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August 31, 2011

The official synopsis for Episode 7.01, "Meet The New Boss" has been released.  

Supernatural Episode 7.01 - "Meet The New Boss" 

CASTIEL TAKES ON HIS NEW ROLE AS GOD — Castiel (Misha Collins) doesn’t kill Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) but warns them not to interfere in his business. Assuming his new role as God, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world. Dean decides they should bind Death (guest star Julian Richings) and order him to stop Castiel, but the former angel is one step ahead of them, leaving Dean to face a very angry Death. Meanwhile, Sam struggles to deal with the broken wall in his head. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble (#701). has a casting spoiler!

For episode 7.06, 90210's James Patrick Stewart will play a new baddie!  According to the article, "EW has learned exclusively that James Patrick Stewart, who CW frequents know as Naomi’s dad on 90210, will be appearing in the sixth episode of Supernatural this season as a new baddie named Richard Roman. Showrunner Sera Gamble explains: “Richard is a very canny, charming, well-connected new adversary. When we first meet him, Crowley has sought him out specifically to join forces with him to pursue common interests. Put it this way: Crowley doesn’t bring a muffin basket to just anyone.”  Stewart, whose other credits include All My Children and CSI, is set to appear in one episode so far."

The article can be found here.

August 30, 2011

 - Zap2it releases a casting spoiler for season 7.  In episode 7.06, now called “Slash Fiction”, we are introduced to an new character, Frank Devereaux, described as a "mad computer genius”.  That character will be played by veteran actor Kevin McNally.


To read the entire article, click here.

August 26, 2011

 Sandra Gonzalez of Insider TV recently interviewed Mark Sheppard regarding his characters on “Leverage” and “Supernatural”.  Below is his comment on “Supernatural”.

“…. â€œSera [Gamble] said that what Cas has said about this demon was going to be explored at some point, and that she has plans for this demon. But who knows? Maybe they just blew me up,” he says of his confirmed appearance in episode 1.

Sheppard, a longtime viewers of the CW show, also says he’s noticed 
Supernatural has gone back to basics, focusing on character development. “It’s going back to what made the show so popular,” he explains. “You’ve had these big, angels and demons wars, and the devil, and death. These things will obviously continue on in some way, but the root of it is Dean and Sam and I think it’s fascinating. It’s very much back to the root element.”

But will that “root element” include more appearances by Crowley? Of course, he won’t say. He did, however, hint: “It’s a lot of fun when Crowley is connected to the boys in a lot of ways. The fans have enjoyed that connection. They do well in that situation. It always pays off very well. I’m looking forward to seeing whether that happens or not.”

To read the entire article, 
click here.

Lainey Gossip posted some BTS photos of our boys filming episode 7.05.Also caught a nice shot of baby.  I have posted some below.

alt   alt 

alt    alt  


To see more photos, 
click here.

August 25, 2011

- More titles have been released for upcoming episodes, so I listed them all here in case you missed any.

7.04 "Defending Your Life"
7.05 "Shut Up, Dr. Phil"
7.06 "Slash Fiction"

7.07 "All in the Family"
7.08 "The Mentalists"
7.09 "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!"

Episode 7.06, “Slash Fiction,” will feature the introduction of a recurring character, “Frank”, who will be a “mad computer genius”.

- CW released an extended promo for 7.01 which can be viewed 

- Three new interviews with Jensen and Jared have recently been released by  E!Online. In them Jensen and Jared discuss Dean’s story, or lack thereof, Sam’s personal troubles from his time in hell, Bobby’s romantic interest and Castiel.  You can view the videos by clicking 

- More BTS photos have been released for episode 7.04.  Two give casting spoilers. First is actor Faran Tahir from Warehouse 13.  There has been some discussion that he plays “Osiris,” the Egyptian 
god of the dead.  Second is actress Emilie Ullerup, who played Ashley on Sanctuary.  IMDb has her listed as playing a character named “Mia.”

alt alt

To view all of the photos click here.

August 24, 2011

Charisma Carpenter, who had her first day of shooting episode 7.05 on Supernatural, shared this adorable photo of her and Jared on her Twitter, @AllCharisma.  I guess it was just them on the set that day.  

Why is Jared all wet?  What a tease!  Anyway, here's Charisma's tweet.  "Hanging' onset. First Day. New girl. Making' friends."

