After watching the preview clip for ‘How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters’ I was expecting a monster of the week episode. I thought we were hunting the Jersey Devil! Boy was I wrong. I was not prepared for what turned out to be a whole lot of mytharc development and a shocking cliff hanger. 

With the Leviathan tracking their every move Bobby, Dean and Sam have been off the grid for weeks now and it took no time at all to see that Dean was not happy about it. He was actually pretty grumpy. Not that I blame him. Living without hot showers or hot food is enough to make anyone irritable. But Bobby and Sam seemed to be making the best of the situation while Dean just looked tired and frustrated. Clearly what’s been floating around in his head these past few months is taking its toll on him. And we were finally given a few much needed glimpses into his mind. 

I was actually a little surprised by Dean’s comments about their attempts to save the world. 

“What if the bus wants to go off the cliff?”

It’s a fair question. They have saved the world from destruction a handful to times now and the hits never stop coming. Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me that Dean is feeling this way. He’s always said he knows the world will “end bloody” but what happened to wanting to “go down swinging”? 

After his Pepperjack-Turducken-slammer-induced high he reveals what we’ve all guessed in one way or another. He’s depressed. There is just too much on his mental plate and he insists on equal portions of everything. Dean carries the guilt of every single thing he’s done or said as well as the guilt of not doing or saying the right thing. And with the kind of life he leads, that’s a lot of crap to carry around. It’s not new behavior for Dean; he’s always carried his burdens closely. But at some point there was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m not sure what it was that put Dean over the edge. It could have been a multitude of things. He lost Lisa and Ben, then he lost Castiel, all the while he was worried sick about losing Sam. And at some point it was too much for him. Do you think there was one single event that triggered Dean’s depression or is it just a combination of all the above plus everything else he’s carrying around?  

I was glad to see that Sam and Bobby aren’t turning a blind eye to Dean’s behavior. Sam has gotten shot down his fair share of times when trying to get Dean to talk, but to his credit it hasn’t stopped him. He even goes to Bobby with his concerns to which Bobby reminds Sam that he’s got his own issues to be worried about. 

“You’re worried about him; all he does is worry about you; who’s left to just live their life?”

But even so Bobby tries to knock some sense into Dean giving him the verbal ass kicking he’s needed for a while. I swear, Bobby and Ellen would have been a perfect match. Bobby certainly doesn’t take no for an answer reminding Dean that he’s not a person, he’s a hunter. And being distracted and apathetic is a sure fire way to end up dead. He tells Dean to find his reasons to get back in the game. Let’s just hope that Dean doesn’t have to find motivation in Bobby’s death. That would make for one very sad and annoyed fan and I doubt I’d be alone on that. 

At the Chicago convention in October Jensen had mentioned a certain sandwich that he had to eat multiple times in an upcoming episode. He talked about how the bread was tough and cut up his lips because of the way Dean likes to shove food into his mouth. So when I saw the Pepperjack Turducken Slammer I was fairly sure it was the culprit. “The perfect storm of your top three edible birds”; it’s no surprise that Dean would be its perfect victim. 

Here’s what we know about the TDK Slammer; it drugs you and makes you so complacent that you couldn’t care less about anything. It leaves your internal organs swimming in a snot-like goo and turns you into a killing machine so hungry that you’d eat a cat’s head. That whole autopsy scene made me sick, by the way. So what’s the plan here? I’m assuming the Leviathan are trying to come up with a formula to create more Leviathan, right? They never come out and say it but they too ooze goo so it seems to fit. And the Leviathan can’t die so if they were going to build an army it would make the most sense to build one that can’t die, right? 

At this point this whole Leviathan creating more Leviathan storyline seems a bit reminiscent of last season’s Jefferson Starships and I was never a fan of the Mother of All storyline. So I’d like some more information about what this plan is and how it’s different. If the Leviathan can’t die then they’re already unstoppable. Even Crowley felt the need to partner with them which means he knows he can’t destroy them. Do they really need to waste their time with a formula to create more of themselves? And how many of them are there already? It seems like there are more and more every week. 

When Bobby is captured and taken to Dick’s office he finds folders with all sorts of maps and blueprints. Didn’t it seem in that moment like Bobby was realizing their plan? Or at least starting to put the pieces together? Do you think he was just realizing what we already know or was there more? It would be an interesting twist to give Bobby a breakthrough and put him in the hospital so he can’t share his newfound insight with Sam and Dean. Although, I’m never pro shooting Bobby. 

I’m not even sure what to think about Bobby getting shot. I’d say, “of course they can’t kill him” but I’ve been wrong before. (i.e. Ellen, Jo, Cas) The truth is they very well could kill Bobby. Death is not something Supernatural fears. After all, it rarely sticks. But there are those deaths we know to be permanent, the ones that come without deals attached to them. And if Bobby were to die from his gunshot wound it would most likely be a death of the permanent variety. If I had to guess though, I’d say this will serve as a make or break moment for Dean. He’ll have to decide whether he can handle losing someone else or not. He’ll have to decide whether to pull himself together or sink deeper into sadness. It may be just the motivation he needs to remember why he does what he does. I should emphasize that Dean can find that motivation whether or not Bobby actually dies. So let’s not kill him, okay? Not to say this is all about Dean. Sam obviously cares for Bobby too and it would be a significant loss for him. I just think the show’s emotional focus is on Dean right now and it could be a defining moment for him. What do you all think? They wouldn’t kill Bobby, would they? 

I’m so glad we won’t find out until December 2nd (Note my sarcastic tone).  I love a good cliffhanger but come on! It’s hard enough to wait seven days. If we have to wait, we might as well keep ourselves busy with conversation. So I want to know what you all thought of the episode? Were you also surprised that we weren’t actually dealing with the Jersey Devil? What do you make of the developments in the Leviathan story? Thoughts about Dean’s mental state? 

There were, as always, some other moments worth mentioning. 

*I didn’t realize there was such a thing as a “glamper.”  What an unusual and pointless concept.

*Brandon: “Do I look like a freaking hostess?
Dean: “Do you want to look like a hostess?”
Sam: “That didn’t really make sense, what you said…”

*Big Bird, Ken doll and creepy uncle. 

*Bobby: “a bunch of birds shoved up inside each other, you shouldn’t play God like that.”

*Bobby: “You don’t shoot Bambi, jackass. You shoot Bambi’s mother.”

*Dean: “I couldn’t give two shakes of a rat’s ass. Is that right? Does the rat shake their ass or is it something else?”

*Dean: “I feel great, best I’ve felt in a couple months. Cas, black goo, I don’t even care anymore. And you know what’s even better? I don’t care that I don’t care. I just want my damn slammer back.”

*Dean: “If I wasn’t so chilled right now I would puke.”

*Bobby: “You die before me and I’ll kill you.”

*“The Rise of Dick” – That whole montage was hilarious and classic Ben Edlund. 

*Bibbing is not a concept I can wrap my brain around at this point. How can you eat yourself? Where do you go?