show to be; bad Sam who doesn't deserve a wonderful brother like Dean, Dean wakes up to the fact that he can do better and turns to Cas as his new bestest friend in all the world. There are fans would would like every ep to be Dean and Cas bonding over how miserable Dean was when he was with Sam, discussing how bad it was of Sam to betray him, and how Cas would never do that, then unwinding over a drink at a brothel at the end of a hard days hunting. Sorry but that is not the show I signed up for.

I felt this ep continued the ooc and inconsistent (with what we had seen for 3 seasons up to s4, and what we knew of their back story) rewriting of the relationship between D&S that started with Lazarus Rising. It recast the characters of the brothers into loyal, dependable, endlessly patient Dean vs prideful, ungrateful, power hungry Sam who had been resenting Dean all his life for not letting him grow up. They had never been like that before. The real Sam would not have chosen Ruby over Dean no matter how much demon blood he drank. And the real Dean would never have been so judgemental and unwilling to compromise/unde rstand. Neither of them would have so quickly (after Dean's return from Hell) - without a moments hesitation or doubt - have slipped into lying to each other and keeping secrets.

Sorry - I know I am ranting, but I feel very strongly about this ep. When I heard JC was taking over as showrunner my first thought was 'please let his view of the show be all MS / VSC and no FTBYAM'.

(Note - I am not saying that all those who like Cas also hate Sam. I know that is not true. But there absolutely is a faction who would prefer D/C, rather than D/S, as the main relationship in the show)
# amy 2012-09-29 16:06
I'm once again reminded how much I'm dreading Carver taking over the show. Free to be me and you was so one sided. Yeah, Dean hasn't laughed in years. Well, get a clue, Dean because SAM hasn't had anything to laugh about either.

Its occurred to me that the only time Sam ever has a friend/someone to talk to (who will really LISTEN to him) is when he isn't hunting. When he's hunting anyone and everyone is talking AT Sam or behind Sam's back or ignoring him. Or trying to kill him. And those are just Deans friends and chosen family.

No wonder Sam hates hunting.
# lala2 2012-09-29 20:59

That's very true! As someone mentioned above, it was three years before we saw Sam laugh again, and he didn't even really laugh in Plucky's. He just smiled b/c Dean was laughing.

Sam leads a very sad, lonely life. He has zero friends outside of his brother. He has no one to talk to or commiserate with about his problems/troubl es. Jo, Bobby, Ellen, Garth, Castiel - all Dean's friends. It's really very sad!
# Amy 2012-09-29 22:29
Dont forget Bobby It STILL breaks my heart when Sam needed him the most he turned tail and fled.
# emmau 2012-09-29 22:40
You know, Amy, that's one of the reasons I don't care for Bobby myself. He was billed as the boys' "real" father figure by the end of his run, but he wasn't particularly good at helping either Sam or Dean when the emotional chips were down. I never forgave him for not seeing something had to be majorly wrong with Sam not to want to let Dean know he was alive between S5 and S6, keeping Dean in the dark and leaving Sam's soul in torment. His willingness to sacrifice Sam to save the world in 4.21 wasn't exactly loving. For the much bally-hooed "favorite" comment, I don't think he handled Dean much better. He seemed to know no way to deal with Dean's spiralling except to say "Well, stop it, idgit." Nice work.

So John was no prize, but I never thought Bobby was much better.
# emmau 2012-09-29 22:47
Well, to be fair, I like Bobby fine in his S2-most of S4 persona--the grumpy experienced hunter that knew the boys, liked them, and occasionally helped them out. Sure, he was a bit of a drama queen always (his big production about exorcising Meg killing her--what alternative was he offering?), but he was a good resource and a fun character. It's when show tried to make him John and an infalliable hunting Yoda all in one that I couldn't get into his character anymore.
# Ginger 2012-09-30 18:30
Ditto this! Bobby's character was totally ruined, IMO. I really don't want Bobby back, as much as I like Jim Beaver. I don't want the brothers being hunters in training under Bobby ever again.
# Amy 2012-09-29 23:09
I'll agree. The guy was a poor Father/Friend to both boys.