August 22, 2011 

Spoiler TV also has posted titles for episode 7.07 “All in the Family”, 7.08 “The Mentalists”, and 7.09 “ Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!”.

Just Jared has posted some BTS photos taken last Saturday.





August 21, 2011

 - The CW released a short promo for the season premier 7.01 “Meet The New Boss.”  

To view the promo click 

August 17, 2011 

- TVLine released casting spoilers for episode 7.05 “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” in an article today.  Two Buffyverse alumni, Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, (aka Cordelia and Spike) will be playing husband and wife in the episode. 

“This episode is ‘Bewitched gone wrong,’” reveals showrunner Sera Gamble. “[It was] all upside for this successful man (Marsters) while he was married to the witch (Carpenter), but now that he’s pissed her off, the whole town is paying the price.” 

To view the complete article, 
click here

August 15, 2011 

- BTS photos by Susan Gittins of “Supernatural" shooting on location in Gastown, Vancouver on Aug 13th and 14th (Saturday and Sunday). They are currently filming episode 7.04 
“Defending Your Life.”

To view 
click here.

August 11, 2011

BTS pics of episode 7.04 â€œDefending Your Life” courtesy of @PUNKDImages via twitter. Caption for the impalas claims there were two more also seen. That’s four Babies in one episode….Got to be good!



August 5, 2011

This is from Guy Norman Bee's twitter (@guynormanbee). He posted a picture from the location shoot where he was filming episode 7.02. It looks like the back of the old Riverview Hospital where they filmed "Aslyum." Most curious!

Where am I? #SPN 703 #creepy!  on Twitpic 

EOnline did an interview with Misha Collins at the TCA Press Tour, and he talked about a diminished role for Castiel this season:

""The character is not providing that comic relief anymore, which I think is fine. I think that sort of ran its course," Collins says. "It's one of the things that's great about the show. They don't rest on their laurels. Just because something is working, doesn't mean they keep doing it. They like to change it up and try something new and it doesn't get stale—and that's cool."

"I'm not playing the fish out of water sidekick anymore—that element is gone," Collins continues, joking, "The show is not going to be funny anymore. Period."

While Collins wouldn't divulge too much about Castiel's role (or ultimate goal) this season, he teases, "He's God and he's trying to rectify the wrongs in the world and having a difficult time doing it and meeting with both external and internal obstacles."

Could one of those obstacles be his friendship with Dean? Of Cas' relationship with Dean, Collins would only say it's "definitely a changed and diminished dynamic." Take from that what you will.

So how has the transition from loyal sidekick to being big and bad worked out for Collins? "It's a different position to be in. I was always supporting them. We were always fighting on the same side and now we're definitely at loggerheads. It's a totally different dynamic."

Read more here.

August 4, 2011

Spoiler TV posted the title for episode 7.05 of “Supernatural” as "Shut Up, Dr. Phil"

- Zap2it spoke with Collins at the Television Critics Association party on Wednesday night, and he helped to shed some light on Castiel's current point of view. "I'll spoil this right now for you -- he does start the season as both a wrathful and vengeful god," Collins says. "But he's also righteous, in his own mind. He thinks that he's doing the right thing."

In the Season 6 finale, Castiel brought down the "wall" in Sam's (Jared Padalecki) mind that protected him from his memories of hell, destroying Sam's mental health in a way that's unfathomable to any other human. 

Don't hold your breath for Castiel to make good on that promise, though. "No, he wants Sam to suffer for a while," Collins says. "Sam's basically f***ed."

To read the entire article, 
click here.

August 2, 2011

SFO released a number of tweets from people who claim to have seen Mark Pellegrino on the set filming "Supernatural" today, which is currently filming Guy Norman Bee’s episode 7.02 â€œHello Cruel World”.
If true, WOW!!!!
July 29, 2011

EW has release a little more about Castiel in Season 7. First, we will see Cas in 7.04 titled â€œDefending Your Life”.

This bit comes from Misha Collins, the unangelic former-angel-turned-God, who explained to a roundtable of reporters that he has hope for Castiel’s redemption this season — even though he has yet to read of anything promising in the scripts so far. “Having lived with him for the last three years, Cas definitely has a soft spot in my heart,” he said. “I have an affection for the character, and I would like to see him redeemed somehow. I hope that happens for Cas. I don’t know how much — or if that’s going to happen. But I hope so. Because I kind of like the guy.” Um, so do we. (I think…) But Cas’ “drunk with power” persona won’t get a great reception from those other guys we happen to like on the show, Collins said.

