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Rob Benedict spoke to the press about being revealed as God. Jensen Ackles talks the Samulet.

Rob Benedict talked playing God with TVLine and Mashable and Zap2It.

From TVLine

TVLINE | Last week, Chuck seemed resigned to telling his story and letting the world end. But then he decided to help Sam and Dean. What was the turning point for him?

There’s an argument to [be made] that he brought Metatron there, and he came to that bar because he was thinking about coming back into the story and confronting The Darkness. For sure, there is a point when Metatron is talking about how humanity is so great, and they’re better than me and all those things. That does have an impact on Chuck. It feeds into what he’s actually writing, which we find out more about in this week’s episode, what the end of his book is revealing. He makes up his mind somewhere around there that he’s coming back into the story.
From Mashable

In terms of this week, preview for me where we find Chuck in Wednesday's episode.

I think it's clear now there's a job to be done. I've got to confront the darkness at some point, but the first thing that needs to be accomplished is that I got to set things straight with Sam and Dean and convince them I am who I say I am, and not just Chuck. So I think that's the first thing that needs to be addressed. I need their confidence, and need them to understand and know that's who I am. We've got a job to do.
Meanwhile, Enstarz reported on remarks Jensen made about the Samulet at last weekend's Asylum 16.

"For those of you who don't know - I'm sure you probably thought it would eventually - the amulet worn by Dean has surfaced again. Apparently Sam had kept it the whole time," Ackles informed fans at Asylum 16 last on Saturday. "It was no surprise to me, I'm sure it wasn't a surprise to you. But is was a surprise to Dean."

Jensen went on to say

Unfortunately, fans may not see a whole lot of the necklace in the future. Originally selected by Ackles from a box of costume jewelry ahead of season 1, the heavy icon eventually became too cumbersome for filming.

"I liked it in the fact that it kind of helped me create Dean. I didn't like it because it was a thick cast metal and every time I would run or dive or jump or do a stunt, I'd catch it in the teeth," Ackles told the Rouge Events audience. "I'm surprised I still have front teeth."
The NEW Zap2It interview with Rob Benedict contains a possible mild spoiler.

With God returning to his creation, the stage is set for the biblical family drama between him, Amara (Emily Swallow) and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) to play out. Comparing his return to Earth as a deadbeat dad seeking forgiveness from his children, it seems his team-up with the Winchesters will pose a challenge or two. At the very least, it feels like “Supernatural” is setting itself up for one heck of a season finale.

Rob has another new interview, this time with Variety.

Last week’s episode finally brought back Dean’s amulet – do you know where it’s been this whole time?

I can only give a Rob Benedict theory, which I’m sure is not as good as a fan theory, but I will say that Robbie did deliberately put it in there, and in the script it’s called the “Samulet” – we call it the “Samulet” in the script, and he deliberately said, “God starts to say where it’s been this whole time and then Metatron cuts him off, so he never gets to say.” Suffice it to say it’s back, and it’s glowing.
TV Insider also interviewed Rob

What are his interactions like with the other entities out there who have been wondering what God has been up to?
I can't say specifics, but definitely there are a lot of fun moments coming up between, interactions with him and some of the other characters that people are familiar with. And you know, there's lots to play there. There's lots going on with everybody. The idea that Lucifer is possessing Castiel is heavy and complicated. And like you said, I have a lot of explaining to do. And I think God has made some enemies. Because he's been such an absentee father. And here he is, inside the body of hapless Chuck, you know? (Laughs.)

So it creates a really interesting dynamic. But yeah, it really is like he has to come back home and he's gotta, he's got a lot of battles to fight. A lot of fires to put out.

Nerdist posted this interview

How long has the reveal of Chuck as God been in the works? Benedict’s been in the loop for a few months. “I’ve known that it’s really happening since the beginning of January, but you never really know because the writers can go a different way. I didn’t believe it until Robbie Thompson, the writer, called me in January and said, ‘Rob, this is happening.’ I was obviously just so thrilled to be going back, and it seemed like the perfect time because it’s been all about the Darkness this season and God’s been mentioned so many times, and it’s a great time just to go back and kind of reveal who Chuck really is,” he said.

Rob also did a livestream on May 11.

It's good to have Chuck and the Samulet back.  What do you think God will do to help stop Amara? What was their relationship really like? Let us know in the comments.