I'd take John over Bobby any day, any second . At least I saw actual love for Sam (and Dean) from John....even through all the lies, fear and screaming matches . he loved his boys with all his heart and soul. And you could FEEL it.

To me..adn this makes sense...I think Bobby thought he loved them/considered them sons out of pure guilt because his wife died because he was too selfish to be honest with her about not wanting kids.
# lala2 2012-09-29 23:06
That was crappy, Amy! He just walked away from Sam. Nice!

And remember when Bobby shunned Sam b/c Soulless Sam tried to kill him. He even said some part of the real, souled Sam wanted him dead . . . . okay!

I was done w/Bobby after that crap!
# etheldred 2012-09-29 22:42
I find the shutdown of Sam's expression of emotion fascinating. It happened pretty abruptly, at 3.16. Since then I don't think we've seen an all out laugh from Sam, and, though we've seen him with wet eyes, the last time we saw him actually shed tears was over Dean's dead body. I wonder if his full range of joy and grief will come back with the more emotional Sam arc this year.
# emmau 2012-09-29 22:49
I think that'd be quite nice to see. Fingers crossed.
# st50 2012-09-29 20:01
Can I just say I really enjoy the shirtless Sam pic above. Call me shallow. :oops:
# E 2012-09-29 21:09
I understand how some of you feel about this episode, but much of what we are talking about here is fan reaction and not necessarily what the writers wrote or their intentions. I don't believe that the writers in Free to Be You and Me were intending to show the fans how Sam is the bad brother and deserves to be written out of the show and that Dean is better off with Cas. It's unfortunate that some fans took it that way, but despite the disservice that is sometimes done to Sam's storyline, you'll never get me to believe that this was intentionally done. It's not really all that fair to hold the writers responsible for the sometimes bizarre direction the fans take their likes or dislikes.

Actually, this would be a great question to ask at a con like Comic Con where the writers appear. "What was one of the most unexpected fan reactions to an episode you wrote?" I'd be very curious to hear their side of it.
# eilf 2012-09-30 00:52
I agree with you E. I don't really understand the idea that Sam leaving was because he was being a bad brother. In the previous episode Dean pretty much told him that nothing he could do would make him trust him around demons (and blood). Sam's best decision was to get as far away from hunting as he could. So he did - with Dean's full agreement.

I really like the story arc for Sam here - comparing an alcoholic working in a bar to a demon blood addict realizing he could work as a hunter. I liked the actress as well, and the way she communicated with Sam and I was sorry that it ended with her apparently rejecting him too - is it supposed to show that there is in fact something that someone can do that they can't be forgiven for? Or just that they dropped the character because of fan reaction? I didn't think that was the way her characters story was going.

I suppose what is ironic is that if Sam had had less willpower in the previous episode and tasted the blood on the knife in the shop he might have known it wasn't demon blood and that everything that was happening was wrong. I think that perhaps by the end of that episode Sam (and maybe Dean too) had realized that if he couldn't tell demon blood from human blood then maybe his addiction was not permanent (in the way alcoholism is) but more of a bad habit he needed to break.
# Jo1027 2012-10-01 09:06
I understand how some of you feel about this episode, but much of what we are talking about here is fan reaction and not necessarily what the writers wrote or their intentions. I don't believe that the writers in Free to Be You and Me were intending to show the fans how Sam is the bad brother and deserves to be written out of the show and that Dean is better off with Cas. It's unfortunate that some fans took it that way, but despite the disservice that is sometimes done to Sam's storyline, you'll never get me to believe that this was intentionally done. It's not really all that fair to hold the writers responsible for the sometimes bizarre direction the fans take their likes or dislikes.