“[Dean and Sam] are being kind of a pain in the ass, honestly. They need to be whipped into shape a little bit, in my humble opinion,” he said, with a hint of humor in his voice. “It’s hard to talk about without ruining it for you. But I sort of start the season off letting sleeping dogs lie with them because they are completely powerless and ineffectual against me. Of course, they end up being a thorn in my side — as they always tend to do.”

As for the body count in the first three scripts (1, 2, and 4 are the ones he’s received so far) Collins says it’s high. “Definitely in the thousands; I don’t think in the millions, but I could be wrong… but it’s definitely not at or near zero.”

To read the entire article, 
click here.

July 27, 2011

- SFO posted the title of episode 7.02 as “Hello Cruel World”. The episode starts filming this Thursday under the auspices of Guy Norman Bee. Keep an eye on his 
Twitter account. He has said he will tweet teasers occasionally.

Mike Ausiello released some spoilers from Comic con in his latest article. These are in repose to fan questions.

Question: It’s really looking like Cas is going to be killed off in Episode 2 of Supernatural. Can you give us any hope at all that he’ll survive beyond that? —Tabitha

Ausiello: Nope, and neither can his portrayer Misha Collins. “I would love to tell you [but] I’m not going to,” he told TVLine over the weekend at Comic-Con. “I don’t like to give away secrets… You might see me a lot next year. If you have a poster of me on your wall, you’ll see me daily. But how much I’ll be on Supernatural is a secret. And I actually don’t know. That makes it easier to not tell you.” When we do see Cas, he will be “drunk with power,” reveals Collins. “He’s trying to do what he thinks a God should be doing on Earth and in Heaven, which is fairly righteous and wrathful. Rectifying the world’s problems. I think he’s making, in many respects, the world a better place. But there’s a fair amount of smiting going on too. You take the good with the bad.”

Question: Any Supernatural spoilers? Please? —Nic 
Ausiello: Look for Sam and Dean’s already difficult lives to get even tougher. After years of skirting the law, the boys are “starting to be found,” Jared Padalecki teased at Comic-Con, which means the Winchesters are “losing a lot of our aces in the hole.” Adds executive producer Ben Edlund, “We’ve been saying that they do things a certain way. Their techniques, their methods – they know what they’re doing. They know their job. They have their support networks. Those things in their lives are going to challenged.” Insert the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid feel showrunner Sera Gamble teased to us back in May, and, “They’re going to find themselves, in a sense, running from lots of guns,” continues Edlund. “The stuff they face this season, it’s massive.” But Edlund believes there’s still room for laughs. “There’s a natural absurdity to being on the air for seven seasons and the number of times they’ve died,” he says. “There’s a quality that’s going to lend itself to a little more ambient comedy this year.”

July 26, 2011

Here are some spoilers from Comic con that appeared in various interviews. 

The K-site has some interesting spoilers from Jensen Ackles in their Comic.con article.

On season 7 Ackles says:

“I think we know from last season, that obviously there's a big shift in the character of Castiel. That proves to be a big, big problem for the guys. Not only has this all-powerful being appeared, but it's also taken away their only ally that they really had in that realm. With that transfer of power, there's also big fallout of that, because without giving away too much, due to that aspect of this new God, there's released an evil that the boys have no idea how to handle. There's no lore to tell them what to do. There are no books written about it. There are no hunters that have ever dealt with anything like this before. And that's going to basically render them completely helpless, because all of the tools of the trade that they've used over the past six years, or all of their lives, are pretty much useless. That's going to be interesting. I'm anxious to see what they come up with.”

He also talked a bit about episode 7.03 “The Girl Next Door”:

“It's a bit of a slice of life from Sam's standpoint. What we learn in Episode Two still translates into Episode Three, that Sam is battling some inner demons, to say the least. He comes across a job, and we get back to that old formula of Supernatural, where he goes and hunts, and Sam decides to go do it himself, because it's something from his past.

