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I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to more Garth in the future. With Sam and Dean's allies dwindling it's great to see a friendly face; especially one that comes with his own catch phrase. "You've been Garthed." Party On, Garth wasn't perfect by any means but after last week's intense episode it was actually nice to have a little breather. And let's be honest, with drunk hunting as the concept you really can't go wrong.

The episode started off the way so many classic "Supernatural" episodes have, with an urban legend.  (Fair warning; I'm about to go off on a tangent.) It's fun to have stories like these in the episodes even though regular viewers can easily dismiss the legends as the actual cause. Remember in season one when the hook man episode was actually about the hook man? Or when what seemed to be the work of bloody Mary actually was? Sure, these episodes were creative twists on the legends but we pretty much knew what we were dealing with. There is something fun and sort of nostalgic about those earlier episodes. But I have to admit I'm glad that things are a bit less predictable now. We've done that format of story telling and it was great but it's kind of fun to look back and see just how much the show has progressed since season one. A simple episode about Jenny Greentree haunting the woods really wouldn't cut it anymore. What do you guys think? Do you prefer the simplicity of the earlier episodes?

Right off the bat I liked the premise of this episode. Drunk hunting sounded like a winning concept to me. And for the most part I was pleased with the result. I do wish we'd gotten a little more drunk combat though. Both Jensen and Jared are great at physical comedy and I think they could have pushed the envelope a bit more there. Although it is fair (and hilarious) for the show to acknowledge that it probably takes a lot to get Dean drunk these days.

Sam: "Can you even get drunk anymore? It's kind of like drinking a vitamin for you, right?"

I also wonder if the writers had to err on the side of caution when it came to the way they presented drunkenness. I could be totally wrong about that but the CW does cater to a younger audience than most networks and they did manage to squeeze in the fact that no one was driving drunk. Sam took a cab for maybe the first time ever. So I'm guessing that drunkenness was ok within reason. If I had one other quip with the episode it was how quickly everyone became intoxicated. I understand that we have 42 minutes to work with here but it wouldn't hurt to stick a time lapse in there. Of course I'm willing to forgive that fact and just imagine my own time lapse. What do you think? Do you wish there had been more drunk moments? Were you also wondering how everyone got drunk so fast?

I would seriously watch a Garth-centric Supernatural spinoff. But at the rate he gets knocked out mid-fight I doubt the show could last very long. Everything about DJ Quails performance had me laughing; especially Garth's more unusual hunting techniques. Dean's face during the Mr. Fizzles moment was priceless. I could only imagine what was going on in his head. But however unconventional Garth's methods may be, they work.

The shojo was an interesting creature that we haven't dealt with before. We've had episodes in the past where the spirits themselves are the ones seeking revenge. We've also seen a few episodes where people have found a way to bind spirits and use them like puppets. But this is the only creature I can think of whose sole purpose seems to be revenge. The shojo was acting on Dale's orders but from what I understood that's the purpose of the shojo. That's a different concept than we've seen before and I liked it.

I was so happy someone else was around to tell Sam and Dean that they're not crazy for feeling like Bobby is still around. I understood where Sam was coming from with his idea that maybe they were just imagining things because for once they were acting like normal people. But come on! How long have you been in this business, Sam? Too long to still believe in coincidence and active imaginations. I was a little shocked to hear that Sam had used a talking board to try and contact Bobby. And while I wish he would have told Dean about it, it made good sense not to. He didn't need to give him hope where there wasn't any. And Sam was at a point where he wasn't sure what was real and what was imagination. But now we know it is Bobby helping them out so the obvious question is why can't Bobby contact them? At first I assumed he didn't want the boys to know he was there. But he obviously does. So what is keeping him from showing them? What could keep a spirit from using a talking board? It looks like we'll find out on April, 20th. But for now I'd love to hear your guesses.

So what did you all think of this episode? Were you happy to have a break from the leviathan storyline? Were you hoping for more information on Castiel?

There were a ton of funny moments in this episode, most of which came from Garth. If I missed any, comment below!

