This is the moment we anxiously wait for every summer! The annual TV Guide interview that kicks off teasers/spoilers about what's to come in season 14.  
I got my copy today and I have the transcription of the one page interview with "Supernatural" Executive Producer Andrew Dabb called "Burning Questions."  All credit for this interview goes to the always wonderful Illeane Rudloph of TV Guide Magazine.  
Here are those burning questions!  (Spoiler alert!!!  More details under the cut.)
TV Guide:  Dean/Michael killed Lucifer!  Is he totally dead?  
AD:  We can pretty conclusively say that Lucifer is dead, yes. 
TV Guide:  Does that mean the Mark Pellegrino, the most popular actor to play Lucifer, is off the show?
AD:  When angels and demons leave the human vessels they inhabit, the person is usually left dead.  But we like Mark so much that even though Lucifer's story is over, the actor's story may continue.
TV Guide:  Is Michael, who is from Apocalypse World, now the most powerful being on Earth?
AD:  He has no counterbalance now that Lucifer's dead, along with every archangel other than our world's Michael, who is locked in Hell.  No one can go toe-to-toe with this Michael, especially since Lucifer drained the power from his son Jack (Alexander Calvert).  That will be a big problem moving forward for our guys. 
TV Guide:  What will be Michael's first step next season?  
AD:  To get to know this world.  Once he understands it, he can start working a more malicious agenda.  He shares a lot with the other Michael, who wanted to purify the earth of everyone but his chose 5,000 people.  This Michael is even scarier.
TV Guide:  Is Dean awake inside Michael?  Will the bad angel start spouting witty lines and start scarfing cheeseburgers?  
AD:  Dean is aware of what is happening, but Michael's in control.  His humor will be a lot darker.  It's a great opportunity for Jensen to play a very different character.  I have no doubt he will crush the role.  
TV Guide:  In the preview of Michael in Dean's body, he's dressed like a Depression-era mobster.  Why?  
AD:  We want to portray Michael in a way that's mob-like and very distinctive from Dean.  No flannel!
TV Guide:  When the show returns, can we assume that Sam (Jared Padalecki) will be desperately looking for Dean?  
AD:  When we pick up, the question is, Where is Dean and how to we save him?  Sam, Jack and [angel buddy] Castiel (Misha Collins) know that Michael has taken Dean over, and they enlist all hands on deck - including the hunters they brought from Apocalypse World - to search for him. 
TV Guide:  Fans don't seem to like it when the Winchester Brothers turn evil or are separated too long.  Do you expect some pushback from this? 
AD:  For one episode, they think it's really fun; then they start to miss the character they fell in love with.  That won't mean that we rush to resolve this whole thing at the end of Episode 1.  But it's something we are very aware of.  
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