We actually go back into his past, and we see Sam at age 15 which of course Colin Ford who's played him before as a young Sam, he comes and plays him again, and does a really good job. But we get to go back in time and see Sam as a 15 year old, hunting and doing what he doesn't really want to be doing at that age, but doing it anyway because that's what his father and his older brother are telling him to do. It's a slice of life from Sam's point of view and his past.”

To read the entire article, click here.

Jim Beaver also talked a bit about Season 7 to Digital Spy, Mo Ryan, Collider and InsiderTV.

He said that he would like to write an episode for the Supernatural. "I'm actually toying with the idea of writing a script myself," said Beaver. "But as lazy as I am, I might not finish it until season 46!"

He also said regarding Sheriff Rhodes, "Sheriff Mills [Kim Rhodes] is coming back for an episode or two. The new big bad for the season is really going to show its face in the second episode, and sort of by coincidence, Sheriff Mills is going to get caught up in that, and she's going to rely on Bobby a bit to help her out of the situation. What happens after that I don't know, because I haven't read the script past that ... there are things I do know that I can't talk about that make me put a big 'maybe' on that, 'cause there's going to be some interesting infrastructure and geographical shifts in the show, so a lot of things that Sam and Dean and Bobby and the audience have counted on are gonna get reshuffled. [Cas is involved] only indirectly.” He also said he, “hopes that this means that Bobby will get lucky romantically for once.”

On the season premier:

The season picks up seconds after the season 6 finale and that this season is “scarier” than usual in some ways. “There’s a certain sense of futility that’s come over us in the first episode,” Beaver told press. “We did a scene just on Friday where one of the guys was saying ‘Well, I can’t do anything about this. So I’m just going to do what I can do, and work on some seemingly smaller things.’”

To read their entire articles click the site 

A few tidbits from various interviews with Sera Gamble

- Jo Harvelle is returning in season 7, who'll be back for "an episode or two," Gamble said. “Death will be back as well.”

-There are no plans for Chuck, whom some fans thought was God, to return in the early part of the season.

According to Gamble, Crowley will also return.“Yes, you will see him very early in the season,” says Gamble. “Castiel said he wasn’t killing him because he had plans for him and we reveal what those plans will be. As usual he is extremely funny.”

- As for creatures, Gamble says there will be some “ghost stories coming up soon.” “We’ll also have shapeshifting creatures, angels, demons,” she adds. “We always pull a couple of variations out of our pocket with some new creatures we will reveal over the course of some episodes.”

- And from the panel, Gamble said, â€œBen just pitched a ninja story!”

To read the entire articles click the site. Mo RyanAssignment x InsiderTV

A few tidbits from various interviews with Ben Edlund

- "The first piece for Cas is that he's our new God," Ben Edlund said. "His story is about stabilizing this God complex. I can't really talk too much about it because the cliffhanger is so about Cas, it's so about where his character is going to go and the ramifications of what he's done, that basically, in a sense I feel like ... the first episode of the new season is, in a sense, the 23rd episode of the last season. It's another crescendo. We can't really talk about it because it's the other big set of shoes dropping -- we're dropping eight shoes in that one."

- "We need to repopulate so that we can kill more people," Edlund said. "We've talked about various possible characters we can bring in -- we always want to have a ground of people for them to relate to, so new characters will come. They're gonna have a tough year, Sam and Dean, and we're really looking at how have they been operating all these years. What have their tools been? What have their methods been? How can we take those things and make them difficult for them to use? And they have to learn new tricks and have to evolve, too. The season's about challenging them as hunters. Previous seasons have been about challenging them as brothers or as humans or as men, and in this one, they're going to have professional difficulties because the world is going to try and eat them."

He also had an interesting interview with Fanbolt

- When asked if there would be more time-travel, he would say yes. They don’t have any definite events in mind specifically but now that they have broken the barrier it was a possibility.

On Cass: Cas starts season as god and things have to stabilize from there. It a challenge to their creativity to write s7. and the writers may have , jokingly, backed themselves into a corner, but they will work it out. Everyone is growing with the show and it’s going to be fun.

To see the video, 
click here

Executive producer Ben Edlund says they also have a creature we haven’t seen before.

“It’s a Japanese folkloric creature,” he adds.

“Sam has three of himself in his own head – that’s some crazy s**t,” says Edlund. “He’s going to be grappling with his own sanity, so we have lots of stuff to play.”