*Garth was hilarious in slow motion. I couldn't track down the name of his theme song though, does anyone know what song it was? (Alice - Oh you young-uns.  "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe, which was a big hit in the day.  And that song came AFTER my time!) 

*Garth: "No...I heart you more"

*Garth: "No way, how is that possible? I Garthed her!"

*Garth: "Monster you got to be drunk to see. Cool! Also, hard to fight."

* Dean: "What is this? Me likey."

*Sam's cab driver was so funny.

*Sam: "Swing right Dean! My right…"

*It was so sad watching Dean plead with Bobby to show himself. He just looked so desperate.

It's going to be a long couple of weeks until April 20th!




# Ginger 2012-04-02 19:57
First off, I will say that I did enjoy the MotW in this episode. I thought that part of the story with the drunken hunting premise worked well. It could have been done better, except for the PC rules the networks follow these days, but that's just the way things are. I thought Sam and Dean were definitely hung over the first time they talked to the Japanese busboy (or whatever), who was absolutely adorable, and I loved the scene with them drunk, watching the tape, and getting caught.

I'm not even going to address Garth, because I hate the character and find no pleasure in the brothers being relegated to support characters to showcase this character that has made one previous appearance. Make no mistake about it -- it was an episode that showcased Garth.

I really do not understand why everyone is happy to have Bobby back (and I loved the character). I find the big reveal to be very linear and lacking any creativity, in addition to being elementary storytelling and writing. Logic follows that of course Bobby is back to save the day against the Levi. Nice job of everyone again telling Dean that he is wrong and nice way of Dean doubting his gut instincts, which have always been 100% dead on. And why is Bobby ignoring Sam? Does he only love Dean?

This is another case of dragging a storyline out way too long., IMO. Bobby is shot, pause. Bobby runs from the reaper, pause and cliffhanger. Dean mourns Bobby for most of the season, Bobby’s back. All that’s left is for Sam and Dean to see him next episode. Between killing Bobby off, just to bring him back, and negating Dean's whole season's story once again (he drinks too much, is grieving and is depressed because Bobby was the absolute last straw that broke the camel's back -- but Bobby's back). I am left wondering why I even watched this season. What was the point? Oh, Sam's hellpain., you say? That was one episode.

How can Bobby being back end well? Either Bobby herocially moves himself on or one of the brothers have to do it for him. Either way, it's another loss.

If Bobby is made a benevolent ghost that hangs around next season, that completely throws out all canon. He is now a monster -- something the brothers have spent their lives hunting.

The Bobby thing is almost at that point now, what with slurping beer and being able to cross salt lines as long as Dean carries him in his jacket pocket. And then there's the whole thing about him not attempting to contact Sam, no EMF readings if Sam's doing it, and not giving Dean a sign in any way that he's around -- yet he easily moves objects, possesses all intelligent abilities and human feelings, and slurps beer.

I apologize for raining on everyone's party, but this episode totally ticked me off on the season story level and the implications that seem inevitable at this point.
# Winifred 2012-04-02 21:50
You're not raining on my parade. That happened with Death's Door when they retconned Bobby as the Sam and Dean's father and showed him committing patricide. All done in an effort to tug at our heartstrings. My gosh does everyone on the show have to be drowning daddy issues.
# Ginger 2012-04-02 22:34
Daddy issues are one thing, but this episode is way beyond that, IMO, and that's why I'm really on a rant about it.

They made such a big deal out of stripping the brothers of everybody and everything to see what would happen. I was behind that...looked forward to it actually. I thought we'd get to watch the brothers HUNT...especial ly Dean who is scary as hell when he's got nothing to lose. But they didn't do that. They gave both brothers mental illness stories and let every Tom, Dick and Sera save them...come to find out that includes Bobby saving them several times.

And now what? Everyone is back! They're not going to face the Levi all by themselves, using only their initiative, their awesome hunting skills and determination to beat the worst evil to ever be let loose on the world. If anything, the season is fast reaching the conclusion that the brothers absolutely NEED help -- they cannot survive on their own.