Actually, this would be a great question to ask at a con like Comic Con where the writers appear. "What was one of the most unexpected fan reactions to an episode you wrote?" I'd be very curious to hear their side of it.
Yes, but doesn't what the fandom thinks matter at all? If the fans are not invested in the writing and characters, there is no show.
# LEAH D 2012-10-01 13:31
I think what the fandom thinks is very important. What myself and others are saying is that the slant some of the fans are taking was not what the writers intended in this episode. It is good to be invested but reading too much into things can take away from the enjoyment of the show also. Not everything the show does is a slam against Sam. Or Dean, depending on your perspective.
# KELLY 2012-09-30 12:58
Somehow I missed this post yesterday. But it looks like I might be in the minority, I completely adore this episode, it's one of my favorites. I thought it was absolute amazing.

That scene at the beginning where Jess tells Sam that she was dead the moment they met was so terrible and when she basically tells him he always had something dark inside and there is no escape-Sam looks so devastated.

I really thought the first time I watched it that this was a dream were Sam was telling himself what a bad person he was through Jess, but it works both ways.

Shirtless Sam though should always be said with reverence.

Love the Simple Man contrasting lives montage. Starting the whole episodes theme that Dean can do just fine without Sam. And even worse, by the end of the episode he acknowledge he doesn't even want Sam around. That he is happier without him. And even seems to be actively trying to substitute Cas for Sam. That's painful to watch, but especially when contrasted with Dean of S1 who came to get Sam because he didn't want to do it without him.

This episode was just heartbreaking for Sam not only do we spend half the episode watching him being replaced, but he learns that no matter what he can't seem to quit causing death and destruction wherever he goes. But what I took from it, is a man who kept fighting. He had the perfect excuse to give in to drinking demon blood. After all it had been forced on him and he could use it to save Lindsay and fight demons. Addicts will use a bad day as excuse to use again, but he refused to take it.

Same goes for Lucifer, he had every reason to give into to destiny. He'd lost everyone and everything, even all respect for himself and as far as he knew all trust and respect of Dean's, maybe even his love. He had no hope for his future. He had nothing else to lose really and everything to gain by accepting what Lucifer was offering. He'd already failed once with catastrophic results, there was no reason for him to think he wouldn't fail again. It would be so easy to give in, as Nick had done.

But when he finds out he's the vessel, his first instinct is to say he'll kill himself first. Then Luci casually says he'll just bring him back, Sam is utterly devastated. There is absolutely nothing he can do to escaped. He is destined once again to destroy the world. Fantastic moment. Jared is brilliant. When he says "Why me?" and Luci replies "It had to be you, Sam. It always had to be you." The looks on Sam's face kills me. Realizing he was always going to be evil. Always going to be the reason everyone dies. He'd gotten Jess and his mom killed. Dean went to hell for him. Now he was going to kill everyone else and there was no hope.

But just for storytelling that moment is brilliant. I can't think of another show where not being able to die was a bad thing. At least not like this. Sam would like to sacrifice himself to protect the world (the Winchester way), but that is no longer an option. From his POV in that moment, he has no options. Brilliant.
# PaintedWolf 2012-10-01 03:44
Kelly, I'm with you in the minority, because I also adored this episode, anf this and The End often get a rewatch from me. I disagree though that, they were trying to paint this picture that Dean is perfectly OK without Sam etc. Yes, maybe he was trying to replace him with Cas, but I don't think it was working. Also, when Dean admitted he was "happy" my first instinct was "you're lying". The whole episode, I think Dean was trying to make himself believe he was happy without Sam, but it he was fooling himself.
# KELLY 2012-10-01 18:12
Oh I completely agree that Dean was just deluding himself that he was okay without Sam. I don't think there was ever any other intention by the show. This ep was kind of setting up "The End" and I adore that episode too. Jensen was simply amazing in that episode. I love both of these so much.
# ismira 2012-09-30 13:02
I can't agree with the "Sam being a bad brother" angle either. He left because he couldn't trust himself any more, and couldn't bear that Dean couldn't trust him either. FTBYM is not a favorite of mine, because the demon-blood scene was always too painful for me to watch, as was Dean saying he's never laughed so much in years. It kind of broke my heart that the dialogue came when the brothers had the biggest rift between them. And Jess's comment "I was dead from the moment we met" is heartbreaking. The Dean/Cas whorehouse scene never worked for me because I was stuck on the image of Sam alone in that bar, tormented, talking to a ghost of his dead girlfriend. Never seen a repeat of this episode, but I remember every scene, so full marks to JC for that.
# Ginger 2012-09-30 18:47
I had mixed feelings about this episode. I disliked the Sam part of the episode, because Lindsey was nosy, pushy, and irritating and, as I recall, most fans had already guessed that Sam was Luci's vessel, so the reveal was far behind the fans and wasn't a big impact to me at all.

