"All Dogs Go To Heaven" was directed by Phil Sgriccia, a very familiar name in the "Supernatural" world.  This is his 18th episode directed on the series, and his first since the season premiere.  And since he was responsible for letting the cameras run for the infamous "Eye of the Tiger" outtake, I really hope we get some dog actor outtakes on the Season 6 gag reel.  At any rate, this is what I liked to look at this episode.

Well, this sign looks familiar.  Where have I seen it before?

Oh, yeah, the Honey Wagon was the strip club in "Sex and Violence."  Good reuse of a sign there!

I liked the black and white, somewhat fish-eyed view they use for the skinwalker POV.  It's enough to show a difference but not too crazy.  Plus, it makes some funny funhouse-mirror shots of Sam and Dean later on at the animal shelter.

I adore the extremely minimal lighting in this shot.  The moonlight is lightly caressing Sam's face while he sits in the car with Dean.  Gorgeous.

Aside from being a very interesting position to be in while having a conversation, it is telling that Dean is sleeping in his clothes on top of the covers.  He really doesn't trust RoboSam, does he?  Not that I blame him.

All the Impala love this season has been fantastic.  I will never get tired of looking at artistic shots of her.  What a beauty.  And this really is an angle we don't see very often.

Alice talked about this, but man, this dog was so expressive.  Okay, yeah, it probably focused on its trainer a  bit too much, and that was a bit distracting at times, but still.  Look at its ickle wittle face!  I wonder if the skinwalker gets to choose what kind of dog it gets to be.  Because it makes good sense to choose a smart breed of dog, like a German Shepherd, so that you don't have to hide all your emotions.  If you ended up as a really dumb kind of dog, you'd have to play dumb all the time, and that would get annoying.

The light coming through the trees is really fantastic.  It's a very stark scene with black and green and just a hint of color in the leaves of the trees.  Clandestine meetings should always look this good.


Again with the lighting!  The yellow light streaming behind Sam is just brilliant, isn't it?  It makes Sam look super sketchy.  Or like he's nuclear and is seconds away from a meltdown.

Dean's really in a bad place right now, and this is a perfect visual representation.  He's sitting alone in a dark motel room, hunched over the edge of the bed and staring at his cellphone, trying to work up the nerve to call Lisa.  That's depressing.

This was a really cool sequence.  They both look so badass here.  And it's subtle, but Dean is in the light and Sam is in the shadow, just like the recent CW promos.  Yeah, it's a happy circumstance, but it's still cool!

I really can't say why I like this shot so much, but I do.  But robots!  I love robots!  And it's RoboSam with real robots.  The one on the right is totally trying to have a conversation with Sam in binary and is wondering why Sam isn't talking back.  Aw, one-sided binary robot conversation.  Sad.

Sniper Dean is super tough.  And hot.  But this angle and the lighting makes him look almost delicate.  The lighting in this episode has been absolutely amazing.  It's always stellar, but wow, I am super impressed this week.

Yeah, the lonely dog walking away did pull at the heartstrings.  But let's not forget that this lonely dog killed three people.  Lucky's story was tragic, no doubt, but he basically got away with triple murder.  I just hope the next family he finds doesn't have any enemies.

Boy, the location scouts really do a fabulous job finding gorgeous places for these heart-to-hearts, don't they?  They do a fabulous job anyway, but I wonder if they see a place and just know it's going to be the Very Serious Conversation location for the week.
Wow, for a filler episode, there sure was a lot of stuff to look at.  What did you guys like about that episode?  Do you share my love of robots and Sniper Dean?  And how about a high five for Serge Ladouceur!  high five, Serge!