This episode just left me shaking my head and asking: What is the point of the season? Bobby's back, Cas is back, they have a new home base, they have friends to call on, they don't have to struggle for money, and the Impala will be back in 7.23. (Why it's been gone, I have no clue.)

Most of all, though, I'm asking: Will Dean be pointless again this season? I already know Sam's story was. Sam's mental illness has wrapped up, but there is still time for them to give him something meaningful to do this season.

I haven't been real critical of S7, but following this episode, no, I'm not a happy camper.
# Airbat 2012-04-03 16:58
You spoke from my heart...

I have exactly the same issues this year. Cas is back for a quick fix for Sam. Bobby is there for quick fixes for Dean and in the wake of all this they make look the brothers incompetent and their whole ordeal useless.
I loved Bobby, but they should've sticked to their decision to kill him off (once they decided on it). And Cas? I know many love him. But really what should he do in this storyline anymore (sit in the backseat of the car? Flap in from time to time to fix a dire situation?).

Both Winchester storyline did not make me a happy camper either.
# MelT 2012-04-03 11:20
I don't think that Bobby not responding to Sam via EMF or other means is because Bobby is not reaching out to him. I think it's because when Sam did his tests Dean was no longer there with the flask. Which makes me wonder what in it. Bobby's saliva? Ick.
# alysha 2012-04-02 23:50
I feel like Sam and Dean aren't the heroes anymore. I don't want Bobby back as a ghost. Canon tells us that can't end well.
# KELLY 2012-04-03 03:19
I have no problem with someone not liking the episode. I can see how it wouldn't be to everyone tastes. But how are Sam and Dean not the heroes. With the exception of Cas saving Sam from death. (I don't count Cas taking out the demons because that was the only most expedient way-and a kick ass scene, but I'm sure Dean would have fought his way in if necessary) I can only think of 2 episodes this season that someone else has done the rescuing. Stark the witch saving them from the Leviathan and his wife. And Krissy stabbing that chick when Dean froze. That's out of 19 episodes not bad.

And why is having a little help a bad thing. They've never really done it completely alone when facing the big bad. YED they had Bobby, Ellen and their dad. Lilith the first time they had Bobby and Ruby(sort of). 2nd time Ruby(sort of)and Castiel. Lucifer they had Bobby, Castiel, Death and Crowley. Cas and Crowley they had Bobby and Death.
Since they are in 90% of the scenes I don't see them being relegated to the back burner.

If they needed help each week with a salt and burn, that would be different but most of the time they take care of stuff themselves.
# Ginger 2012-04-03 08:28
I didn't totally hate the episode, just the implications in the episode in relation to the supposed (noir) Butch and Sundance season theme of alone against the world and what the show is given us. It really isn't a matter of screen time (although I do not like it when support characters are given their own episodes and developed more as characters than the brothers are.)

By giving us a village idiot who manages to get the job done, who enjoys both hunting and life in general, who has found balance with special ladies and the joys of children while being a hunter, and then showing the brothers wallowing in their human condition -- the personal issues of their subconscious driving them nuts, alcoholism, and depression because of hunting is a contrast that implies the brothers are no longer up to the job and that it doesn't take all that much to be a hunter.

As far as help:

Sam couldn't make a kill because of his personal issues, so Dean did (The Girl Next Door).

The witches saved the brothers (Shut Up, Dr. Phil).

Jody and Bobby found the borax solution so Dean could kill doppleganger Levi, and Frank had to tell the boys things that anyone who watched TV would know (disposable phones, ditch ID's, etc.) (Slash Fiction).

Dean had to call in a hunter (Garth) on a simple case, because Bobby couldn't help when Sam was under a spell.

Yoda Bobby finds out something important about the Levi (How to Win Friends).

An adolescent saves the brothers and her father (Adventures in Babysitting).

GhostBobby gives Dean the clue about the Amazons and Dean couldn't make a kill because of his personal hangups, so Sam made the kill (Slice Girls).

A helpful Levi saves Sam and Dean from being eaten (Out With the Old).

GhostBobby gives Dean the clue on how to get Sam help and Meg saves Dean (Born Again Identity).