I liked the Dean/Cas hunt for Raphael, loved the brothel scene, and loved Raphael lightening wings, the hurricane and the thunder and darkening the eastern seaboard. The opening montage was excellent, as was Dean being a friend to Cas and encouraging him to keep looking for God.

As far as the writing, I think it was an okay episode, but not Jeremy's best. Looking back, it seems that perhaps no one really knew how the show was going to end at this point, because it was never explained that if Sam was Luci's one true vessel and Dean could house an archangel, why didn't Luci just go after Dean and try to convince him to be his host and save Sam?

Anyway, I was okay with this episode. It's not in my all-time favorite, but there was a lot of good in it. I just don't think anyone knew how the story was going to end, so it danced around the edges.
# alysha 2012-09-30 22:04
Lindsey held her mouth like she had sores in it. It was weird. But I liked the episode. I get that Sam needed some time to figure things out. People forget that the time between this episode and when he let Lucifer out was maybe less than one month (probably less). So that's not much time to get it together. I like how Raphael was introduced, but felt he was underutilied which was too bad because Demore Barnes played him very menacingly.
# sylvia37 2012-10-01 02:50
I'm personally, a big Sam fan and I didn't see this episode as degrading to Sam at all. I think it showed Sam as strong and trying very hard to do the right thing once again. I felt like when he left this time, it was a mutual decision. I didn't want them to be apart, but I understood why they both felt the way they did.

If anything, I felt it showed Dean in a worse light. I thought the scenes with Cas were cringe inducing to be honest. Dean was trying so hard to convince himself that he was better off without Sam and even Castiel could tell Dean was lying to himself when he left him in the car after Dean's little speech.

Right up through "The End", I saw the beginning episodes of this season as the boys realistically having issues, but being honest at least, and working towards fixing things. It wasn't until after "Idols" that things went downhill. Sad, it's all on my shoulders Dean and silent, remorsful Sam. Ugh.
# Sylvie 2012-10-01 11:28
I love this episode. I put it down somewhere in another post that I'm one of those that like it when they separate the brothers (not for too long, mind you). But it makes for some really good drama, and "Free To Be You And Me" had it in spades. It also has one of my favourite Dean quips when Cass puts his travel fingers on his forehead, and Dean says: "Woah, woah, last time you zapped me somewhere, I didn't poop for a week. We're driving". I still laugh everytime he says that.

While Dean & Cass are bonding, poor Sam is doing some bonding of his own with Lucifer. And yes, Ardeo, I agree that Sam's reaction to being Lucifer's vessel is absolutely heartbreaking. And, yes, Lucifer is all kinds of awesome thanks to Mark Pelligrino.
# Nick 2012-10-02 11:29
I am incredibly excited for the new season of Supernatural! A lot of the best episodes were by Jeremy Carver, so knowing that he will be in charge makes it a lot more exciting than it already was. I have been watching this show for years and I finally just got my coworkers at DISH to get into it. I am going to record every episode this season with my Hopper, so that I can re-watch them all after it airs, and not make a mistake like this year and wait for the DVD release. This should be an excellent season of Supernatural! I can’t wait for tomorrow to finally be here!