“Everyone working on Supernatural is earnest and clever and wants to make it as good as they can,” says Edlund. “And the pieces we’re using for Season 7 are consistent with an overall myth. It fits into the larger story that we will tell more about later. You’ll learn more about purgatory and how all these things work as a mythic whole, while still pursuing the story. I’m surprised we kept as much coherence as we have.”

Sam and Dean in space? â€œThere’s got to be a way we can get them on a spaceship in one episode,” EP Ben Edlund pondered. “We’ve got a lot of people who could do it. There’re gods and tricksters. There’s any number of ways we could do it. And they can have little uniforms.”

To read the entire articles click the site, Mo RyanAssignment x 

July 25 2011

Supernatural Sneak peek from of 7.03 “The Girl Next Door” directed by Jensen Ackles.

To view, 
&feature=player_embedded">click here

Here is a photo from Colin Ford’s Twitter account of him and his latest SPN director, Jensen Ackles.


July 22, 2011

This is Alice bringing a live report from Comic Con:

I just got my hands on the special edition Warner Brothers TV Guide printed just for Comic Con. There is a great 9 page spread in there for Supernatural including a spoilery season seven preview with Sera Gamble. Here are some of the highlights (I'll have the full interview available later). The interview is from TV Guide's Illeane Rudolph, a very good friend to the show. 

Are we finished with the arc about Sam's memories of Hell?

No. Sam herocially got it together to help his brother in the finale. He spent a lot of credit just to be vertical in that final scene (when he tried to rescue Dean from Castiel). He'll pay a really big price for that in the beginning of season 7. 

Now that Misha Collins is no longer a series regular, how much will we see Castiel? 

I can't say exactly how much he'll be around without giving away a lot. We will see him in more than just the first episode. There's never been a character we've loved as much as Castiel or an actor loved as much as Misha. With the exception of Jared and Jensen,Supernatural has a long history of weaving characters in and out of the story. 

What does that mean for Castiel's story line? 

I can't give away too much about it, but I can say that we plan to pick up very, very soon after where we left off and explain exactly what the transformation was for Cas, what he plans to do with the angels in Heaven and to Sam, Dean and Bobby, and to Crowley. The whole nine yards. 

That doesn't sound good.

What we're saying is that Cas is not evil. He's transformed. That might not be good, but that's not mustache-twirling evil either. 

Will Sam and Dean be on the run a lot? 

They will be. We have new creatures in story for the boys. We'll bring back some favorites and bring in some new ones. There's an earth full of monsters and demons and evil spirits. There's always another bad thing for Sam and Dean to kill. 

Like what? 

Good old-gashioned monsters that eat people. I was just pitched a story with a new creature that does nasty things to people. We'll also have ghosts and a story with psychics and mediums. 

Now that Dean has wiped the memories of ex-girlfriend Lisa and her son Ben - who had given him his once chance at living in a normal family situation - does that kill all chances for the boys to find true love and happiness?

It wasn't what I call a high point for Dean. I don't think it's a statement about the rest of their lives necessarily, but it certainly is a statement about where they are today. 

And finally, what's the prognosis for the wrecked Impala?

Well, the last time we saw it, it was upside down! But it would have to be in a million pieces not to have Dean put it back together again!

(Interview in it's entirety can be found here.)

July 21, 2011

- Comic Con Supernatural Season & Promo was release.

To view, 
&feature=player_embedded">click here.

- More BTS photos were released yesterday from episode 7.01 “Meet You New Boss” from flickf .

To view all click here.

July 20, 2011

- New spoiler from Christine K
SammyWsGirlSPN , That's about it, There are a lot of fallen angles, they summon Death to reap God. They get into trouble. #SPN #Adventure

- New spoilers were released today from 
SFO. The series is now filming the Season Premiere and it seems the title is “Meet The New Boss.” The episode is directed by Phil Sgriccia.

@PUNKD_Images posted in his twitter:
Xclusive #Supernatural pics WARNING-Spoiler.. Castiel/Misha Collins standing over dead agents.. Should I say more, Anybody wanna see pics?
Castiel stands over 1 of 6 dead? agents? #Supernatural


Misha Collins in action as #Supernatural’s Castiel…. are these agents dead?