Jedi GhostBobby gives Dean the sword back so he can kill the Shojo (Party On, Garth).

So now we are into the end run and it is necessary to bring Cas, Bobby and Meg back, and that implies that the Levi cannot be taken down without supernatural help.

More than the brothers always needing help is the question of why it was necessary in the first place to kill off Cas and Bobby just to bring them back. What was the point of having Dean grieve to the point of almost non-functioning , with losing Sam to insanity being the ultimate loss he might suffer, just to bring everyone back again and miracle heal Sam?

As a viewer, I feel punked, because we are right back to the beginning of the season -- facing the Levi and how to kill them. Well, that and getting the Impala out of cold storage.
# KELLY 2012-04-03 15:16
They've had help with info on some cases since season 1, the audience just didn't see them. Sam (usually) get off the phone and say Caleb, Bobby, etc. thinks this or Dad's journal.

I like support the characters. Weekend at Bobby's, The Man who Would Be King and Death's Door are all fantastic. If every episode became about another character that would be different, but we've had 1 this season and it was fabulous).

And it would get old or unrealistic if the boys were able to find everything by googling it. They could have Sam know a bunch of languages instead of Bobby.(it would be unrealistic IMO for Dean to- he didn't learn the latin exorcism for years.) But it seems unlikely Sam would have wanted to put the time in when he was young to learn Greek and Sumerian given that he planned to be a lawyer. And he's had a few things on his plate since.

But an older guy who has been hunting for years whose superpower is knowledge that seems more realistic to me. Besides you know if they had made Sam all Indiana Jones the Dean girl's would've bitched because he had super powers AND knew everything.

I actually agreed with Sam not killing Amy. She was killing drug dealers to save her kid and she was done. If Sam or Dean had to make a choice between killing a drug dealer and their brothers survival -I'm not so sure they wouldn't have done the same. I not saying its morally right but I'm sure they'd at least thought about it.

But regardless, I didn't say Sam and Dean didn't rescue each other. They do it ALL the time. Their partners and brothers that is what they are supposed to do.

The Leviathan- NOBODY knows anything about. Jody and Bobby stumbled across that while she was cleaning I don't ever see ANY of them cleaning -even Sam.
Meg- I'm sure Dean would have eventually taken them out. But that was done, I'm sure to Dean would have a reason to not immediately kill Meg. (Maybe she sent those guys in ahead of her-for that reason as well)

I might give you Frank. I got the impression he did more than that but I think he was in that episode to establish the relationship.

Garth-in Season 7 Time.... he was there for comic relief. I don't think anyone actually believes Dean needed him.

Again we don't know what kind of cases Garth takes, but we do know he got a little confused he called for backup. He was helpful at times but the brothers were the ones who actually accomplished things. As for having a woman with kids. Sam and Dean could have that too. (Dean did for awhile) but they see themselves as putting others in danger. They take responsibility for things completely out of their control. So they choose not to try to have a normal life because they don't want to risk others.

Garth seems to have a completely different attitude. He doesn't seem to get bogged down with guilt or regrets. He doesn't spend a lot of time on "what ifs" he lives in the moment. The boys on the other had, especially Dean, feel responsible for EVERYTHING. If they know about a bad thing then THEY are responsible for taking it out and that's it. Live or die. They are going to fight. That's is why they are THE WINCHESTER'S and Garth is ....hero adjacent. He seems like a good guy who tries, but since he's not really taking on the big bad he is able have more of a life and to enjoy it. And the monsters are less like to come for him because he doesn't have their record of kills and honestly who would see him as a threat. It's not fair, but since when have their lives been anything close to fair.

As far as killing off Bobby and Cas just to bring them back, I don't really see it quite like that but regardless I want to wait until the end of the season to decide how I feel about the different storylines.
# Ginger 2012-04-03 17:17
I like competent, realistic support characters, and the show has had so many of them. Foremost Rufus. I miss him. I loved the Japanese restaurant guy in this one, and as far as hunters go, I even liked Travis and loved Martin. Haven't liked any of the kid hunters -- Krissy, especially.

