I bet you all thought I'd forgotten about this, huh?  Well, you'd be right because I did.  Mea culpa!  In my defense, I was distracted by 12 Days of Christmas and then the convention and...yeah, I know, excuses, excuses.  But hey, now it can be a little refresher course, remind us of where we left off...in the world of lovely "Supernatural" images.  "Appointment in Samarra" was directed by Mike Rohl and was his seventh episode for "Supernatural."  He also directed a few personal favorites of mine, "My Bloody Valentine," "Monster at the End of This Book," and "On The Head of a Pin."  So we're in good hands!

This is going to be a long review if I'm grabbing a cap from the first like five seconds of the episode,  but what an establishing shot.  We know right off the bat that this is definitely not the type of place the Winchesters normally frequent.  And I have a soft spot for open-air markets since growing up, my dad used to take my brothers and I to a giant one in Cleveland as a special treat.

I find it highly amusing that Dean has used a combination of upper and lowercase letters in his address.

I really can't tell you why I like this shot so much, of all things, but I do.  That machine just seems so old and outdated, which it is.  Compare this to the monitors at the hospital later on in the episode, and I'm amazed this thing is still running.  I don't know, I just feel like if Dean's going to die hooked up to a pulse machine or whatever they are called, then this is the one.

You have to wonder how many times throughout their lives this scenario has played itself out.  Bobby is just waiting for them to stop arguing so they can get on with it.

I always love seeing Bobby's collection of junked cars.  They're like a rusted, metal flower garden.

I really like the angle of this shot and the starkness of Dean with that light pole.  Speaking of the light pole, this shot really reminds me of the reaper scene at the end of "Faith," which is very appropriate considering Dean is about to become Death.  Also, Dean, Count Dracula called and wants his cape collar back.

Now we're talking.  The Impala in front of a run-down building?  Two of my favorite things!  This episode up till now has had a lot of close-exchange dialogue, so there haven't been a whole ton of opportunities for really cool shots like this.


This is fantastic.  Between the streaming light and the set full of stuff and Sam working the summoning spell on the floor, this shot is all kinds of awesome.

Apparently, I really am all about the inanimate objects in this episode.  I love the way this poker table is staged here, with the chips slightly strewn about and the whisky bottle framing the shot there.  It's like a "Supernatural" still life.  They just need a gun and some salt and some holy water on the table and they're set.

I really like the lighting on knocked-out Sam here, with the light streaming in and flaring on his face especially.  Lovely.  And his arms all askew like that is quite enjoyable, too.

This is just a sumptuous shot.  The angle is brilliant, and I love how the left part of the shot is pretty much black, and how there's a real blue undertone to the rest of the coloring.

I'm sure by now you can all guess what I'm going to say about this shot, but the lighting!  Oh, the lighting!  Just look at the contrast between the lighting on Dean and Tessa and in the rest of the scene with the doctors in the background.  They're all florescent and lit up while Dean and Tessa are in the ever-popular broken blue-light stream.  It really helps hammer home that they are shadow participants in the real world.

I really, really liked that Dean knelt down to talk to this girl.  It's such a very Dean thing to do, since we all know he's great with kids.  Seriously, lowering yourself to a child's level or further does wonders, especially if you have to deliver tough news.

Death is such an amazing character because of moments like this, when Dean turns the corner and sees him feeding his face with junk food and drinking beer out of a plastic cup.  He's the world's most powerful frat boy.

I really like how this shot is framed with the soul light and Dean and Bobby standing in the background.  And Death totally went from world's most powerful frat boy to world's scariest housecall doctor.  That's pretty impressive.
So there we have it.  I felt like there was a lot of conversations and face-to-face dialogue, so there wasn't as much room to play with the pretty this time around.  Still, there were some lovely shots in this episode all the same.  And for the first time, I am going to pick my top three favorites.  Drumroll... I like 5, 9, and 11 best, in that order.  11 is my favorite for this episode.  Congratulations, shot 11!  What are your favorites?