It seems he wasn’t alone because Christine K. posted this:
Everyone was working today On Location of #Supernatural. Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel, Angels and Death?! – Epi #702


And, when asked if she meant the character Death, she answered:
@tiptoe39 , yes, more details and more pictures from today later.
@SammyWsGirlSPN , #SPN Epi #702 “Meet the New Boss” Yes, Julian Richings as “Death” was working on his #Death scenes.

July 14, 2011

Thanks to the PUNKD Images for releasing BTS photos from episode 7.03 "The Girl Next Door" directed by Jensen Ackles. The new pictures feature Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and newcomer Michael Nyuis shooting scenes in West Vancouver.

alt alt

alt alt

alt alt

alt alt

July 12, 2011

Guy Norman Bee just tweeted that he will be directing 7.02, Jensen 7.03, which is shooting now, and Phil Sgriccia will direct 7.01 Season7 Premiere.

Information is circulation about spoilers released at the NJ “Supernatural” convention this past weekend.

SFO and Spoiler TV reported that In Jared’s Q&A, he stated the season would have 23 episodes instead of the usual 22 ending on a two parter. The extra episode means the season finale will be 2 hours instead of 1. It does NOT mean that it is the series finale.

Guy Norman Bee also has been tweeting with Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills) about her appearance in episode 7.03, one that he is directing. And he twitted a photo of a script page for the episode listing Ben Edlund as the writer.


July 10, 2011

Thanks to Deborah for these spoiler tidbits!

TV Overmind also released some new info on the episode 7.03 “The Girl Next Door”. While on a hunt, the boys come across a woman named Amy, played by Jewel Staite, alumni of “Firefly” and “Stargate: Atlantis.” Amy knew Dean and Sam as teenagers and now has a kid of her own.

To read the complete article, 
click here.

Susan Gittins' has posted BTS shots of Jensen directing the episode. The photos show Jewel Staite on set but Colin Ford, who is also a guest starring in the episode.

To view 
click here.

July 8, 2011

Casting tidbits have begun to surfacing regarding some of the episodes in season 7. has released information Alona Tal (Jo Harvelle) ‘cryptically’ tweeted yesterday she would return to season seven for an undetermined amount of episodes.

SFO reported that the actress Kim Rhodes, who plays the Sheriff Jody Mills, said at the New Jersey convention she’ll be back at some point in season 7.

July 6, 2011

Misha Collins broke his long silence since the season finale of Supernatural to Laura Prudom of AOLtv while traveling with him to Haiti for his charity, Random Acts.

Of his role in season 7, Collins said, â€œ"I am not going to be a series regular on 'Supernatural' next year. I don't really know what my role on the show is going to be. I know that I'm going to be in the first two episodes at this point, but I don't know beyond that what the season holds for me."

The article continued, "Although Collins hadn't yet read the script for the second episode at the time of our interview, he did express hope for "some redemption" for the beloved character. And since the original plan was for Castiel to die in season six before the producers revised their position, we're cautiously optimistic that there's a chance for Castiel to receive an arc worthy of the character Collins and the writers have created, when all is said and done."

To read the entire article, 
click here.

July 5, 2011

Jim Beaver 
tweeted today that he is “Off to Vancouver.” Supernatural starts filming season seven tomorrow and the first episode they will film is 7.03, “The Girl Next Door.” Jensen Ackles is rumored to be directing this episode which will also feature Colin Ford.
une 30, 2011

TV Addict posed more information on episode 7.03 “The Girl Next Door” in respone to a fan question

Season 7 of SUPERNATURAL cannot come soon enough! Any scoop? — Noam
The TV Addict: Entitled “The Girl Next Door,” SUPERNATURAL’s much anticipated seventh season will kick off by not just introducing fans to an old friend of Sam’s, but will flashback to Sam and Dean’s teenage years where we’ll meet, as the episode’s title suggests, the girl next door… a beautiful girl who in typical SUPERNATURAL fashion harbours a terrible, emphasis on the terrible, secret.