I would have liked to have seen more of Lee, Mackey, even jerk Roy and Walt. Wouldn't mind meeting Jefferson, someone John knew. Unfortunately, I know I'm in for more of Garth, and I chalk that up to character fees.

That said, I'm glad you are okay with what is being shown. We all have different perspectives and, believe me, I would much prefer to be thinking how awesome things are going. I've tried this season, I really have, but this episode brought a whole lot of bad feelings up.
# Jen 2012-04-03 02:05
Slightly off topic, but has anyone else the slight feeling that maybe Dean's speech to Jeffrey in "Repo Man" ("drunk tank to psych evall to nice long stay...") was not meant to be a forshadowing for Sam's story, but maybe Dean's (at the end of the season)?

Can you tell that I'm kind of desperately hoping Dean's story won't be dropped and solely explained through Bobby being a ghost?! Don't get me wrong, I love Jim Beaver, but Bobby being a ghost felt too obvious and unispired to me.

That's why I'm hoping there is still something more going on with Dean - I shared my theory in the speculate article already - and with thinking back on what he told Jeffrey he could be very well on his own personal downward spiral a la Jeffrey.

The drinking and then maybe (if I'm lucky enough and that's what the writers will do, which they won't) Dean really going crazy. Not just seeing things move, but also seeing Bobby.

Ugh, I just don't know. I love having Bevaer back as an actor, but the way his return was/is handled just causes me stomach pains, because in a way it makes Dean's whole story arc this years go "poof".
# Ginger 2012-04-03 07:35
Just my opinion, but I think if Dean's speech meant anything, it would have been something that happened in the past and not foreshadowing.

As far as Dean going crazy...well, that was my hope at the beginning of the season, and the show has kind of pounded us over the head that we would see a Dark Dean. But if they go with a tearful reunion with GhostBobby in the next episode, as the preview of the upcoming episode kind of indicated they would, that won't drive Dean over the edge...he'll be happy.

It just seems to me that having Bobby haunt Dean all season, and not Sam in any way, should have been because losing Bobby was slowly driving Dean crazy (mirroring the story of Sam being nuts). Along with that, losing his BFF Cas and all the hurt feelings from that was the other part of the story, and losing Sam to insanity should have been the final straw. But Cas came back and healed Sam, earning redemption from Dean (who has now put Meg, his mortal enemy, in charge of watching over Cas). And now Bobby is back, probably with a tearful reunion. How does that advance any Dean is crazy story?

I don't quite know why the audience has been shown Bobby, confirming everything Dean has seen, but having Sam and Dean believe that Dean is imagining things, fits into the story yet, or how that would leave any doubt in the viewers minds about whether or not Dean is going nuts. Obviously, we all now know that he is not.

The history of the show has been that this is about the time in the season when Dean's story is pulled out from under him. Not saying it will happen again, but bringing in Cas, Bobby, and Meg (which means Crowley will show up again) means something, and that something hasn't been good omens for Dean's story in the past.
# sofia 2012-04-03 08:17
I don't know that I agree that Bobby was responsible for Dean's depression. Sure his death added to it and was perhaps the breaking point. But Dean was depressed LONG before Bobby died. Let's face it, he's been depressed for years. He has his ups and downs and this season was a definite down but I'd argue that Dean lost his motivation early in the season, long before Bobby's death. And Bobby coming back as a ghost doesn't change anything about that story line for me.

I also don't know that we'll get to keep Bobby (for lack of a better way of saying it). I think he will help with the Levi story line but I don't think he'll stick around forever as a ghost. I think Bobby refused to go with the reaper and was stuck here. And he's been trying to get Sam or Dean to see him so they can help him. But if he's still around and able to help them, why wouldn't he? I do think we will have to say goodbye to Bobby again, but this time it will be on his terms.
# Ginger 2012-04-03 17:23
I agree that not all of Dean's depression is just over Bobby. What has been emphasized this season, however, is that it was Cas's betrayal and Bobby's death was the final straw.

