And again, sorry for the delay on this, but I've been busy working on other projects (see 12 Days of Supernatural Christmas) that have been taking up a lot of time!  Anyway, "Caged Heat" was directed by Robert Singer, a very familiar name in the "Supernatural" world, and not just because he has a character named after him.


I don't know why, but I just like the way this knife tray looks right here.  It's kind of stark.  And I know that's blood, but it's fake TV show blood, so it's okay to think it looks pretty.  *nods*

The light!  Oh, my god, the light.  As we all know, I am a sucker for streaming light, so this is right up my alley.  Just look at the extreme bands of dark and light on the left of the screen there.  Lovely.

I like how Sam is just kind of draped on the floor there.  He's very artistic when he gets knocked out.  Also, I really like it when they squat in run-down houses instead of staying in hotel rooms.  I love the look of run-down buildings.  They have so much character.

Seriously, just look how amazing this house is.  I love it.  And yes, we're all totally looking at the set design and not at the tied-up Winchesters.  Ahem. Anyway, the production team did a great job this episode with all the dilapidated buildings: first this house and then Crowley's monster building.  They're both so grungy and dirty and really fun to look at.  The best part is that the sets on this show always look so organic.  They never look like a set.  They look like a house that hasn't been inhabited in years, or an abandoned building or wherever they are.  This show always looks like it has three times the budget it does.

What a cool shot of the spell components with all the flames and the candles.  Also, I want to know why one has to use black candles for that sort of thing.  Do supernatural beings have a color preference?  Do black candles burn better?  Is it purely for looks?  Do they smell like black licorice when they burn?  Am I overthinking this?  (The answer to that one is yes.)

I'm just going to take a minute to be shallow here because I really have no good reason for posting this shot except that I really like this barely there profile of Dean with just a kiss of light on his face, and grandpa all blurry and no doubt glaring in the background.

I like how this shot is behind the TV so all the TV accessories are sort of framing Cass here.  Very nice.  And I like how appropriately confused he is, heh.

Apparently, I need to add characters in closeup profile to the list of things that I'm a sucker for because man, there have been some awesome profile shots this episode.  Also, Cass doesn't do a lot of staring into nothing.  He's usually looking at someone or something, speaking to someone.  He looks really pensive here.  I hope he's not thinking about his civil war and how badly it's going for him.  Which I am curious to know more about, so I hope we see that in the second half of the season.


I think Robert Singer and Serge Ladouceur are trying to kill me.

Cass looks insanely creepy in this shot.  It wouldn't be so bad if you could only see his outline and the rest of him was in shadow, but you can see his white shirt and his tie in there, and there's just something about that look that gives me the creeps, man.  He looks like something I might see in a nightmare.  Oh, gosh, now I'm going to have nightmares about shadow Cass chasing me.  That dream better end in him stepping into the light, apologizing for scaring me, and then making out with me or I'm gonna be pissed.

Flashlight Fu!  It feels like it's been a while since we've had a good round of this.  Has it been since Dean went walking through that building in the season premiere?  I love it for the cray cool beams of light that get tossed around. At any rate, add this to the list of things I'm a sucker for.  If anyone's keeping track, that includes: interesting deep and/or patterned shadowing, streaming light, extreme POVs, sets with lots of things scattered around, closeup profiles, and flashlight fu.  Any episode that manages to incorporate all of these is an automatic win for me.

Flashlights just make everything better.

This is a really cool shot of Robo!Sam pretending to be all scared and cowering in the corner so the demons walk into the Devil's Trap.  Just look at how atmospheric this room is.

My god, this hallway is cool!  It's just so grungy! This part of the episode reminds me visually of the classic season 1 episode "Asylum."  That episode looked hella cool, so anything that evokes that makes me very happy.

I like the angle of this shot, the overhead view.  Very pretty.  These three are all pretty tall (understatement) so it's not often that we get to look down on them.  So it's neat to just see them all conversing, probably about how inconvenient it is to other drivers when you just park your car in the middle of the street like that.

And my heart is broken.  I hate watching people walk away from Dean, even if it is a replicant version of his brother.  Ugh.
Well, there you have it!  This was a very pretty episode, wasn't it?  There were a lot of blue undertones, and blue is a look that really works on this show.  Which shots were your favorites?