June 27, 2011

Some really exciting news on the casting front. Colin Ford, who recently did an interview with us, is coming back for an episode of Supernatural! It'll be a flashback episode to when Sam is 15 years old. It'll be episode 7.03, which we have info is the episode Guy Norman Bee is directing. Here's a description of the episode courtesy of Spoiler TV:

Episode 7.03 of Supernatural will be called "The Girl Next Door"

A young girl called Amy is being cast for the episode who will appear in flashbacks of Sam. Sam saved her from being bullied when they were 15 years old. Later she saves Sam's life and is disappointed when he won't leave town with her.
In the present Amy is in her late 20s and has settled down with a job, a mortgage and an 11 year old son and is very surprised to see Sam again.

Also being cast is a possible recurring "terrifying hit man" in his 30s/40s who is described as "scary like Javier Bardem in "No Country For Old Men""


There are also reports that Brock Kelly, who played young Dean Winchester in "After School Special" will be returning as well, but it's been confirmed that he's only in talks right now to return at some point in season seven. 

Update: Here's an article on Zap2It about this spoiler as well. It seems that episode 7.03 will be the first one shot and will be the one directed by Jensen Ackles.

June 23, 2011

Director Guy Norman Bee has been tweeting his directing schedule for season 7. He has confirmed he will be directing 7.03, 7.09 and 7.21. He goes to Vancouver July 18 to prep the episode and starts shooting around 7/28. He also promised, “Without sending “spoilers” I will tease as much as I can!”

He also tweeted on June 17 that he had not a clue as to the content of 7.03. â€œâ€¦.the writers are laying out the season now but it’s not even close to being written yet.”

June 20, 2011

- First news about season 7 Supernatural in a while was released today. The CW released its complete Fall lineup.“Supernatural” is to return on September 23, 2011. In case you haven’t already heard. Filming for the season 7 will start July 6th with episode 2. Jensen Ackles will be directing that episode, so they will film it first to give him time to prepare. The title has yet to be released.

To see the full CW schedule 
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May 24, 2011

This comes from Yirabah at the AECON this weekend in Mannheim, Germany. She attended the coffee lounge with Jensen. He talks about directing in season seven:

He was asked if he will direct another episode. He said yes it will be ep 2 and again it will be the first one filmed. Before ep 1. He has to be back in Vancouver for that at June 26. I asked "Would you like it to be an episode without Dean or rather a lot of Dean?" "Without Dean" came the whole hearted answer immediately. And then came the longest answer in the whole coffee lounge explaining how hard it is for him to switch between actor and director mode. He was also asked if he would like to direct a movie and he said he doesn't know. He feels comfortable doing it with Supernatural since he knows the show and the crew but he doesn't know if he could do a movie.

Vlada Gelman from released a new article today with some small season seven tidbits. Sera had a few things to say about Castiel...

“I would consider Cas, in the last few minutes of the finale, to have been transformed. We try to be realistic about the fact that people on this show do cross lines that can’t be uncrossed. But we examine those things in terms of Sam and Dean. They have a tremendous capacity to move forward. We always look for the chance to have redemption.”

Also a small teaser for the next season:
“We had everyone on the writing staff watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Bob Singer, Eric Kripke and I were really hungry to capture some of that cowboy, outlaw spirit for Sam and Dean.”

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May 19, 2011

The CW released its fall schedule and an account of each show. The press release contained a short description of Supernatural’s season seven.

Now, in season seven, the Winchesters will find themselves in an increasingly sinister, changing landscape, up against a new foe unlike anything they've ever fought. They'll find their old tricks, weapons and hiding places all rendered useless. All they'll have is each other. And the certainty that, like the last of the cowboy outlaws, whatever they face, they're not going down without a fight. The series stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Misha Collins as Castiel. SUPERNATURAL is from Warner Bros. Television in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision, with executive producers McG ("Charlie's Angels," "The O.C."), Robert Singer (Midnight Caller), Sera Gamble and Phil Sgriccia.

May 16, 2011

- Spoiler from Asylum6 this weekend stated that Jensen Ackles will direct episode 7.02 next season. Season 7 begins filming July 6. This has yet to be confirmed by CW.

Welcome to Sablegreen's spoiler page! Below is a compilation of all the wonderful little teasers and tidbits about Supernatural's season six. You have been warned...Spoiler alert!!! Follow Sable on Twitter.

Welcome to Sablegreen's spoiler page!  Below is a compilation of all the wonderful little teasers and tidbits about Supernatural's season six.  You have been warned...Spoiler alert!!!   Follow Sable on Twitter.