Also agree that we don't know yet what the writers have planned for Bobby, but if it is moving on, why put Dean and, more importantly, the viewers through that again? That for sure will diminish Death's Door (which was a nice send-off).
# sofia 2012-04-04 08:09
I have to agree that Death's Door was the best kind of send-off we could give a character. But I do wish the boys (and the audience) had had a bit more time to really take it in. Bobby getting shot was such a shock and then he was gone before I could really process it. Maybe this will give Sam and Dean a little more closure?

It makes me think of how beautiful The Man Who Would Be King was. Not that that was Castiel's send-off but it was the episode that started to close up his story. Yet I'm still happy to have him back, even in his current state.

I get what people are saying about feeling like the season has been a waste if you're going to just bring everyone back. But for me this is more interesting then keeping them around as go-to's for answers, spells and talismans. This gives them a story of their own. It provides change and growth of the plot and the characters.
# trinaaron 2012-04-03 09:40
I think the idea is that Bobby is attached to the flask. That's why he couldn't talk to Sam using the talking board or set off the EMF. Dean (and the flask) weren't around.

I really enjoyed this episode. Garth was fun. I liked that although he was...unorthodo x he wasn't a bumbling fool. It was actually a smart move by the writers when the easier option would have been to make him a moron.

And finally, yay Bobby!! I am so glad to see him back.
# sofia 2012-04-04 08:02
Oh, I like that idea...Sam couldn't contact Bobby because Bobby follows the flask around. Good thing Dean decided to keep it or Bobby would be trapped God knows where.
# digyd 2012-04-03 11:42
Yikes, Sofia, did you not know Poison because you're - gulp - too young? Ai yi yi! Glad I didn't twist anything while I was dancing in my mind remembering good old Bell Biv Devoe (who were originally part of New Edition, in case you didn't know that, and if you don't know them either...sigh. I think I'll go find a retirement home then at the ripe old age of 41.)

Anyway, I heart Garth. Know why? Because I love to see there is a solo hunter out there who has managed to live a well-adjusted life. He clearly loves his job AND enjoys being alive. I just like knowing what that looks like.

Bobby was absolutely too predictable. I was really hoping for a little more cleverness there, but I think these writers get the job done one way or the other. Can't always get what I want so I shall survive (I swear I'm not purposely drowning ya'll in musical cliches.) I look forward to seeing what else is in store.
# sofia 2012-04-04 07:52
haha! No need for a retirement home! I am on the young side (25) and I'm sorry to say I did not recognize the Poison song. :)

I also love the idea that a hunter like Garth could exist and still be alive and loving his job.
# lala2 2012-04-03 11:48
Ginger, basically you're feeling what I've been feeling since about The Mentalists.

There doesn't seem to be a point to this season. Nothing the boys have experienced have had any impact on them. It's all been pointless.
# Bevie 2012-04-03 17:44
I don't agree with you or Ginger or feel as you do. If I did, I don't think I'd be watching.

I agree with Sofia's review. Garth was a lot of fun and a very endearing character. Was utterly shocked and delighted to see Bobby at the end. Wonderful job of misleading us!

This is still my most favourite show ever and I am loving season 7 the most since season 3. My favourites are seasons 1 - 3 so I guess I'm fine without the big mytharcs.
Was depressed with season 4 for the brothers not in sync but since then it's been better. No one can tell me that Sam and Dean are not the heroes they always have been. Love them both, and don't resent them getting help. I'm with this show til the end and thank the actors and the creators for this show that I love and makes me happy and able to face RL better than before I found it.

Thanks Sofia for a happy review! :-)
# sofia 2012-04-04 08:01
I'm so glad you enjoyed the episode too. I, like you, am with the show to the end. There have been bumps in the road here and there but for me the good stuff has far outweighed the bad. And after six and a half seasons that's quite an accomplishment.

I should say that Bobby's reappearance in this episode shocked me. Not because I didn't see it coming, but because I didn't know when to expect it. I don't think the writers were trying to surprise anyone. For a little while I thought it might be Castiel and the writers were just trying to throw us off thinking it was Bobby. But then when it wasn't Cas, I knew for sure it was Bobby. And even though it wasn't a shock in that sense it was still a wonderful surprise.